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The genial meads affign'd to blefs

Thy life, shall mourn thy early doom,
Their hinds, and shepherd-girls fhall dress,
With fimple hands, thy rural tomb.
Long, long, thy stone, and pointed clay,
Shall melt the musing Briton's eyes,
O! vales, and wild woods, fhall he say,
In yonder grave your Druid lyes!

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The fubject propofed. Infcribed to the Countess of HARTFORD. The feafon is defcribed as it affects the various parts of Nature, afcending from the lower to the higher; with digreffions arifing from the fubject. Its influence on inanimate matter, on vegetables, on brute animals, and last on man; concluding with a diffuafive from the wild and irregular passion of love, oppofed to that of a pure and happy kind.

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