Paving and Municipal Engineering, Volumen7

Municipal Engineering Company, 1894

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Página 264 - RUDY'S PILE SUPPOSITORY IS GUARANTEED TO CURE Piles and Constipation or money refunded. 50 cents per box. Send two stamps for circular and free sample to MARTIN RUDY, Registered Pharmacist, Lancaster, Pa. No POSTALS ANSWERED. For sale by all first-class druggists everywhere.
Página 215 - RUDY'S PILE SUPPOSITORY is guaranteed to cure Piles and Constipation, or money refunded. 50 cents per box. Send two stamps for circular and Free Sample to • MARTIN RUDY, Registered Pharmacist, Lancaster, Pa. No POSTALS ANSWERED. For sale by all first class druggists everywhere.
Página 103 - All single- trolley railways employing the rails as a portion of the circuit cause electrolytic action, and consequent corrosion of pipes in their immediate vicinity, unless special provision is made to prevent it.
Página 250 - The clays are not easily distinguishable as mineral species, but they all appear to owe their origin to the decomposition of other minerals, and to consist chiefly of alumina in combination with silica and with a certain amount of water. See ALUMINA, SHALE, LOAM, PIPE-CLAY.
Página 103 - A large conductor extending from the grounded side of the dynamo entirely through the danger territory and connected at every few hundred feet to such pipes as are in danger will usually ensure their protection.
Página 250 - The square of the hypothenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides ; as, 5033 402+302.
Página 202 - Its acceptance or rejection by an engineer is ordinarily regarded by the corporation as a safeguard, but no parties entering into a contract can place a power that is wholly arbitrary and undefined in the hands of an engineer, who is in reality the executive agent of one of the parties. Because bricks have been manufactured and burned especially for street paving purposes, does not necessarily fit them for such use ; the term hard is an indefinite one, and without stating what constitutes defects,...
Página 103 - ... with California and Utah Malthas. The general deduction was that the blending of the asphalt and the oil-residuum is an unsatisfactory one on the score of its lack of durability, and I have since found from conversation with practical men of many years' experience in asphalt paving that such is the common belief. It is also admitted by the chief writers on the subject of asphalt paving that the quality of an asphalt is reduced in the ratio of the percentage of increase of petroleum oil used....
Página 108 - Where a plat of land is recorded, and land appears thereon not numbered as a lot, nor corresponding in size or shape to one, but bounded by lines clearly intended to represent the lines of a street, and lots are sold as being bounded on such street, such land is dedicated for a public street, though not named as such on the...
Página 42 - ... even surface, parallel to, and one (1) inch below the proposed pavement surface before any set in the mortar can occur; the concrete must be composed of one (1) part, by measure, of cement, two (2) parts sand, and four (4) parts broken stone, crushed or screened gravel. The cement and sand will be thoroughly mixed dry and then made into mortar with the least possible amount of water. The broken stone, drenched with water, will then be incorporated with the mortar. The concrete will be thoroughly...

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