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The Marriage of their Royal Hiznefu

the trimr and . Tincipi oj llales.

Wednesday, April 8, was the day appointed for the solemnization of the nuptials of the Prince of Wales with che Princess Caroline of Brunswick. It was fixed to take place at eight o'clock in the evening, in the Royal Chapel ; and all the persons appointed to asist in the procession and ceremony were ordered to attend before that hour. It was conducted in the following manner :


Druns and Trumpets.

Kettle Drunis.

Sergeant Trumpeter.
They filed off at the door of the Chapel.

Master of the Ceremonies.
Her Highness's Gentleman Usher between two Senior Heralds

His Majesty's Vice-Chamberlain.
His Majesty's Lord Chamberlain.

Ia her nuptial habit, viz. the body and petticoat a filver tissue, covered with a silver

Venetian net-the train four yards long, festooned on each side with silver cord and tallels-a full crimson velvet mantle, trimmed with fur and filver cord, faftened to the dress with silver houks—with a coronet richly ornamented with diamonds ; led by His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence, and attended by the ladies of her household, in the following order :

Ladies of the Bedchamber.
The Counters of Jersey.

The Marchioness Townshend.
The Countess of Carnarvon,

The Countess Cholnıundeley

Maids of Honour.
Miss Bruhl.

Miss Erskine.
Miss Pointz.

Miss Colman.
Women of the Bedchamber.
Mrs. Hervey Aston

Mrs. Fitzroy.
Her train supported by four Bridemaids, viz.
Lady Charlotte Spencer.

Lady Mary Osborne.
Lady Charlotte Legge.

Lady Caroline Villiers.
All in virgin habits, viz. a white fatin body and crape petticoat, embroidered with

ftripes of silver foil and spangles, with fringe and tallels- a white fatin trimmed with lilver, feftooned on each side with cord and tassels. The head-dress an em. broidered bandleau, of spangled crape and silver laurel, with a plume of three white

feathers They were all uniform. On entering the chapel, Her Highness was conducted to the seat prepared for her

near Her Majesty's chair of ftate. The Malter of the Ceremonies, with the Gentleman Usher, retired to the places

assigned them. The Lord Chamberlain, Vice Chamberlain, the two' Heralds with the drums and

trumpets returned for the Bridegroom's Procession.

PROCESSION OF THE BRIDEGROOM. In the same order as that of the Bride, with the addition of the officers of His Royal

Highness's household.

"His Royal Highness

The PRINCE OF WALES, In his collar of the Order of the Garter, supported by two uumarried Dukes, viz. The Duke of Roxburgh

1 The Duke of Bedford. The Procession cheg returned as before, to attend His Majetty, in the following order :

Drums and trumpets as before.
The Knight Marlial.


Two married Dukes.
Lord Sieward of the Househoid.

Provincial Kings of Arms.
Lard Privy Seali Loid President of the Council.
Archbishop of York. Lord Chauce!lur,
Archbiskop of Capterbury.


Two Series
at Arms.

Two Serjts.
at Arms,

Guaris in waiting


Gentleman Usher. Garter, Principal King} Gentleman-Ulker

of Arnis, with his sceptre
The Earl Martha! with his staff.

Vice Chamberlain of Sword of State.


Lord Chamberlain of
the Household.

the Household
In the Collar of the Order of the Garter.
Capt. of the Yeonien | Colonel of the life, Capt. of the Band of
of the Guard.

Gent. Pensioners.
The Lord of the Bcdchamber in waiting.
A Groom of the Bed-Chamber in waiting.

Vice Chamberlain to the Qucen.
The Queen's Master ( HER MAJESTY,

2 The Queen's Lord
of the Horse.

Ś Chamberlain. Drest in a silver tissue petticoat, with a drapery of velvet ntt, embroidered with gold,

and drawn up with green bands and filver laurel. A guld tissue body and train, trimmed with green and filver laurel.

Their Royal Highnesses

Supported severally by their Gentlemen Ufers.

Their Drefles were as follows :
The Princess Royal -A purple and gold embroidery; a drapery of spangled crape and

gold laurel. Princess Augufta- A crape petticoat embroidered with filver stars; a drapery of greca

foil and Gilver, with rose colour and Gilver flowers. Princess Elizabeth-A crape petricuat, embroidered with purple and gold, and Icaves

of purple foii flowers. Princess Sophia-The same as Princess Elizabeth. Princess Mary-Crape petticoat, richly embroidered with purple and green foil, with

a rich white and gold drapery, tied up with large gold cord and talleis. Princess Amelia - A green and gold robe cuat, with a rich embroidered drapery of green and goid cord and tassels.

Ladies of Her Majesty's Bed. Chamber.

Maids of Honour.

Women of the Bed-Chamber. Upon entering the Chapel, all the Persons in the Procellion retired to the several Places appointed for them. None remained on the Haut-pas, except the Lord of the BedChamber in waiting behind the King; the Lord who bore the Sword of State, on his Majesty's right hand, and the Lord Chamberlain on the left, having the Vice Chamberlain near him.

Their MAJESTIES took their Chairs of State. Her Majesty's Lord Chamberlain, Vice-Chamberlain, and Maler of the Horse, ftand. ing bchud her.

The PRINCESSES fat on Seats near the PRINCES of the BLOOD. The Archbishop of Canterbury stood at the right of the Altar ; the Bithop of London on the lett.

The Chairs of State were facing the Altar. The Marriage Ceremony was performed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, during

which the Bridenialds ito d near the Bride ; at the Conciufion of which the Bridegroom and Bride retired to their seats while an anthen was performed. The ani.

them was the lame piece of music as that performed on the marriage of his present • Majitty's father, with some few aiterations. At was composed by Handel, but it is

not in his best manuer. The performers were ranged in the two galleries on each fide of the Altar, and in a circular gallery behind it.

Drums and trumpcis, as before.

Master of the Cerimonics.

The Princess's Gentleman Ulner between two Heralds. His Royal Highnels the PRINCE of WALES, leading the BRIDE, and attended by two married Dukes, in blue ribband., v z.

The Lure of Portland. The Duke of Leeds. His MAJESTY, preceded and attended by the Great Officers, in the manner in which i be went to Chapel.

Her MAJESTY and the PRINCESSES, following in the order as before. The Procellion, at its return, filed ott at the door of the Jeffer Drawing Roum.

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