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food. Ezekiel xlviii. 18. Now all the land that lies east of the whole oblation, quite to the river Jordan, and all that lies west of it, to the Great Sea,' the Mediterranean, 'is to be given to their prince or head, whom the Israelites shall choose at the time of their future restoration. Ezek. xlv. 7, 8. and xlvi. 16, 17, 18. and xlviii.

* 21, 22. Hoseai. n.

'Thisprince or head seems to be one of the

* descendents of David, and this large portion 'of land allotted him, consisting of between

* 3 and 400000, acres, will be a sufficient

* estate, without laying any taxes on the 'people, to support his rank and station, 'and to supply him with plenty of cattle

* for the many offerings he is commanded to 'provide at the feasts, &c. Out of this 'estate he is also to give an inheritance to

* all his posterity, who are to have no other 'possessions any where else. When the

* Messiah comes as the king or prince of

* the Israelites, this prince of the seed of

* David will still probably continue their

* chief head under the Messiah.

•We * We are farther assured, that the city 'will be so highly favored by God, as to be

* called,' as I have repeatedly remarked, 'by a new name, nDttf rnni or the Lord is

* there, to shew his continual presence,

* and his glory residing there; that a spring 'mail rise in the house, or temple os God,

* which continually Increasing in its depth, 'as it runs along, shall soon become a river,

* not to be forded, running eastward into 'the dead or eajl-sea, whose salt and nau'seous waters shall be rendered sweet and

* wholesome by it, and abound with great 'multitudes of fish of various sorts; and

* that on the banks of this river there mail 'grow trees, which shall produce new 'fruit every month for food, while their 'leaves shall be used as medicine, to cure

* the disorders of the body. Ezekiel xlvii.

* i to 13.

'These particulars are so very different 'from the past or present state of this land, 'that they must plainly relate to a future 'period, when the twelve tribes of Israel 'will be restored to this country again.

* For, since Ezekiel's time, the glory of

* God has never resided in their temple j

* neither have the twelve tribes ever inha'bited the land, according to the aforesaid

* division of it, nor has the city of Jerusa'lem ever been built in the form aforesaid,

* neither has the holy oblation yet been laid 'out as directed in Ezekiel's prophecy, nor

* has this river ever yet risen in the temple, 'or healed the dead, or east sea, whose 'waters are still salt to the highest degree, 'and extremely bitter and nauseous, so that t few or no fish can live in it. See Maun

* drcll's Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem^

* 3d edition, p. 84,;

'If it be asked, what is become of the 'ten tribes, since we have so full a predic'tion of their future restoration, as well as 'of the Jews, and yet there are very few if < any in these parts,' the countries of Europe, . but the tribes of Judah and Ben<jamin, with some Levites? I answer, 'that when the king of Assyria rooted the

'tea * ten tribes out of the land, he placed them,

* beyond the river Euphrates, and in the 'cities of the Medes, 2 Kings xvii, 6. And 'as we still sind, there are many, who, at 'this time, observe the laws of Moses, in,

* or near the northern part of the ancient

* Media, not far from Derbent, near the 'Caspian Sea, who at this time live in the 'mountains there, it seems probable that

* the descendents of the ten tribes continue

* there to this day,

'Having shewn, that the twelve tribes of

* Israel will be certainly once more restored 'to their own land, we are, in the next 'place, to consider the manner of it. Now, 'upon comparing the prophecies together,

* which relate to this subject, the best judge-i 'ment we can make is, that some command-. 'ment will go forth, but of whom it is

* not said, to cause them to return from 'their present dispersion, and to build Je-*

* rusalem; that only part of the Jews, and

* perhaps also some of the ten tribes will < go up at first; but it is probable, that

'the 'the peace and safety, in which these shall 'dwell there, with the accounts of their

* progress in building their city, &c. will

* invite others to follow continually; that

* some years after their return, the Turks 'will invade them with a vast army, and 'destroy great numbers of them, but that

* God will then interpose and preserve the

* remainder of them, and destroy their

* enemies, and that then the Messiah shall

* come as their prince or king. The news

* of this terrible destruction of so numerous 'an army of their enemies, and of the 'Messiah's residing at Jerusalem, will cause 'the kings of the earth to seek out all the

* remainder of the Jews and Israelites, which 'shall continue among the nations, and to 'send them up to their own land with 'great glory and honor, when many of the 'Gentiles will go along with them to pay 'their homage in person to the Messiah. 'Thus the intire restoration of the Jews and 'Israelites will be some time in perfecting. 'How far the predictions relating to the 'troubles and afflictions they are to go

* through

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