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sing life and happiness. These are the • saints of the Most High, who, under the • Messiah, are to be the lords and gover? nors of the rest of the world; these are . they to whom the kingdom, and dominion, . and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, Mall be given, who shall take it, and possess the kingdom for ever. • Dan. vii. 18, 27.' that is, till the end

of the kingdom of the Messiah, by whose • appointment they will reign in subordination to him..

• Such will be the great happiness of • those who shall be found worthy to par

take of this resurrection. For “ the rest “ of the dead are not to live again, till the " thousand years” of fabbath or rest, under the Messiah, “ be finished ;” See John's Apocalypse xx. V.“ when,” as I have repeatedly remarked, “he shall deliver up " the kingdom to God who gave it, that "! God may be all in all.” See 1 Cor. xv. 28. : "For thine,” Jehovah, " is the king"dom, the power, and the glory, for ever

" throughout

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" throughout all ages world without end.” To thee therefore alone, “ the God of the “ spirits of all flesh, God and Father,” as well “ of our Lord Jesus Christ,” as of his fellow men, who “ hast blest us with all “ spiritual blessings in Christ,” be addrest all worship, prayer, praise, and thanksa giving, by all thy rational creatures, through the boundless duration of eternity.

• Now at the beginning of this glorious • state,' the millennium, there seems as if * some renovation would be made here, both • on the earth, and in the air or heavens ; * such an alteration will make them more • healthy and more fruitful, without any • of those inclemencies they are now sub*ject to, and therefore they are called by

the name of new beavens and a new earth, Isaiah lxv. 17, 18. in opposition to their present state.

.. As to the state and condition of the rest

of mankind, still living in the various parts .. of the world, we find, that the earth shall


be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the * waters cover the sea. Ifaiah xi. 9. So • that the practice of virtuewill appear truely • amiable, and a life suitable thereto, will • be enforced by the strongest arguments, • and by the noblest examples; and true re

ligion and virtue will very probably greatly • prevail. And it is of these times we • think, God by his prophet Malachi i. 11. • speaks, saying, from the rising of the sun * even unto the going down of the fame, my name shall be great among the Gentiles, &c. • The consequence of this will be, (as long • as mankind Thall continue to be good and * virtuous) the happy enjoyment of every • blessing, with health and long life. Isaiah "* Ixv. 20. and the greatest plenty and pro• sperity.

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• Thus shall universal peace and happiness • flourish in the world, free from those terrible destructions and calamities, thatwasting and desolation which the rulers of this world, from pride, ambition, or revenge, now spread among mankind : For during

: there

" these last times there shall be no more war, the peaceful kingdom of the Messiah

shall be established over the whole earth, . and all nations shall go up at proper * seasons to Jerusalem, to the throne of the • Lord, to worship before him at his holy

mountain, and to receive his laws and com• mands, It hall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established, &c. and many people Shall go and say, let us go up to the mountain

of the Lord, &c. and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths : for

out of Zion Mall go forth the law, &c. And be fall judge among the nations, &c. and they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, &c. Nation shall not lift up sword against * nation, &c. But they shall fit every man under bis vine, &c. Ifaiah ii. 2. 3, 4. • Micah iv. i to 5.

. And now éven the noxious animals will • become harmless, and the wild beasts of • prey no longer devour. The wolf and the lamb mall feed together, &c. &c. The Q2


* fucking child fall play on the hole of the asp, * &c. They shall not hurt nor destroy, in all * my holy mountain : Isaiah lxv. 25. xi. 6 to *10. So that all nature will put off the de• formity and confusion of its present state, .and be restored to the purity, splendor, • and beauty of the first creation. This • opens a new scene worthy of the attention • of every good and beneficent mind, to find • a restitution and renovation of the first • times before Adam’s transgression, new • heavens and a new earth, the habitation • of the righteous, crowned with everlasting * glory and honor, and universal peace and • harmony restored throughout the whole


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I have now finished my copious extracts from this useful treatise, distinguished by inverted commas, from my additions to, and remarks on them. They seem well adapted, my Jewith friends, to co-operate with my arguments in producing those desirable happy effects, your general conversion to the faith, that Jesus was the


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