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Dec. 9. The right hon. lady Petre, of a daughter.

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12. The lady of Charles Grey, M. P. of a daughter..


Nov. 21. Thomas Plat, of Somerfet-ftreet, Surry-road, efq. to mifs Worgan of the fame place.

Robert Dalrymple, efq. fon of admiral Dalrymple, to mifs Howard of Knightsbridge.

27. Robert Crew, of Clapham, efq. to mifs Jefferys, of the fame place.

Samuel Duke, efq. furgeon to the hon. artillery company of London, to mifs Drury, only daughter of the rev. Dr. Drury of Claydon-hall, Suffolk.

efq. to mifs Smith, daughter of Rick ard Carpenter Smith, of Southwark, efq.

12. George Smith, of Bloomsburyfquare, efq. to mifs Hardman, daughter of John Hardman, of Granby. row, Manchester.


Nov. 9. Mrs. Bell, relict of the late John Bell, of Dundee, efq.

17. The hon. Alexander Abercromby, one of the fenators of the college of juftice, and one of the lords commiffioners of jufticiary for Scotland.

19. Samuel Eft wick, efq. M. P. for the borough of Westbury, deputy paymafter general of his majesty's forces, and fecretary and regifter of Chelsea College.

21. The hon. Mrs. Townshend, wife the hon. John Thomas Townshend. 30. Mrs. Scott, of Caftor, near Norwich, relict of George Louis Scott, and filter of lord Rokeby.

Mark Sykes, efq. high sheriff of the county of York, and eldeft fon of Sieof Chriftopher Sykes, of Sledmore, bart. to mils Mafterman, only daughter of the late Henry Mafterman, of Settring-efq. ton, efq.

William Wilfon, of Upper Thamesfreet, efq. to mifs Elliot, daughter of the late, capt. Elliot, of Woombwellhall, near Gravesend, Kent.

Thomas Baronneau, of New Lodge, near Barnet, eq. to mifs Wilfon, daughter of Robert Wilson, of Woodhoufe, Effex, efq.

28. William Duke, jun. of Maxtock caftle, Warwickshire, efq. to mifs Geaft, daughter of Richard Geaft, of Blyth Hall, in the fame county, efq.

Thomas Linley, of Southamptonftreet, efq.

James Wilmot, of Walcot Parade, Bath, efq. brother to fir Robert Wilmot, of Olmafton, Derbyshire, bart.

John Hollock, of Barnard Caffle, efq. one of his majesty's juftices of the peace for the county of Durham.

Thomas Dunkerley, of Portfmouth, efq. provincial grand mafter of mafonry. Dec. 4. Thomas Silver of Portfmouth, M. D:

The rev. John Simfon Rutter, A. M. Dec. 2. Edward Inge, of the Char-vicar of Walfall, and one of the ftipenter-house, Coventry, efq. to mifs Dul- diary readers in the collegiate church of lifon, of Muchpark-street. Wolverhampton.

John Knight, jun. of Lea Castle, Worcestershire, efq. to mifs Charlotte Hope, fecond daughter of the late hon. Charles Hope Weir, of Craigie-hall and Blackwood.

4. George Embury, of Lincoln'sInn, efq. to mifs Joliffe, daughter of the late William Jaliffe, of Hull, efq.

David Price, of Clifford's-Inn, efq. to mifs Browning, of KenningtonJane.

Thomas B. Buxton, of Leicefter,

David Gardiner, efq. a captain in the 34th regiment of foot.

5. The rev. Richard Skinner, B. D. of Caftle freet, Hertford, rector of Bafingham, Lincolnshire.

Dr. William Garrow, of Barnet. Anthony Hunt, efq. fecond captain in Greenwich Hofpital.

Jacob Bird, of Kennington, efq. 12. John Paradife, of Titchfieldfreet, efq. LL. D.

James Pine, of Chester, efq.


Lady's Magazine ;


Entertaining Companion for the FAIR SEX appropriated folely to their Ufe and Amusement. SUPPLEMENT, for 1795.

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This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz.

1. A new Pattern for Gentlemen's Ruffles. 2. A View of the City of Berlin; and 3. The Little Cowflip Girl, Words by a Correípondent, Mufic by K. Hudson, M. B.

LONDON, Printed for G. G. and J. Robinfon, No. 25, Pater. nofter Row, where Favours from Correfpondents will be received.

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On Monday Feb. 1, will be published,

[Embellished with 1. An elegant Frontispiece, defigned and engraved by the most capital Artifts in Europe. 2. An engraved Title-page. 3. An elegantly engraved View of Windfor Cattle. 4. A new Pattern for a Shawl; and, 5. Song by Mr. Hudfon, M. B.]




For JANUARY, 1796.


The ufual Variety of interesting, entertaining, and inftructive Articles. The liberal encouragement, and flattering approbation, which a candid and generous public ftill continues to beftow on the LADY'S MAGAZINE, cannot but excite the warmett gratitude on the part of the Proprietors, and stimulate them to make every exertion to cont nue to deferve fuch honourable favour. Their Mifcellany, cherished by the foftering fmiles of its fair Patroneffes, has now flourished for a long feries of years; and they are fill determined to spare neither expense nor labour to render it, what it has always hitherto been efcemed, an inftructive and amusing Repository for the dawning efforts, or more mature exertions, of Female Genius, and a valuable Compendium of the Pulite Literature of the Age.

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