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46 Men, patriots, chiefs and citizens are 'form'd.
"Lo! JUSTICE, like the liberal light of heaven,
"Unpurchas'd, shines on all, and from her beam,
"Appalling guilt, retire the favage crew,

"That prowl amid the darkness they themselves 615
"Have thrown around the laws. Oppreffion grieves:
"See! how her legal Furies bite the lip,
"While YORKS and TALBOTS their deep fares detect,
"And feize swift justice thro' the clouds they raise

"See! focial LABOUR lifts his guarded head, 620 "And men not yield to government in vain. "From the fure land is rooted ruffian force, "And the leud nurse of villains, idle waste ; "Lo! raz'd their haunts, down dafh'd their maddening bowl,

A nation's poifon! beauteous order reigns! "Manly fubmiffion, unimpofing toil, "Tride without guile, civility that marks " From the foul herd of brutal flaves THY fons, "And fearless peace. Or should affronting war "To flow but dreadful vengeance rouze the just, 630 66 Unfailing fields of Freemen I behold! "That know, with their own proper arm, to guard Their own bleft ifle against a leaguing world. "Defpairing Gaul her boiling youth restrains, "Diffolv'd her dream of universal Sway : "The winds and feas are BRITAIN'S wide domain; "And not a fail, but by permithion, fpreads.



"Lo! fwarining fouthward on rejoicing funs, "Gay COLONIES extend; the calm retreat "Of undeferv'd distress, the better home "Of those whom bigots chafe from foreign lands. "Not built on Rapine, Servitude and Woe, «And in their turn some petty tyrant's prey ;



"But, bound by focial Freedom, firm they rise; "Such as, of late, an OGLETHORPE has form'd, 645 "And, crouding round, the charm'd Savannah fees. "Horrid with want and misery, no more Our streets the tender passenger afflict. " Nor fhivering age, nor sickness without friend, "Or home, or bed to bear his burning load, "Nor agonizing infant, that ne'er earn'd "Its guiltless pangs, I fee! The stores, profufe, "Which British bounty has to these assign'd, "No more the facrilegious riot fwell "Of cannibal devourers! Right apply'd, "No ftarving wretch the land of Freedom stains: "If poor, employment finds; if old demands, “If sick, if maim'd, his miserable due; "And will, if young, repay the fondest care. "Sweet sets the fun of stormy life, and sweet 660 "The morning shines, in Mercy's dews array'd. "Lo! how they rife! THESE FAMILIES OF HEAVEN! ** That! chief, (but why-ye Bigots! why fo late?) "Where blooms and warbles glad a rifing age: "What fimiles of praife! And, while their fong afcends, "The liftening feraph lays his lute afide. 666

"Hark! the gay MUSES raise a nobler strain, "With active nature, warm impassion'd truth, "Engaging fable, lucid order, notes "Of various string, and heart-felt image fill'd. "Behold! I see the dread delightful School "Of temper'd Paffions, and of polish'd Life, "Reftor'd: behold! the well-diffembled fcene "Calls from imbellifh'd eyes the lovely tear, "Or lights up mirth in modeft cheeks again. "Lo! vanish'd Monster-land. Lo! driven away


* An hofpital for foundlings.






"Those that Apollo's facred walks profane: "Their wild creation scatter'd, where a world "Unknown to Nature, Chaos more confus'd, "O'er the brute scene * its Ouran-Outangs pours; 680 "Detested forms! that, on the mind imprest, "Corrupt, confound, and barbarize an age.

"Behold! all thine again the SISTER-ARTS, "Thy graces they, knit in harmonious dance, "Nurs'd by the treasure from a nation drain'd "Their works to purchase, they to nobler rouze "Their untamed genius, their unfetter'd thought; "Of pompous tyrants, and of dreaming monks, "The gaudy tools, and prisoners, no more.

"Lo! numerous DOMES a BURLINGTON confefs: "For Kings and Senates fit, the Palace fee! 691 "The Temple breathing a religious awe : "Even framed with elegance the plain Retreat, "The private dwelling. Certain in his aim, "Tafte never idly working, faves.expence.

695 "See! SYLVAN SCENES, where Art, alone, pretends "To drefs her Mistress, and disclose her charms: "Such as a POPE in miniature has shown; "A BATHURST o'er the widening + forest spreads; "And fuch as form a RICHMOND, CHISWICK, Stowe.


66 Auguft, around, what PUBLIC WORKS I fee! 701 "Lo! ftately Streets, lo! fquares that court the breeze, "In spite of those to whom pertains the care, "Ingulphing more than founded Roman ways,

Lo! ray'd from cities o'er the brighten'd land, 705 "Connecting fea to fea, the folid Road.

"Lo! the proud Arch (no vile exactor's ftand)

* A creature which, of all brutes, most refembles man.-See Dr Tyfon's treatife on this animal.

Okely woods, near Cirencester.

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"With eafy sweep beftrides the chafing flood.
"See! long Canals, and deepened Rivers join
"Each part with each, and with the circling main 710
"The whole enliven'd ifle. Lo! Ports expand,
"Free as the winds and waves, their sheltering arms.
"Lo! ftreaming comfort o'er the troubled deep,
"On every pointed coaft the Light-house tow'rs;
"And, by the broad imperious Mole repell❜d, 715
"Hark! how the baffled storm indignant roars.'


Gg 2

As thick to view THESE VARIED WONDERS rofe,
Shook all my foul with transport, unaffur'd,
The VISION broke; and, on my waking eye,
Rush'd the still RUINS of dejected ROME.



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