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Cornelius Brown, of Fenchurch-street,

London, cheesemnonger. Thomas Mitchelson, of Blenheim-street,

Oxford-road, Middlesex, builder and

Turveyor. Nathaniel Hayward, of the city chambers,

London, merchant. William Meggit, of King's-row, Black’s

fields, Southwark, merchant. Joseph Daniel, of' l'enzance, Cornwall,

linen-draper. Thomas Underhill, of Wolverhampton,

Staffordíhire, mercer. Aaron Moody of Southampton, Hants, and

Christopher Porter, late of Parliamentftreet, Westminster, Middlesex, mer

chants and partners. Thomas Holebeche, of the city of CovenDaniel Walker, of Newbold-lane, in the parish of Rochdale, Lancashire, woollen

manufa&urer. John Crow, of Castlehoward, Yorkshire,

innliolder. Miles Edward Wilks, of Greenfield-street,

Whitechapel, Middlesex, dealer in wines. James Simpson, late of Vine court, Spital

fields, Middlesex, dyer. William Edwards, late of Princes-street,

Rotherbithe, Surry, timber. merchant.

William Hichcock,of Birchin-lane, London,

printseller and bookseller. Aaron Moody, of Southampton, Hants,

merchant. Francis Lasnon, late of Great Pultney-ftreet,

Middlesex, merchant. John Wittich, of Hervey-buildings, in the

Strand, Middlesex, taylor. Jaines Amice Lempriere, late of the island

of Jersey, now of Broad-street buildings, London, and George Lempriere, of Broad

street buildings, merchants and copartJames Roberts, late of Liverpool, Lanca

Thire, merchant. Chriftiana Elston, now or late of North.

ampton, widow, ironmonger. Robert Webb Sutton, of New Sarum, Wilts,

innholder. William Hardinge, late of the Adelphi

Wharf, Middletex, coal-merchant. James Chew, of the city of Bristol, book,

seller. John Christie, of Northumberland-street,

Strand, Middlesex, carpenter. William Hunt and benjamin Slade, of Al

dersgate Kreet, London, distillers and co.

partners. Valentine Owen,of Llanlugen, Montgomery.

shire, dealer and chapman. John Proudfoot, late of Michurit, Sussex,


try, butcher.

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REGISTER of CHRISTENINGS and BURIALS within the Weekly Bills of Mortality.

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BEING An Universal Repository of Divine Knowledge.

FOR À U GUST, 1783. BEAUTIFULLY EMBELLISHED with the following truly ELEGANT

COPPER-PLATE ENGRAVINGS : [1. An excellent Portrait and STRIKING LIKENES$ of the Most Reverend

CHARLES MOSS, D.D. the present Lord BISHOP of. BATH and WELLS, Canon of Sarum, and F. R. S. 2. A ielebrated Psalm Tune, as fyng at the Magdalen and Foundling Chapels, and set by an eininent Musician.]

AND CONTAINING A greater Variety of important and interesting Subjects, conyeyed in a delightful Manner; than was ever given in any fimilar Publication whatever, viz.


Letter III. to a young Gentleman in Authentic Memoirs of the Rev.

tended for Holy Orders

78 > Charles Moss, D. D. Lord Bishop MISCELLANIES. of Bath and Wells


The Sentimental Companion 80 ANTIENT CHRISTIAN BIOGRAPHY.

The Guardian of Christianity Life of Origen

53 Scripture Geography, CHRISTIAN, JEWISH, AND ROMAN A List of the Livings in the Patronage ANTIQUITIES.

of the Crown

38 Ecclefiaftical History, containing the POETRY. State and Progress of the Christian

Faith in divine Providence
Church during the second Century 58 The Lilly

ibid. Westminster Abbey, a Description of 60 Invitation

ibid. History of the Jewish Religion

Ephesians ii. 8.


A Hymn of Praise from the 8th Pf. 90 Sacred Truths; demonstrated from a

The With

ibid. Survey of the heavenly Bodies 66 LIST OF BOOKS IN DIVINITY AND Physico-THEOLOGY.

On the Origin and Propagation of Containing Strictures on cach rea

spective Article


THE CHRONOLOGICAL DIARY A Differtation concerning Christ the


92 Saviour 70 Foreign Intelligence

ibid. A Paraphrase, and Exposition on

Domestic Occurrences

93 Psalm IX. 72 Military Promotions

94 Confession of sin. Med. VII.


Eccleliaitical Pre ferments DIVINITY, SYSTEMATIC, HISTORIC,




ibid. Evidences of the Christian Religion


ibid. The Christian Religion suited to the


ibid. State of Man

Bill of Mortality






The Whole intended to promote the Cause of PIETY and Virtue, and undertaken By a SOCIETY of CLERGYMEN, of the Diocese of LONDON, Who are honoured with Communications for the proper Accomplishment of their Design, from

the CLERGY and others in different Parts of the Kingdom.

Lo N D ON: Printed for the EDITORS ; and Publithed by ALEX. HOGG, No. 16, Paternoster-Row;

by whon Letters to the EDITORS, Post paid, are received,



Christian Barber of Barbican appears to be very converfant with the terms of his own

art, but to render his important communications acceptable, it is necessary, in fature, that he should pay a little respect to the rules of grammar.

Granville will excuse our not inserting his letter. The Editors of this Magazine are better pleased with sense than found; and imagine their readers are not quite se credulous, as to be captivated with the unmeaning cant of enthusiasm.

Pacificus might oblige us much more essentially than by offering a piece, which of itself would make a fixpenny pamphlet. We cannot by any means insert it on account of its length. The fame answer we are obliged to give Americanus, for his laborious endeavour to affist our work,

A Lover of Truth has in vain thrown down his gauntlet, in behalf of Dr. Priestly; we Shall not accept the challenge ; because we really intend to pursue the paths that lead to peace; apprehending the words of our Lord and Master" Ye know not what fpirit ye, are of—are, in general, too applicable to all religious disputants."

Admonitor's Essay on Christian Perseverance. Mr. Weddred's Paraphrafe. Adolescens ex Univ. Oxon. E. Coll.-A Copy of the Bishop of Rochester's Letter from Eusebius.-W.M. in answer to A Spinfer, “ Whether there be Ordination in Marriage."--A Translation of the Latin Verses in our last Number, by J. Sk-n, thall, if poffible, have a place in the next month's Magazine.

The only reason for postponing the Poem on the Covenant of Grace by J. C. is its extraordinary length. It is our earneft inclination to gratify this and other friendly correspondents, from whom we have received a variety of pieces, and have not had it in our power hitherto to find room for their infertion. We beg leave to pay our respects to these kind contributors, and to assure them, we are not conscious, that any thing is wanting on our parts to oblige them, and to deserve their valued esteem.

Commentarius ; Diftor; Edward S-ch; Miranda ; C. H.; Calvin; Anti-nomos; Dupin ; 3. Barclay; a Friend; Chriffi Amator; Episcopus; R. B-kr of York; W. M; One of many; and other favours, are come to hand, and shall have due attention paid to them. It is with great pleasure we acknowledge having received some kind hints from A conftant Reader, of which we fall endeavour to make a proper use.

The vision of Somniculus is not deftitute of merit, but it is not fufficiently finished. It is necessary that compositions of this kind be more than prettily written, and we think our correspondents themselves would blame us for inferting in the Christian's Magazinc what would neither redound to their own, nos to our credit.

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The Right Rev?D? CHARLES Moss,

LORD BISHOP of BATH and WELLS e Accurately Drawn 3Engraved from an original Painting in the

Vestry of I' fames Mastminster

Published by Alex? Hogg No 16 Paternoster Row, Sep." 1.1985 .

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