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* land, &c. and one king Jhall be king to tkefit

* all, Sec. and David my servant Jhall be their

* prince for ever. Ezekiel xxxvii. 21 to 26. 'Jeremiah xxx% 9. Hosea iii. 5. And again.

* by Zechariah ii. 10, 11. Jing and rejoice, 'O daughter of Zion, for lo! I come, and

* ,-will dwell in the midst of thee,faith the Lord,

* and many nations Jhallbe joined to the Lord

* in that day, and Jloall be my people •, and

* thou jhalt know, that the Lord of Hosts have

* sent me unto thee.

* Thus the Israelites, being cleansed from 'all their iniquities, and enjoying the di*

* vine favor, will be blest with great light

* and knowledge: For, thus faith the

* Lord, behold the days come, that I will 'make a new covenant with the house of Israel 'and Judab; / will put my laiv in their in~ 'ward parts, &c. &c. • i' will forgive

* their iniquity, &c. Jeremiah xxxi. 31, 33,

* 34. Ezekiel xxxvi. 26, 27, 28/ And

* again, they Jhall also walk in my judgments, '&c. and dwell in the land that I have given '* to "Jacob, my servant, &c. they and ^their 1 - P children, * children, &c. for ever. Moreover I will 'make a covenant of peace with them, an

* everlajling covenant; and I will place them 'and multiply them, and will set my fanBu'ary in the midst os them for evermore, &c. 'Isaiah xxx. 21. Ezekiel xXxvii. 24 to

* 28.

'From hence it appears, that the Israel'ites will never any more, as a nation, for'fake God, but will from henceforth serve

* him in truth and faithfulness; which

* obedience will entitle them to all the

* temporal blessings God has promised 'them. And it is at this time we judge

* the fountain (hall rife in the temple or 'house of God, at Jerusalem, which shall

* soon become a considerable river, not to be 'forded, and shall run into the desert.

* Ezekiel xlvii. 8. and so on in to the east sea,

* and heal its salt and nauseous waters; so

* that there shall be a very great multitude

* of fish in it, and of various forts. But it 'is remarkable, that the marshes and miry

* places about the east sea are not to behealed;

See * See Ezekiel xlvii. ir. And on the banks 'of this river (hall grow trees, whose fruit

* shall be for food, and shall bring forth new 'fruit every month, which shall not be li

* able to rot, or be consumedwhile the 'leaves of the trees shall not fade, but shall

* be used as medicine to heal many of 'the disorders of the body. Ezekiel xlvii.

* I to 13. so that the inhabitants (hall not 'say / am Jick. Isaiah xxxiii. 24. It ap« 'pears from Zechariah xiv. 8. that two. 'rivers will rife at Jerusalem, living, that is

* running, watersfiallgo outfrom "Jerusalem,

* half of them towards theformer, or the east

* sea, and half of them towards the hinder, or

* the great sea; that is the Mediterranean; 'which last will facilitate a commercial in

* tercourse with the various countries of 'Europe, &c.

* And to the same times, do the following 'prophecies of their gre3t plenty and pro'sperity belong. Behold the days come, saith 'the Lord, that the plowman shall overtake

* the reaper, &c. so that probably there will

P 2 'be ( )

'here two crops in the year, as in some 'other countries. And they, my people Is'rael, stall build the waste cities, &c. &c. 'Amos ix. 13, 14. Joel iii. 18. And I 'will cause the wild beasts to cease out of the

* land, &c. And I will make them, my 'people Israel, and the places round about my

* hill a blessing, &c. And they stall no more '- be a prey to the' heathen, &c. and none stall

* make them afraid. Ezekiel xxxiv. 25 to '29. And now this land will become ex'ceedingly fruitful and pleasant,and abound 'with rivers, even in its most dry and

* thirsty parts; for in the wilderness stall

* waters breakout, &c. &c. Isaiah xxxv. 6,

* 7. The Lord stall comfort Zion, Sec. soy

* and gladness stall be found therein, &c. 'Isaiah li. 3. compared with Ezekiel xxxvi.

* 22 to the end. And again God says, It

* stall be to me a name of Joy, &c. before all

* the nations of the earth, which stall hear all

* ,the good that I stall do unto them, Sec. 6cc. 'Jer. xxxi.ii. 9, 11. .

* At this time also we judge the pro'phecies will be fulfilled, which relate to*

* the exaltation of the Israelites above all

* people, agreeably t6 what Moses assured 'them in Deut. xxvi. 19. xv. 6. This was 'indeed in some measure true in Solomon's

* reign, but continued so a very few years; 'whereas now it will now be more fully 'accomplished. Thus God, by Isaiah, 'speaking to Jerusalem says, the Gentiles 'Jhall come to thy light, &c. the sons of

* strangers Jhall build up thy walls, and their 'kings Jhall minister unto thee; and the nation 'and kingdom that will not serve thee Jhall 'perish, &c. The sons also os them that af

* sidled thee Jhall come bending to thee, &c.

* they Jhall call thee the city of the Lord, Sec. 'I will make thee an eternal excellency, &c. And again, 'strangers stall stand and feed

* your socks, &c, but ye stjall be named the

* priess of the Lord, the minijiers of our God, '&c. He then adds, all that J'ee them foall 'acknowledge them, that they are the feed 'which the Lord has blest. Isaiah lxi. 6, 9.

P 3 • This

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