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* or the fifth great empire in its utmost ex'tent and glory.

'Daniel tells us that the imageNebuchad

* nezzar saw, represented the four great em'pires, which were to rule in the earth one

* after another. The first was the Babylon 'nian, then flourishing in Daniel's time. 'The second, which rose after it, was the 'empire of the Medes and Persians, es4 tablished by Darius and Cyrus. The 'third, which succeeded this, was the Gre

* cian, which rose under Alexander the 'Great: and the fourth, which was to be

* as strong as iron, and to subdue all, was

* the Roman power, which was afterwards 1 to be divided or broken into ten king'doms or powers, answering to the ten

* toes of the image,' which constitute those several kingdoms or powers of Europe, whereof Britain is one, which were formerly subject to the Roman power. 'And then the 'prophet adds, Daniel ii. 31 to 46,In the days

* of these kings,' or kingdoms, * the God of

* heaven 'heaven Jball set up a kingdom, which Jfiall

* never be dejtroyed, but Jliall break in pieces 'and consume all these kingdoms, and Jloall

* sandfor ever.\: *

. * Aster this God revealed the fame things

* to Daniel, under the representation of 'four savage or wild beasts, answering to 'the various characters, and different cir

• 'cumstances, of the same four empires.

* He thej), gives us an account of a future 'judgment, and of the establishment of 'the fifth empire thus. / beheld till the 'Ancient os Days did ft, whose garment was

* white as snow, &c. thousand thousands mi'nislered unto him, &c._ the judgment was 'set, and the books were opened. Thenfol'lows the destruction of the fourth -beast or

* empire,' and particularly of its little horn, king or kingdom, the Papal power, before whom three of the ten horns fell, whose look was more sous than his fellows', who spake great words again/I the Mo ft High, and mads war with the faints, and prevailed a gains them, until the Ancient of Days came, and

judgment ( )

judgment was given to the saints of the Most High; and the time came that the sanitt

pojsejjed the kingdom, under the' Messiah, who is described as 'one like the Son of

* Man coming with the clouds of heaven to the 'Ancient of Days, &c. and these was given 'him dominion, &c. &c. an ever lofting dominion. See Daniel vii. 7 to the end. *

'Here we fee a prediction of the establim•* ment of an empire, which shall bear rule 'over the whole earth, and continue for 'ever, or to the end' of the age of the Messiah; * the king of which will be the t Messiah. For it is this excellent being, 'Isaiah xi. 1 to 6, speaks of, There Jhall

* come a rod out of the fiem of feffe, &c. the 'spirit of the Lord Jhall reft upon him, &c. 'And again, speaking of this fame glorious 'person in ix. 6, j. he says, his name JJoalt 'he called Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty,

'God, the Father of the future age, (so it 'should be translated,)thePrince ofPeace.Of '-the increase of his government and peace there 'Jhall be no end upon the throne of David, &c.

'The seat of this king the Messiah will 'be at Jerusalem; and the glory of God,

* that will constantly appear and dwell there, 'will be exceedingly great and conspicuous. 'For it is of this period,we think,Isaiah Ix. 9. speaks, The fun pall be no more thy light

* by day,Scc. but the Lordshall be unto thee an

* everlajling light, &c. And again, in Isaiah 'xxiv. 23. Then pall the moon be confounded, 'Sec. when the Lord of Hojls pall reign in

* Mount Zion, &c. and before his ancients

* glorioujly. By his ancients, I apprehend, 'are meant Abraham, Isaac, and. Jacob, 'and all those worthy persons, who lived 'in former times, and shall now be raised 'from the dead. And the city of Jerusalem

* will now be built in a'most glorious man

* ner, and be most beautifully adorned, fit—

* ted for the reception of the saints of the 'Most High, and of their great king the

* Mefllah; for it is to be the throne of the 'Lord,the palace and court of the king, not 'only of Israel but of the whole earth. Be

* hold, says God by Isaiah liv. 11, 12, I

* will lay tby stones with fair colours, &c.


'The saints of the Most High seem to be 'the proper inhabitants of this glorious 'city. And these will be not only the 'good Israelites, who shall be left alive at

* this period; but we find also a resurrection 'of those eminently good and virtuous per

* sons, who lived in former times. For 'now many of them that sleep in the dust of

* the earth jloall awake, some to everlasting

* life, and some to Jhame and everlajling con~ 'tempt. Dan. xii. 2. So that not only

* many of the good shall rife to enjoy all 'this honor and glory, but many of the 'wicked also to be punished for their i»i'quities. Then will Abraham, Isaac and

* Jacob live again, for God promised to 'give to them, in their own persons; as

* well as to their feed, the land of Canaan •for ever, Gen. xiii. 15, 17, and else'where; so that their enjoyment and pos'session of this land seem to be yet fu

* ture. And with them great numbers of

* others, of every age and nation, who have

* been truly good and holy, will be par

* takers of the fame resurrection to everlast

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