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And there arose not a prophet in Israel like unto Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face. But is not he of whom he prophesied to whom we are to hearken, who is our Great Mediator which is in the bosom of the Father! (y) a Prophet mighty in deed and word! whose yoke we must bear, if we wish for rest to our souls; for he is faithful that hath promised, and fully will he perform his promise.

Whatever our condition may be; whether high or low, at home or abroad, in society or solitude, followed or neglected, may this be our monitor, this our guide, this our refuge-“the love of God shed abroad in our hearts;"_“the fear of the Almighty is the beginning of wisdom;"“the peace of God passeth all understanding.” However easy, gentle, complying in other respects, where our religious principles, where the testimony of a good conscience, where our duty to our Creator are

(y) John, 1. 18.

concerned; be stedfast and immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord! Thus will youth be guarded, and beauty adorned; thus will society be sweetened, and solitude cheered; thus will prosperity be sanctified, and adversity soothed; thus will life, even to old age and decay, be rendered useful and respectable ; and thus will death and the grave be stripped of all their terrors.

May we then forget those things which are behind, and reach forth unto those things that are before; resolving in our own minds, by the power of the great I AM, to follow Joshua, (i. e.) Jesus, through Jordan or the baptism of sufferings, until we attain the true rest: for the time of our warfare is short; the time of our victory is sure; and the time of our triumph will be everlasting; if we walk in the light as he is in the light, and have fellowship one with another; loving and beloved of the Lord! However distressed or dispersed, if

we are the children of the Most High, our new name and our new nature will be one, and our centre will be one, and this centre is love; where high and low, rich and poor, meet in blessed unity.

Blessed! for vo foe can enter,

And no friend departeth thence,
Jesus is their sun, their centre,

And their shield Omnipotence:
Blessed!' for the Lamb shall lead them,

All their tears shall wipe away,
To the living fountains guide them,

Till fruition's perfect day.
Lo! it comes ; that day of wonder,

Louder chorals shake the skies;
The gates of death are burst asunder,

See the new-clothed myriads rise;
Thoughts repress the weak endeavour,

Here must reason prostrate fall!
Oh! the ineffable “ For ever,"
Aud the eternal “ All in All."

J. Conder.

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