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With wonder and with rapture heard th



And gladly tun'd the golden harps they use. The heav'nly courts with loud hoianna's

rung, Redeeming G:ace, and cov'nan Love was

iungi O could I learn their ardor, catch the flame, O could I praise with ecfiaty the fare, My grov'ling verse would take a higher

fight, And grateful love enliven what I write..

J. O.

Try then repentance, try what it can do i What can it not, when 'tis fincere and true? But, ah! what signifies the weak inteni, When one can't pray, and therefore can't

repent; Teach me, ye angels! in what form to pray! Afist me whilft I make beft effay! The Lord is merciful, and, who can tell, Tho' bad my case, but all may yet be well ? Kneel, 1tubborn knees, to your Creator keneet, Bend, bend proud heart, tho' hard as tem

per'd tteel, Thro' grace, thoa mayft become as soft and

mild As the lithe firews of a new-born child: Thy faults are patt, and tho' of fearlet grain, Uriho' like crimfon of a deeper ftain, Mercy can make thee, as the liły, white, Or bleach thee far beyond the blaze of light.

My words alone, I fear it, upwards go, Whilst my affections still remain below; Thy pray’rs, my foul! can ne'er ascend Unless thy thoughts mount with thy words on high!


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the sky,


HE spacious firmament on high,

With all the blue ethereal sky, And fpangled heavens, a thining frame, Their great Original proclaim : Th' unwearied lun, from day to day, Does his Creator's power display; And publishes to ev'ry land The work of an Almighty hand Soon as the evening ihades prevail, The moon takes up the wond'rous tale, And nightly, to the litt’ning earth, Repeats the Atory of her birth : Whilit all the itars that round her burn, And all the planets in their turn, Confirm the tidings as they roll, And spread the truth from pole to pole. What though, in folemn filence, all' Move round the dark terreftrial ball; What tho' nor real voice, nor found Amid their radiant orbs be found ! In realon's ear they all rejnice, And utter forth a glorious voice, For ever singing as they thine, “ The hand that made us is divine."


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F, from yon realms of deathlefs day,

o maid of birth divine !
High heav'n thould fend a chearing ray,

To gild an hour of mine,
Let reafon, fresh as early morn,

O'er ev'ry act prefide ;
And always view with honest scorn

The smallest gust of pride.
When peace the midnight moment brings,

In all her rofes dreft,
Let fancy paint what countlefs ftings

May goad ihe virtuous brealt.
Or while the glitt'ring dome, on high,

It's colly beams Mall thed,
Ştill find a sympathifing figh,

To screen the houfetefs head.
Where pamper'd pow'r hall e'er oppress,

Infruct me to defend ;
Nor ever let a thread-bare drefs

Conceal a worthy friend.
In plenty while my board is dress'd

With fenfe direct the toast;
And make him still the chiefcit guest,

Who wants a welcome moft.
Where virtue feels a ruffian's stroke,

At once take up the rod;
And always spurn the horrid joke,

That darts itself at God,
Thua life's light bark thall smoothly skim

One constant fea of bliss;
And brighter worlds be mark'd for him
Who made fuch use of this,

C HR 0

H what a wretch, a finful wretciu am I,

Not fit to live, yet unprepar'd to die! What has my life thro'all it's stages been, But one vast chain of long continu'd fin, Where link on link fuccessively depends, So that the dire deluíon never ends.

O dismal state! O bosom black and foul ! o fin-polluted, quilt-entangled soul, The more it strives, and struggles to be free, The more, O vice, is it attach'd to thee! So when a black-bird, or breaft-fpeckled

thrush, Is taken by the lime anointed bush, The more he flurters and attempts to foar, His wings unto his sides adhere the more ; No inore he cuts the air, or mounts the skies, Fix'd to the spray the helpless captive dies.





Naples, Nov. 18. 70 circumftantial and, authentic ac

count hath yet appeared of the misfortunes which Calabria and Meflina ex: perienced in Febroary lait. According to the most certain advices, the number of the dead amounts to about 400,000. Providence seems to be disposed to make thofe countries amends by an abundant produce; that of filks has been excellent, and that of oils promises to be very plentiful; these are their principal products.

Madrid, Dec. 5. We learn from the vilJagé l'Alduludia, near Almeria, fin the kingdom of Murcia), that a disastrous accident happened there on the 29th of October : part of the mountain which commands that village (named the inountain of the Moors), opened in two places, and tumbled down with a terrible noise, burying in its fall 27 houfos, in which fix men and women, and fix children were killed.

His majetty has ordered all the prisoners. in the kingdom (except those for high treafon) to be set at liberty, on account of the birth of the twin princes, of which the princess of Afturias was lately delivered.

Copenhagen, Dec. 6. The matter of a Dutch thip, a native of Iceland, and named Johan Engemundson, has deposed, that pafling under Greenland, he discovered a new island, from which a thick smoke iflued out by day, which by night became a flame, and enlightened the surface of the sea a great way ; he added, that part of his fails were burn: by the sparks which ifsued from that island, and which were driven to a great distance.

Cambray, Dec. 9. This morning, about four o'clock, a loud noise was heard like the going off of several pieces of cannon as.quick as possible; all the inhabitants were much alarmed at it, and more fo on a fimilar noise, but not so loud, being again heard about a quarter of an hour after. We do not know whether this noise was occafioned by any violent explosion, or by a shock of an earthquake : some chimvies were thrown down by it, large pieces of stone fell from many of the public buildings, and all the musquets in the guard-rooms were thrown down. The same noise was 'heard in niany of the neighbouring villages.

Elbing; Dec. 1o. It is no longer doubted, that the king of Prussia hath accepted the mediation of the empress of Russia relative to the affair of Dantzick. This news hath happily prevented rigorous proceedings on both sides.

Vienna, Dec, 11. Orders have been sent to Byda, to furnith the apartments of the pa

Jace (there, the Emperor having resolved to pass the greatest part of next tuminer: there ; our Chanceries remain here, but the ministers and amballadors will follow his Majesty thither.

Some difeases having broke out among the Imperial troops stationed on the frontiers of Turkey, they have received orders to go to their quarters. This will probably be the close of this campaign. It is much to be feared that the next will not be lo tranquil. GAZETTE INTELLIGENCE.

St. James's, December 26.
THI$ day the right Hon. James Gren-

ville was, by his majetty's.command, sworn of his majesty's molt hon. privy council, and took his place at the board ac cordingly.

St. James's, Dec. 26. This day his grace the duke of Dorfet had the honour to kiss the king's hand, on being appointed his majesty's ambasador extraordinary and pleni. potentiary to the Moft Chriftian King.

And Daniel Hailes, Esq. had, at the same time, the honour to kiss the king's hand, on being appointed his majesty's secretary of embally to the Most Christian King.

The king has been pleased to appoint his grace the duke of Chandos, to be lord stew. ard of his majesty's houthold.

The kipg has also been pleafed to appoint the earl of Salisbury to be lord chamberlain of his majesty's houthold.

Allo to appoint Lloyd Kenyon, Esq. one of his majesty's counsel, to be his attorney general ; and Richard Pepper Arden, Efa. also one of his majesty's counsel, to be his solicitor general.

Whitehall, Dec. 27. The king has been / pleased to constitute and appoint the riglie Hon. William Pitt, John Buller, senior, Esq. James Graham Etq. (commonly called marquis of Grahain) Edward James Eliot, and John Aubrey, Efærs. to be commissionors for executing the office of treasurer of his majesty's exchequer!

The king has been pleased to grant to the right hon. William Pitt, the offices of chané cellor and under-treasurer of his majetty's exchcquer.

Also to grant to his grace the duke of Richmond the office of master-general of his majesty's ordnance.

To Gibbs Crawford, Efq. the office of clerk of his majesty's ordnance.

To John Aldridge, Efq. the office of keeper of his majesty's ordnance.

And to Thomas Baillie, Esq. the office of clerk of the deliveries of his majesty's ord.

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royal highness Mademoiselle, daughter of his royal highness the count d'Artois.

[This Gazette contains a further enlarge.' ment of the term of the proclamation, 'relåtive to our trade with the American ftat:s, to the 20th of next April.]

Whitehall, Dec. 30. The king has been pleased to grant to Thomas Pitt, Esq. and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, the dignity of a baron of the kingdom of Great-Britain, by the name, itile, and title of lord Cameltord, baron of Boconnoc, in the county of Cornwall.

The king has been pleased to constitute and appoint the Right Hon. Richard viscount Howe, Charles Brett, John Jeffe. ries Pratt, and John Leveson Gower, Lfqr's, Henry Bathurst, Esq. (conuinonly called lord Aptley,) Charles George Percival, and James Modyford Heywood, Efqrs. to be his majesty's commissioners for executing the office of lord high admiral of the kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the dominions, iflands, and territories thereunto respectively belonging.

The king has been pleased to grant to the Right Hon. William Wyndham Grenville, the office of receiver and pay-master-general of his majesty's guards, garrisons, and land forces.

Also to grant to the Right Honourable Henry Dundas, the office of treasurer of his majesty's navy.

And to William Smith, Esq. the office of treasurer and pay-inaster of his majesty's ordnance.

Constantinople, Nov. 25. The plague diminithes dajly, and its effects are so much

abated as to be hardly perceptible. DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES.

Lord Clarendon, who is again restored to the high office of chancellor of the dutchy of Lancalter, received the appointment without the smalleit application upon his part. His lordihip, we are happy to hear, like his iminediate predecefior lord Derby, takes the office without any of the great emoluments heretofore annexed to the appointment. Extract of a letter from Edinburgh, Dec. 25.

“ Yesterday we had another general meeting of Citizens in St. Mary's Chapel, about the proposed application to Parliament for a reformation of the present contracted and arbitrary systems of election in the Burghs. Themeeting took under confideration a report of progress by their committee, and unani. mously approved of it. The 25th of March next is now fixed for the convention of delegates from the different Burghs. The committee are determined to push on this butia ness with rigour, and have printed and circulared, gratis, a great number of pamphlets on the subject of reformation. They are well !upportca by the burgelies of the difa

ferent Burghs, who are exceedingly eager for a change of systems, Indeed, a consummation of the present system is devoutly to be withed for; such a mass of absurdity, oligarchy, and tyranny, is disgraceful to a free country."

Lerters by the last mail from New York assure us, that the affection formerly shewn to this country by America is daily reviving, and that the trench interest loses ground every hour. In the commercial line, Great Britain has every where the preference.

His majefty's floop Oreftes, commanded by Capt. Ellis, has had the good fortune to fall in with, and capture a very capital smuggling cutter. The Orestes was lying at Weymouth a few hours before, repair ing her rigging, which was not quite compleated, when Capt. Ellis gave orders to weigh and put to fea; his object was to craize for two smugglers who had escaped him in a fog a few days before. On the smuggling cutter above-mentioned appearing in light, they gave chase to her, when the set all the sail ihe could possibly go under. The Orestes, however, came up with her at five in the evening, and fired a thot at her, after which a running action commen. ced that continued for three hours, wheythe smuggler ftruck her colours. Capt. Ellis fent an officer on board to take poffeffion of her, and carried her immediately into Yarmouth port, on the western coast of the 11le of Wight, and the next morning brought her to Spithead. The above cutter had several men wounded in the action, many of whom have since died. She did not it rike, till her canvas and rigging were entirely rendered useless by the fire of the Orestes. She is said to be the finest seaboat that has been taken fince the war, being near 300 tons burthen. She mounts 22 fix pounders. Her cargo confifts of teas, brandy, folks, and lace, and is estimated at upwards of thirty thousand pounds.

Letters from the north, and various parts of the kingdom, bring melancholy accounts of the distrelles and dainages done by the late very severe weather and the sudden thaw, many bridges have been broken down, much cattle loft by inundations, and many lives lost by accidents, &c. particularly in the Isle of Ely, where the inhabitants of the fens have suffered beyond description.

The number of common beggars which infest the streets at this season of the year, seem greatly increased, notwithstanding the prodigious fums annually applied to the support of the poor. In Holland, the distressed part of the inhabitants have no resource but in their own labour, and yet there are no beggars in their streets.

Upwards of thirty lottery-otfice-keepers have been convicted within the last fortnight, upon the facute against insuring; many of


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them have paid the penalty of fisty pounds, and a few have been committed for fix months to hard labour. i On.Thursday the 18th inftant, a fire broke out in the dwelling-house of Mr. Thomas Oates, of Sheffield, which burnt with such dreadful rapidity-chat Mr. Oates and an apprentice boy were consumed in the flames, and all the effects and the inside of the house: Mrs. Oates, three fons, and two servant maids, escaped with great difficulty. This accident was occafioned by leaving a winter edge of cloachs too near the kitchen fire.

Norwich, Dec. 26. On Friday the 19th inst, the right Hon. Charles Townthend was attacked near Copped-hall, in Efex, by a fingle highwayman, who presented a pistol, and demanded his money ; Mr. Townthend gave him three or four guineas ; but the fellow inGfted upon his purse, which he de. livered, containing about fifteen guineas, and a rol, bank note, and the highwayman immediately rode off.

On Christmas-day the house of Mr. Scott, ftay-maker, of Salisbury-square, Fleet-street, as well as that of Mrs. Baker, of the same neighbourhood, were broke open and robbed to a confiderable amount. The villains were obferved to knock at the above doors, by which they found the families were out. It appears by the doors they used a kind of jack, by which they can force open the Atrongest door without


noise, On the 31st, early in the morning the house of Philip Martin, Esq. near Epping, was broke open by four villains, three of whom entered the apartments, while the other stood centry at the door. Their faces were all blacked; they were well armed, and after behaving in a very inhuman manner to the servants, carried off plate and other valuable articles to a very considerable

The next day William West was examined before Sir Sampson Wright, touching the above robbery, and committed to New Prison for further exainination.

The detection of the above West was occafioned by a very remarkable circumstance. He had on Saturday last paid half a guinea for the lodgings of a girl in Marybone, with whom he cohabited, and took a * receipt of her landlord for the sum, which memorandum being found in Mr. Martin's house, after the villains had committed their depredations, was transmitted to Bow. ftreet, and in a few hours, by the sagacity of Mr. Bond, the offender who refuses to discover his accomplices, was apprehended.

A few days ago two men were apprehended at Newcastle, charged with stealing a pair of faddle bags from an inn at Newcastle-under-line, containing 100l. in calb, 7col. in bank notes, and some wearing apParel.

A daring robbery was committed on Sunday at a house on Saffron-hill by three fele: lows, who came to enquire after a fi&itious name, and getting admittance into the house robbed the whole family, and stripped the house of every thing valuable. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

The Rev. Samuel Raymond, B. L. to hold by dispensation the rectory of Middleton, with the vicarage of Bulmer and Bela champ annexed in the county of Effex and diocese of London.

The Rev. St. John Priest to the rectory of West Barsham in Norfolk,

The Rev. Thomas Decker to the rectory of Wattisfield in Norfolk.

В І я тн.
The right Hon. Lady Kinnaird of a song
in Grosvenor-street.

At Dublin, lord viscount Valentia, to Miss
Cavendish, daughter of the right Hon. Sie
Henry Cavendish, Bart.

Capt. Conyers, of his majesty's marines, to Miss Sufanna Scott, of Painswick in Gloucestershire.

Thomas Milbourn, Esq. of Shappenhanger, Berks, to Miss Thistlethwayte of South Audley-ftreet.

Capt. William Chambers, of the royal nany, to Miss Mead, eldest daughter of capt. Mead, of the royal navy.

John Bond, of Hainpstead, Efq. to Miss Ratcliffe, daughter of the late Charles Rate cliffe, of York, Esq.

Peter Wright, Esq. of Greville-street, to Miss Colville of Parliament-street.

* D E A T H S. Charles Rogers, Esq. fellow of the royal and antiquarian societies.

At Bath, Mr. John Heffe, of the cominiffary's office.

Mr. Chorley, many years master of the Ram-inn, Smithfield.

Dan. Wray, Esq. in the 82d year of his age: he was many years deputy-teller of the exchequer under the earl of Hardwicke.

George Hart, Esq. of Newington Butts.

Mr. Young, aflittant surgeon to St. Bartholomew's hospital.

Peter Grant, formerly of Coleman-ftreet,

in the city of London, and late of the
itland of Jainaica, in the West-Indies,
but now of the Inner Temple, London,

Daniel Stephens, of the city of Bristol,

Patrick Hansbrow, or Martin's-lane, Can-

ron-street, London, inerchant, (carrying
on trade by the names and firm of Edmon-

fon and Hanibrow.)
Henry Cook ihe younger, of Waltham Holy
Cross, Eflex, patent sponge-maker
TE 2





Deaths 55, 95, 143, 191, 2399,2017 282




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- Directions, for his daily Practice
Adminiftration of Julice among the Jews,


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Antiquities, Christian, Jewish, and Roman

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Cochiu al, of ibat Plant


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262, 301


235, 283

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