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land, &. and one king shall be king to them * all, &c. and David my servant shall be their prince for ever. Ezekiel xxxvii. 21 to 26.

Jeremiah XXX. 9. Hosea iii. 5. And again by Zechariah ii. 10, II. fing and rejoice, "O daughter of Zion, for le! I come, and

will dwell in the midst of thee, faith tke Lord, and many nations shall be joined to the Lord in that day, and mall be my people; and thou shalt know, that the Lord of Hofts have fent me unto thee.

• Thus the Israelites, being cleansed from • all their iniquities, and enjoying the di• vine favor, will be blest with great light

and knowledge: For, thus faith the Lord, behold the days come, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel

and Judah ; I will put my law in their in. ward parts, &c. &c. ' I will forgive

their iniquity, &c. Jeremiah xxxi. 31, 33, *34. Ezekiel xxxvi. 26, 27, 28. And

again, they shall also walk in my judgments, &c. and dwell in the land that I have given ? to Jacob, my fervant, &c. they and their in.



children, &c. for ever. Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them, an

everlafling covenant ; and I will place them and multiply them, and will set my fan£tuary in the midf of them for evermore, &c. • Isaiah xxx. 21. Ezekiel xxxvii. 24 to • 28.

• From hence it appears, that the Israel. • ites will never any more, as a nation, for• Sake God, but will from henceforth serve • him in truth and faithfulness; which • obedience will entitle them to all the • temporal blessings God has promised • them. And it is at this time we judge • the fountain shall rise in the temple or • house of God, at Jerusalem, which shall • soon become a considerable river, not to be • forded, and shall run into the desert. • Ezekiel xlvii. 8. and so on into the east sea, • and heal its salt and nauseous waters; fo

that there shall be a very great multitude • of filh in it, and of various forts. But it • is remarkable, that the marshes and miry • places about the east sea are not to be healed;


• See Ezekiel xlvii. 11. And on the banks

of this river shall grow trees, whose fruit * Thall be for food, and shall bring forth new • fruit every month, which shall not be li• able to rot, or be consumed; while the • leaves of the trees shall not fade, but shall • be used as medicine to heal many of • the disorders of the body. Ezekiel xlvü. • 1 to 13. so that the inhabitants shall not • say I am fick. Ilaiah xxxiii. 24. It ape * pears from Zechariah xiv. 8. that two • rivers will rise at Jerusalem, living, that is * running, waters shall go out from Jerufalem, half of them towards the former, or the east. fea, and half of them towards the binder, or

the great sea ; that is the Mediterranean ; • which last will facilitate a commercial in

tercourse with the various countries of • Europe, &c.

• And to the same times do the following . prophecies of their great plenty and pro• sperity belong. Behold the days come, faith the Lord, that the plowman shall overtake the reaper, &c. fo that probably there will

"here two crops in the year, as in some

other countries. And they, my people Ilsrael, fall build the waste cities, &c. &c. • Amos ix. 13, 14. Joel iii. 18. And I

will cause the wild beasts to cease out of the land, &c. And I will make them, my • people Ifrael, and the places round about my hill a blessing, &c. And they mall no more be a prey to the heathen, &c. and none shall make them afraid. Ezekiel xxxiv. 25 to • 29. And now this land will become ex

ceedingly fruitful and pleasant, and abound with rivers, even in its most dry and • thirsty parts ; for in the wilderness Mall

waters break out, &c. &c. Isaiah xxxv. 6, •7. The Lord shall comfort Zion, &c. Joy

and gladness Mall be found therein, &c. • Ifaiah li. 3. compared with Ezekiel xxxvi. • 22 to the end. And again God says, It

Shall be to me a name of Joy, &c. before all the nations of the earih, which mall hear all, "the good that I shall do unto them, &c. &c. * Jer. xxxiii. 9, 11. .

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• At this time also we judge the pro• phecies will be fulfilled, which relate to

the exaltation of the Ifraelites above all people, agreeably tò what Moses assured them in Deut. xxvi. 19. xv. 6. This was indeed in some measure true in Solomon's reign, but continued so a very few years ; (whereas now it will now be more fully • accomplished. Thus God, by Isaiah, • speaking to Jerusalem says, The Gentiles

Shall come to thy light, &c. the fons of frangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee ; and the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall * perish, &c. The fons also of them that afflicted thee Mall come bending to thee, &c. they shall call thee the city of the Lord, &c. I will make thee an eternal excellency, &c. And again, strangers fall stand and feed

your flocks, &c, but ye shall be named the priests of the Lord, the ministers of our God, &c. He then adds, all that see them skall acknowledge them, that they are the feed which the Lord has bleft. Ifaiah Ixi. 6, 9.

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