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vantage than on this occasion. The Inconftant was bore down on by the enemy with much violence, when capt. Montgomery, difuaining all idea of sheering off, gave the signal to return the enemy's tire, and a warm engagement in mediately commenced, which continued with much spirit on both sides for a considerable time. One of the French frigates was at length so much shattered by the well-directed fire from his majelly's hip, that she funk before the conclusion of the action ; Thortly after which, the other ftruck her fios, was taken possession of hy the Brith failors, and conveyed into port. The 24 gun frigate is said to be the one that was lost in this af. fair. Such part of the crew as mained at this time were saved. We are not correctly informed of the lofs

either fide. The gallant capt. Montgomery lost one or his legs in the action

Plymouth, Feb. 19. That fine Thip, the Formidable, of 98 guns, the bearer of the gallant Rodney's flag on the 12th of April, is along lide the Jetty. head, after a molt compleie repair, and is to be fitted for sea very toon

The Defence, of 74 guns, captain Wells, Irresilible of 74 yuns, captain Douglas, Monarch of 74 guns, capt. Cook į Romney of 30 guns, capr. Inman ; and Scepire of 64 guns, captain Effington, are all in Hamoaze, fiting for fea with the utmost dispatch.

There has been an entry of artificers of ail denominations in the dockyard. The wages of thip-wrighis, in the private yards, are rilen to an enormous height: one thipwright paid ros. 6d. to feveral workmen laft Sunday for the day's work,

Preparations are now making for two expeditions-one to St. Domingo, the other to the Cape of Good Hope. Colonel Craig is to have the 'command of the tirft; the latter is given to general Clarke, the late governor of ja


By letters lately received from some of the English prisoners at Breft, we learn it to be the prevailing op.ion there amongli the French, that an exchange of prisoners would speedily take place.

20. Government is now contracting at Hull for 10,000 ions of Mipping, to

occafioned a very great inundation in these parts ; many bridges have been swept away by the violence of the torrents, particularly on the navigable cut from hence to Stowmarket; and all communication by carriages, from diftant places to this town, was a short time fuipended. The Norwich mail could get no further than Scole Inn on Monday evening, and the Yarmouth mail was also ftopped at Wickhambridge; here palengers were carried over in boats, and the letters were for warded from both these places on horseback, to this town. Many holes were gulled by the great fall of water at the Foot Bridge at Handford, io as to render that place impassable on the Tuesday for horses or carriages. No coach went from hence to London on that day, and that which Mould have been here on the Tuesday evening did not arrive till Wednesday afternoon ; but this is chiefly to be attributed to the fall of Stratford bridge, as the waters were very much abated on that day. The deftruction of this bridge is much to be regretted, as all captains from hence to London much now go round by East-Bergholt and Cattawode bridges.

Harwich, Feb. 15. The Dolphin facket, capt. Flyn, arşived there ihat

evening from Helvoetsluys. The Dolphin carried over col. Ramsay, with a Hag of truce, and several furgeons to attend the sick and wounded of the British army. On their arrival at Hel. voetsuys, they were informed that the British fick and wounded had been sent into the interior of France, and that therefore there was no occation for the attendance of the surgeons. Col. Kamsay was received with civility by the French comniandant at HelvoerNuys.

16. Captain Roberts of the navy is appointed to arrange the chain of alarm polls all along the coafts, from the Land's End to Portlinouth.

18. intelligence has been received at the Admiraliy, of brilliant allion having been fought in the Mediterranean, between his majeliy's frig te the Inconftant, of 35 guns, capt. Montgomery, and two treich ihips, one mounting 40, and the other 24 guns. Brivim gallantry was never more 1picuous, or displayed to greater ad



be employed for some months certain, 25. The day appointed for the gefrom the firft of March next. There neral faft was observed with fingular never were such exertions before made folemnity; all the Phops in the metroin every department of the navy, for polis were close thut, no business was putting the country in the best ftate of done at any of the public offices. Theit security.

majeflies and the three elder princesses Portsmouth, Feb. 20. An embargo attended divine service in the collegiate was this day laid on all British velle's at chapel at Windfor ; the three younger this port.

princesses heard servire in the private This morning the 78th, or Highland chapel at Buckingham house. At half regiment, confilling of 1000 men, em- paft eleven o'clock both houses of parbarked in his majefly's ships America, liament met, and went in the usual Ruby, and Stately, of 64 guns each, l procession to hear divine service; the which mips are vicłualled for eight lord chancellor, attended by the archbimonths, and are ordered on a secret ex- Top of Canterbury, several of the bipedition, under the command of com- shops, and a few of the lay lords went to inodore Blanket.

Westminster Abbey, where å fermon 21. The unpleasant intelligence has was preached by the right reverend Dr. been rt eived in town, of the Queen Courtenay, bifhop of Bristol. The Charlotte packet being captured in the Speaker of the house of commons, acWest Indies by a French frigare, and companied by Mr. Pitt, Mr. Dundas, carried into (ne of the American ports. the Master of the Rolls, Mr. Wynd

Captain Bianket has received an ap- ham, Mr. Ryder, and about cwenty poinıment to go on an expedition with other members, went to St. Margaret's three thips of the line, fome frigares, church, where a fermon was preached and transports with trnope. He is to by the rev. Dr. Kingham. hoift a broad pendant when out of the The Grand Fleet under the command Channel. His own ship is the Ame- of earl Howe, confifting of 33 ships of rica.

the line, and 12 frigates, arrived at SpitGeneral O'Hara has been released head, having captured a French brig of from the Luxembourg, and resides now war, the only enemy's véllel they fell in a private house in Paris.

in with during the cruife. The outHar vich, Feb. 22. A Dutch fit- ward bound merchantmen, conlifting of ing vessel from Scheveling, arrived 395 tail, were convoyed to the westward -here with a flag of truce.

of Cape Finisterre, when they were The above vessel came express with left to the care of the thips of war apthree foreign persons from the Hague, pointed to proteer them to their defone of whom is a commissioner from tined ports. Admiral Parker took the Siares General, charged with dif. charge of the West India flect, and the patches for our government ; and the Blenheim of 98, and Bombay Caftle of others with dispatches from the Dutch 74 guns, were directed to proceed with East India company for the Dutch am: the lips for the illiciterranean. bassador in London.

26. Baron Nagel, the Dutch envoy, Thele gentlemen asert, that every will remove to the apartments afligned thing remains perfectly quiet at present for his future refidence, next those of in Holland ; and that to depredations the prince of Orange in Hamptonof any kind have been committed by Court palace, in a few days. the French army.

28. Fvery excrtion is making in the 34. Two different commillioners are navy, that the frengih and exertions ordered by the commander in chief for of this country can poffoly produce ; an immediate survey of the Eallern forff at there is every weil grounded coasts of this kingdom : The one is prospect before us, of obtaining, in 10 underiake frin Harwich to the time, that peace which fuperior power niouth of the Humber ; and the other can belt render permanent and hofrom the Spurn-head to Berwiik. nourable. Sign:! houses, limiar to those on the Nerueille, Feb. 19. General Br?four Weltern coats, are to be inmedizely arrived here on Monday, in conseeridied in orier to constyle casiselt quence of an appoinım nt diad from iniciligence

, covernment to make a furvey of the


coast between the Humber and the grounds for an amazing space ; and in Tweed.

moft of the houses in the town the The current report here is, that water was three feet deep. Scoo troops are now on their march 4. Richard Brothers, the pretended for this place; one division of the Nor. prophet, was visited by Mesrs. Ross thumberland militia has already arrived and Higgins, two of his majefty's at Gatefhead, the remainder are now meffengers in ordinary, at his lodging, on their route from Carlife.

No.37, Paddington-ftreet, Mary.le. In Lord Howe's fine fleet there are bone, and taken into cuftody under a three three-deckers, reckoned, by lea- warrant granted by his grace the dukç men of the first description, the best of Portland, for treasonable practices. built, and most formidable hips that He was much inclined to resist the orever failed out of England.

der, and the crowd of his difciples at A biteball, March 2. The king has the time was numerous.

He remains been plealed to constitute and appoint at present in the custody of the above the right hon. George John earl Spen- / messengers. eer, the right hon. Charles George 6. The royal assent was notified by lord Arden of the kingdom of Ireland, commission to the bill to prevent mutiCharles Small Pybus, efq. Sir Charles ng and defertion, and the marine muMiddleton, bart. vice admiral of the tiny bill, also to the county quota red, Hugh Seymour, esq. (commonly land men bill, for the better manning called lord Hugh Seymour) captain in the navy; with a few private bills. the royal navy, Philip Stephens, esq. Adjourned. and James Gambier, elq. captain in We learn from Tanlon, that admi. the royal navy, to be his majesty's ral Hothain Nill continued to block up commissioners for executing the office the French tieet in that porr. of high admiral of the kingdoms of Sir George Collier has succeeded to Great Britain and Ireland, and the do- the command of his majelty's lips and minions, islands, and territories there vessels in the rivers Thames and Medunto belonging.

way, in the room of admiral DalrymAn encampment is to be formed ple, and on Monday he hoitted his blue early in the spring on Moswold Heath, Hag at the fore-top.maft head on board near Norwich, for 10,000 men. the Sandwich guard'hip at the Nore.

A fub:cription is opened at Lloyd's 9. Government has ordered several coffee house for the fole purpose of new ships to be built with fir timber ; redeeming working tools, cloaths, and three 32 gun frigates are now laying other necessaries pledged by the ne. down at Deptford, according to that ceflitous poor during the late incle lyfiem; their tonnage will exceed that ment season (chiefly in the eastern part of the old class of trigates of a similar of this city), which several eminent rate by 100 tons, and they are to be pawu-brokers, greatly to their honour, 15 feet longer. have confented to reiurn, upon being 10. A hip from New York in twen. paid the simple fums lent, without ty-five days brings accounts of the charging the customary intereft. favourable recepuion of the treaty of

3. Letters from Wales contain a me- commerce between Great Britain and lancholy catalogue of the numerous the United States. The exact terms lofies sustained by the late inunda- had not been promulgated at New sion, which was the greatest ever re- York, but the general outline was membered in that country. Landilo made known and spoken of as advanbridge was carried away; but the bridge tageous to the American commercial over the Towey, at Carmarthen, not- inierests. withfanding fix out of the seven arches Government has it in contemplation were completely invisible, fortunately to establish dock yards in the East Inescaped deltruction. Great quantities dies, for the purpose of building men of theep and other stock were swept of war. The depth of water there in away from the banks by the corrent, the harbours is very favourable to fuch and many poor families were thereby an enterprise ; and there is a fpecies of involved in utter ruin. At Llando. wood which ahounds in that country, as very the current overflowed all the flat serviceable for thip building as oak.



Pisinonti, March 11. His Majel- his late fevere attack of the gout. Dr. iy's ship Lively, of 32 guns, capt. Burl. Warren constantly attends his lordship. ton, is juft come into the Sound from

The greatest exertions aver known sea, and has towed in with her the

are now making to equip the different brig Joseph, of Halifax, Richard Wal thips fitting in this harbour. by maler, from Halifax, laden with

Dover, March 27. The brig He. indigo, coffee, and furs, bound to Lon

zekiah, capt. Eve, from Bermuda, ardon : she was taken by a French fri. rived here this day ; Mr. John Tucker gate called Le Calais, on Sunday last, of that place came palenger, who ina and retaken the day following by the form's that admiral Murray's feet had Lively ; she had been five weeks froin

sent into that port a ship from BourHalifax, and before she was captured, deaux, bound to Alexandria, with met with a violent gale of wind, in 25,000l. ferling in fpecie, thipped on which the loft her bowfprit and fore- account of the National Convention. top mast, and had the mate and one Capt. J. Borrowdale, the matter of the mán 'washed overboard and drowned. captured vessel, declared that twenty: When the Lively boarded the Joseph, five millions of money had been shipshe was in poffeffion of a French prize-ped on board different velruls for Ame. master, and 10 men ; the Lively got rica, on the fame acoount and risque. fight of the French frigate, and give chace to her, but owing to thick wea.

BIRTH S. ther, and night coming on, the escaped.

The Lively has not taken any more Mar. 5. The right hon. lady G. H. of the fleet from North Bergen ;ibe Cavendish, of Saville-row of a daughShips she was left in chace of on Sunday lait escaped, owing to the darkness of 1. The lady of George Galway the night, and it is supposed the whole Mills, of I wickenham, esq. of a fun. of them, except the Favonius, fent in

12. The lady of Charles Edmonhere yesterday by the Lively, are got none, of Great Russel-itreet, efq. of a fafe into the French ports.

fon. The Argonaut man of war has taken the French corvette, L'Esperance of

MARRIAGES. 22 guns, on the coalt of America, and earried her into the Chesapeak.

Feb. 14. Col. Handfield, of Knutgo His najelly's frigate, the Lively, ar- ford, Chemire, to Mrs. Greenway, rived at Piymouth, on Saturday laft, late of Twickenham, Middlesex. from a cruize, with the French frigate Giles Daubeny, of Cirencester, La Tourterelle, of 32 guns, which the Gloucestershire, e'q, to miss Elizabeth took on Friday morning off the Lizard, Gurning, daughter of John Gunning, after an action of two hours and 59 of Old Burlington-ftreet, efq. m nutes ; she had 10 men killed and Rawson Ainahe of Stoke Newing-. 20 wounded, and was very much da- ton, efq. to miss Lilly, of Danecourt. maged in her mafts and hull: the 21. The rev. John Filmer, of Abbos Lively had nene either killed or wound- Langley, Herts, to miss Portal, of ed; me is quite new, and this is ber Treelolk, Hants, efq. first cruise, and she had taken Lovely, The rev. Lamplugh Wickham, A.

of Limerick, and the Spright. M. of Christchurch, Oxford, vicar of ly, both of which fhe funk.

Paul, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Portsmouth, March, 15." Yesterday to miss Hird, daughter of the late Rifailed from Spithead the Spanish com- chard Hird, of Bradford, esq. modore, with one ship of the line and 25. Arthur Palmer, jun. of Bristol, two frigates, for Cadiz; also "his ma- esq. under theriff of that city, to miss jelly's ihip Boston, of 32 guns, capt. Andrews, eldett daughter of Morris, on a cruise.

Andrews, elg. Came into the harbour his majesty's The rev. Henry 'Payne, vicar of armed cutter, Speedwell, lieutenant Philips Norton, io miss Grant, of Williams, to refit.

Bath. Lord Ilowe is much recovered from Charics Imholf, esq. fon-in-law to


Warren Hastings, efq. to mifs Charlotte, square, efq. only brother to lord Groc Blunt, third daughter of Sir Charles venor, and member for the city of Blunt, of Ormond street, bart.

Chelter. John Powel Roberts, of KingCgate, John Phillimore, of Lincoln's Inn ile of Thanet, efq. to miss Kyte, eld. Fields, esq. eft daughter of the late Jofua Kyte, 21. Mrs Seal, mother to lady Da. D.D.

venport, of Bloomsbury square. Mar. 2. Capt. Metcalfe, of the The right hon. Margaret, baroness Staffordshire militia, to miss Vane, only Cloncurry. daughter of the hon. Mr. Vane, bro- John Smith Barlig, of Feversham, ther to the earl of Darlington.

efq. Francis Drake, of

esq. to

Duberly, of Ensham Hall, mils Mackworth, only daughter of the Oxon, efq. late fir Herbert Mackworth, bart. Thomas Compton, of the Lains,

John Claudius Beresford, csq. fon of near Andover, Ilants, elq. the right hon. John Beresford, nephew Robert Wynne, of Little Ealing, to the marquis of Waterford, and re- Middlesex, erg. presentative in parliament for the bo- John Sawbridge, of Ollantigli, Kent, fough of Swords, to miss Elizabeth esq. alderman of Langbourn-ward, and Menzies, daughter of the late Archi- one of the representatives in parliament bald Menzies, of Culdares, county of for London. Perth, esq.

Charles Digby, of Mile End, efq. The rev. John Lockwood, of Yox: Sir Thomas Malley, of Stockton, ford, Suffolk, tó, mifs, Amelia Bod- Cheshire, bart. dington, third daughter of Thomas

Mar. 2. Jane, duchess dowager of Boddington,of Clapton, Middlesex, erg. Athol.

5. William Parry, of Aldermanbury, William Clark, of Buckland, Devon, efq. to miss Harvey, of Wivenhos, esq. Ellex.

Sir Hugh Hill, bart. member for the John Prentis Henllow, esq. eldest city of Derry. fon of fir John Herflow, knt. turveyor The right hon. lady Rivers. of his majesty's, navy, to miss Stevens, Hector Rofe, of Clapton terrace, eldest daughter of Thomas Stevens, of esq. Rochefter, esq,

Samuel Clarke, of Salisbury square,

Fleet-street, efq.

John Stickley, esq. mayor of the bo

rough of Evitham. Feb. 14. The rev. Francis Drake, Thomas Wakeman, esq. one of the D.D. rector of Winefttad, in Holder- | deputy lieutenants of Worcefter. bels, late vicar of St. Mary's, Bever- Thomas Drew, of Datchei common, ley.

ely. Thomas Forter, of Bolton, Nor- 3. Benjamin Green, of Bloomsburythumberland, esq.

iquare, efq. one of the principal reThe rev. Dr. Lockwood, of Port- giflers of the court of Chancery. man square.

Col. James Roll James, of Bagden Lieutenant Syınes, of the royal navy. Lodge, near Marlborough, gentleman

Dr. Charles Dodgson, lord bishop of ulher to the late Princess Amelia, lieut. Elphin.

col. of the first troop of horle, and one Thomas Grofvenor, of Cavendisho / of the men:Lers for Wilts.

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