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My friend had relinquished the birds, warbling their sprightlieft engagements of commercial life, strains. and wished the residue of his days The song of loy, and the laugh to steal away amid the 'weets of of mirth, were heard among us, pastoral rusticity. His villa was re- and in innocent conviviality glided marked for neat fimplicity. The away the appropriated time of vigarden was portioned out with taste, fiting. The period of departure and the ftatues and obelisks caught surprized me by its fudden arrival, the eye at each opening avenue, and! bade the happy family adieu, and produced a fine eff-c on the not without the tenderest sentiments spectator's imagination. From the of regret. centre of tòis inclorure rose an ele. Returning homewards, the amiavated mound of earth. Its form ble sisters recurred to my mind, and reminded me of the tapering cone. their private and social virtues The summit affords a diverlified pressed forcibly on my heart. Faprospect of the surrounding coun- tigued near the end of my jourtry." Upon the side of the hilloc ney, I threw myself on a bank, was a cave fimilar to Trophonius's over whose verdant surface lay scatof old, but decorated by a fanciful tered the primrose and the violet, arrangement of curiosities, taken intermingled with other sweet-smel from the fossile and vegetable kingling flowers, whose odoriferous fradoms. A group of trees concealed grance deliciously regaled i he senses. the entrance into this hermitage ; | The evening was calm and ferene, and its interior parts inspired the the declining sun finking below the frequenter with the soothing me western horizon, and the sky lightlancholy of solitude.

ly tinged with the luxuriancy of va. 1 he proprietor of this little spot riegated colours. Hushed and fiwas blefled with two amiable daugh- lent were all things around me, ters. To perceive the young ladies

Save where the beetle wheel'd his vying with each other in expresfions of filial affection, smoothing

droning fight, the brow of declining years, and

And drowsy tinklings lullid the di.

Atant folds. diminishing the burden accumulated by the decrepitude of age, might Thus situated, I indulged a megratify the benevolence of an angel. ditative humour, and leaning penTo their lot had fallen no uncom- fively on my arm, I exclaimed in a mon share of that frail article, faint tone of voice : 6 Who can beauty; but their tempers were estimate female worth? who can mild their difpofitions sweet-be indifferent to the charms of feand their minds improved by a suit- male excellence ?" Uttering this able ed cation. When at leiture soliloquy, I fell into a deep Alumnwe rambled through the garden, or her, and the followng imaginary diverted ourselves with the music train of circumstances ruse instantly of the harpsichord; for the eller to view. fifter plaved with superior skill on Before me, I beheld an extended that delicate instrument. Every plain. Upon this plain' stood a morning we hailed the rising sun, Itately throne of curious workmanand our fpirits were exhilarated, thip. Before the throne was gathercontemplating the beauties of na. ed a large concourse of females.

The cuckoo entertained us The whiteness of their garments with his reiterated note, expressive rivalled the new-fallen snow, and pf Spring's return; and our ears their spirited countenances betokwere ravislied with the caroling of ened an anxiety, derived from the eagerness of curiofity. Numerous of his benevolence made woman and respectable were the spectators an help-meet to man. You are, of this extraordinary scene. When therefore, poffeffed of a similar I enquired who the individuals form, endowed with an intelligent were, that composed the assembly, foul, and furnished with passions and why met together, it was re- and dispositions necessary to accomplied-Upon yonder plain, fir, plish the purposes of your exiftare assembled the fair fex, from the ence. Upon most of your sex, Namiddle and higher walks of life. ture bestows the graceful form-the The throne is to be filled by the well-proportioned feature – the enGoddess of female excellence. We gaging mien-and the delicate com. await her defcent. She will ad- plexion. These exterior charms, dress her youthful auditors, and though fascinating, and though furnith them with directions for the many plume themielves upon them, regulation of their future lives."



are of little worth, unaccompanied A secret satisfaction stole across with the more permanent accommy soul, in being present on the plifaments of the mind. To these interefting occafion. But scarcely

But scarcely I call your attention. May their Fas the information communicated, enumeration kindle a spirit of emuwhen the acclamations of the mul- | lation. For nobler ends were you ritude antiounced the appearance of designed, than to fluiter about, like the Goddess. Rapid and magnifi- gaudy and insignificant infects, encent was her descent from the fky. amoured of outward low. You Her presence Aung a vivid efful- are capable of elevated attainments. gence over every adjacent object. Seek them with assiduity. CultiTall and graceful was her person. vate them with enthusiasm. Simple, yet elegant, her habili- 66 Attend carefully to the imments. In her countenance was provement of the mind. This is blended the bloom of youth, with of primary importance. I do not the fedateness of maturer years.

mean you ffould be versed in the Grace was in all her Reps ; - Heaven not require you to be skilful lin

profound parts of literature. I do inter eye ;

guifts, acute philosophers, or exIn every gefture, dignity and love.

pert mathematicians. The abftrufe The celestial visitant feated her- sciences are unconnected with do. self upon the throne. A fileuce, mestic life. But, wly not rendered not unlike the universal ftilnefs of companions for the more discerning a summer's noon, pervaded the of the other sex? From the too affembly. Every eye fixed itself un common neglect of intellectual acthe goddess. Every bolom glowed compliments Aows the false and with fervid expectation. She arose illiberal fuggestion, that your unwith a majestic air, and thus ad- derstanding is weak, and therefore dressed the attentive audience : incapable of any considerable cul

— Daughters of men, this day ture. But are not the distinguished ye are assembled for an important female writers numerous ? Do they purpose. I shall impart sentiments, not rank high in the annals of liwith wbich you thould be intimate. terary fame? It may be granted, ly acquainted. I have your dearest your minds are formed for relithing interests at heart. I breathe the works of imagination, rather thaa warmeft withes for your present and for commenting on the productions future felicity.

of a Newton. This concession, " The Creator, in the plenitude in its utınost extent, declares only, VOL. XXVI.


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that the delicacy of your frame, tiful spots and veins which, on its joined to exquisite sensibility, mark ruder surface, but faintly appeared. you out for the cultivation of one • The cultivation of a good branch of knowledge, in preference temper merits particular attention. to another. The wisdom of Pro- It inclines you to be satisfied with vidence is confpicuous in the ap- the lot asigned by Providence, to pointment. You are the better ca. forgive the injuries of enemies, and pacitated for the less active, though to be unoffended with the foibles of not less useful sphere, in which you friends. It is the basis of human move. By reading and meditation, bliss. The infirmities of mankind improie the faculties of ihe mind. call for its perpetual exercise. With Biography, voages, travels, and the wisdom of the serpent, mingle poetry, selected with judgment, re- the gentleness of the dove. And pay amply the time consumed upon may the genius of difcord never them. Romance peruse with cau

hover over

your habitations. I, tion. Most of them inflame the not domestic felicity, of sublunary juvenile imagination, irritate the enjoyments the most dear, marred fancy, and exhibiting fallacious by the obliquities of an irritable views of life, cruelty torture temper? the female heart. The instructive " To the nicer sensibilities of the page, both of facred and profane heart be not inattentive. Graceful history, should ever lie open before is the garb of humanity. Generous you. The rise, progress, and fall is the heart, dilated by the milk of of kingdoms and of individuals, human kindness. To melt at anteach admirable Jeffons, and pour other's woe, and to commiserate the upon you that knowledge of human unfortunate, are congenial to the nature, of which none should be female mind. Unsusceptible of hudestitute, who pretend to any de- mane sensations, a deep shade is gree of refinement. Geography, Aung over your best qualities. To and chronology, the favourite raise the dejected--to administer, handmaids of history, enable you the cup of cold water -and to visit to perceive fully the beauty and the fatherless and the widow, are propriety of the historic tale. Aftro- your almost exclusive province. nomy is worthy attention. The per Sympathy avails, when boasted me. spicuity, with which its first prin dicine proves inefficacious. Withciples are laid down, facilitates their hold not what is in the power of attainment. Delightful is it, to all to give. Spare no exertion to trace the signatures of wisdom and alleviate human woe. goodness every where imprelled on "in your friendthips be firm. Ig creation, and to know something your attachments be decidedly fixed. of the general laws by which your Coquettich frivolity disgraces thore days an your nights, your summers who dare indulge it. Give no room and your winters, roll round with for the imputation. such astonishing regularity. Nor reason to think favourably of an be unconversant with period cal ef- individual, let not idle report, forsays. They prove an inexhaustible did interest, or volatile caprice, enfund of rational entertainment and feeble your predilection, Believe instruction. Music, painting, and not all you hear. The breath of occasional visits, may occupy vacant calumný fullies the most unconta. hours. 1 he informed mind hath minated reputation. Rafhly disapbeen likenend to a piece of polished prove of none. The human chaa marble, which exhibits to the eye, racter is complicated. Latent are in all their perfection, those beau- the excellencies of many. Long ac


acquaintarice and close scrutiny bring me to close. Is not even that flowerthem fully to view. Is not the garden, the hue and fragrance of fickle mind, like the restless ocean, whose productions most powerfully a stranger to tranquillity and peace ? hit the senses, injured by the nau" Let modesty preside over every

seous weed? To the female characdepartment of conduct. The reign ter also adhere blemishes, which of modesty is the reign of fimplici- tarnish its beauty, and obscure its ty and innocence. She is the queen glory. Over these, charity refuses of virtues. She is the patroneis of to fling her veil. To specify them, every thing excellent and praise- is painful. Excuse me. All I utworthy. With incredible charms ter is dictated by a concern fur The decorates female beauty. Di- your truest welfare. vefted of her enchanting influence, “ Watch against the intrusion of the sweetest complexion is unattrac- pride, affectation, and extravagance. tive, and the finest features have Pride renders you disgusting, affecbut a slender power to engage. Mo- tation ridiculous, and extravagance desty is a thin transparent veil, hatefnl. No esteem is conciliated which shews with superior lustre the by the haughty look, the froward graces it would seem to cover, as a gait, or the forbidding mien. Denew-blown rose is more beautiful, traction indicates unamiableness of when its leaves are a little folded, spirit, and is incompatible with the than when its glories are fully dif. dignity cf the sex. 'Never counteplayed.

nance the obsequious flatterer. His • Be virtuous and religious. Ah! design is evil. "His incense is pestiof what avail was the consummate lential. The gilded, but empoisoned beauty of Helen and of Cleopatra, pill of adulation is administered with of Rosamond and of Shore Un-deplorable success. Thus, the inenamelled by the excellence of mo- nocence and reputation of the moral goodnes, it entangled them in deft, but too credulous virgin, are fatal fnares, and pierced theni sacrificed often at the Ihrine of unthrough with excruciating forrows. hallowed passion. But of all the But virtue alone, though valuasle, infelicities of life, is not his the is insufficient. Devoid of religion, greatelt, who enlarges the catalogue the female character is incomplete. of female woes ? Be not the votaThe goodly train of charities, an- ries of preposterous fashion. This originating in a rational and fer- pernicious turn of mind generates vent piety, are precariously found. embarrassments, forely felt, deeply ed. Mere unaffifted virtue is of regretted, yet not easily obviated. too delicate a texture to suffer long To the manners of the country the rude blasts of this inhospitable where you refide, a tenperate reclime. It droops its head, and dies gard is due, dictated by good sense away, like the lily, nipped by the and strict propriety. Repre's the frozen gale. As religion confers rage for popular amusements, which upon virtue strength and permanen- characterises the present age Do cy - believe firmly its truths, imbibe they not often encroach on the time its spirit, obey its precepts, imitate claimed by domestic affairs ? Are the example of its immaculate Au- they not accompanied with enoraspire to the transcend

mous expence ? Have they not ant honours of a blissful immorta- sometimes annihilated fobriety of

mind, and baniled regularity of “Such are the prominent fea- conduet, the leading excellencies of tures of female excellence- but bere, moral character ? regard for your best interests forbids Upon the eye of the impallion

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ed admirer, the ray of female ex- gaging mien-and the delicate comcellence plays with distinguished plexion, may there be added, the brilliancy. Direct into an useful improved mind - the mild dispolichannel, whatever afcendancy you tion--and the obliging temper. obtain. In fome cases your in- May you be diftinguished for intelfluence may be almost authoritative.ligence, modesty, sensibility, virtue, Abuse not the entrusted prerogative. and religion. May every avenue Eve abused it, when Ihre plucked the to your heart be guarded against the forbidden fruit, and gave it to wiles of the insidious adulator, and Adam. Helen abused it, when she the less disguised infinuations of the occasioned the Trojan war, vi hich vicious and unprincipled rake. May lasted ten long years. Cleopatra the fond hopes of your parents be abufed it, when ne accelerated the realized. May your partners in ruin of Anthony, in the height and life equal your wishes."

. May your splendour of his military career. children rise up to call you hlessed. Aved by these examples, let your -Quitting this troubled theatre, jurisdiction over the other sex be may you be adiniited into the inild and beneficial. Then, you abodes of bliss, and clothed in the humanize the ferocious, disarm the robes of immortal beauty!" evil-mindedness of passion, and Here the goddess ceased. The check the folly of dislipated extra- exultations of the allembly roused vagance.

me from my Dumbers ; and the « In fine, you possess the momen- visionary scene vanished in the tous traft of training up the rising twinkling of an eye! Finding generation. Under your imme. I the evening far advanced, and the diate inspection, the individuals of dews of night fast falling, I sprang, the human race pass the important from the bank on which I reclined, years of infancy and childhood; and hastened home vards, pleased important, not indeed in them



rural excursion. selves, but on account of their connection with subsequent life. When their memories are retentive, and their minds docile, teach them the

GRASVILLE ABBEY imreitimable leffons of wisdoin, vir

A ROMAN CE. tue, and religion:

By G. M. “ Delightful talk ! to rear the tender

To teach the young idea how to shoot, (Continued from Vol. XXV p. 709.)

the freih instruction o'er the

To breathe th’enlivening spirit, and to

« Oh, Peace ! thou source and soul

of social life, The generous purpose in the glowing breaft."

Beneath whole calm-inspiring influence

Science his views enlarges, Art retines, 6 May He, who in the beginning

And swelling Commere opens all ber

ports; empowered woman to captivate, and

Bleft be ihe man divine who gives us gave man the susceptibility of im

thee ! pression, guide you through the

THOMSON, mazes, and support you under HEN men of honour, whole the perplexities of this transitory principles and dispositions existence. To the graceful form- are naturally just, fall under misthe well-regulated feature-the en. fortunes, and experience adversity



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