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described, and were at Sydney when the teacher's note arrived,

“ To Williamer woman, and Williamer girl.” I am Daniela who loves you two. May you both be blessed, and live through our God, Jehovah!

“ This is the word concerning the work of God in New Caledonia. The king is reading, and also the people. The sacred day (the Sabbath) is a resting day. Great is the growth of the word of God! It is growing truly in New Caledonia ! This is the end of my speech to you two rese pecting the land of New Caledonia.

“ May you two be blessed by Jehovah. May we also be saved through him."

Thus God is answering the prayers of his sainted servant, and thus will he ever fulfil the desire of those who fear him.

“ This shall be known, when we are dead,

And left on long record ;
That ages yet unborn may read,

And trust, and praise the Lord.”


The subject of education, under whatever aspect we contemplate it, is one of great importance, and ought to be one of great interest. This is true in reference to education in general, and especially true in reference to the education of the young. The prospects of society are bound up in them. It is to be regretted, however, that education is so frequently tbought of as relating exclusively to the young, and that even with respect to them it is by many but very indifferently attended to. Why is this?_Where rests the blame? We have many schools, and compared with ages which are passed, ours may perhaps be termed, emphatically, the age of education.

One great fault has attached to our public schools, an almost entire absence of religious instruction. Matters are mending; but with the exceptions of Sabbath-schools, even now, there are none, perhaps, to be found, where religious instruction is the only, or the primary business, and where everything is made subservient to the salvation of the soul. To say the least, Sabbath-schools are pre-eminent in these, particulars. We do not speak of every individual school, when we say that there are perhaps none, except Sabbathschools, in which religion is made the chief concern; there may be exceptions; we speak of schools in general. Neither do we speak of every individual Sabbath-school, when we say that the design of them is the salvation of the soul; here also there may be exceptions; nor do we refer to the design of Sabbath-schools at the time of their establishment; but we speak of Sabbath-schools in general, and of their professed and accredited design at the present period of their history.

As it is our intention to give the subject of Sabbath-schools a place in the pages of the Remembrancer, it may be well, having said thus much as introduction, to lay down some kind of plan for our future guidance. This is due to our readers, and especially to those of them who are connected with Sabbath schools, and we hope there are many such. and that they will increase, till every teacher in the county ranks amongst them. It is to them we devote this part of our Miscellany. Our plan will be something like the fol. lowing; having pointed out the design of Sabbath-schools, which we have already done to some extent, and shall still further do, in the present paper, we shall speak of the Instrumentality which Sabbath-schools employ to effect their design; the Qualifications of Sabbath-school Teachers; the Obligations and Responsibilities of Sabbath-school Teachers; the Encouragements and Discouragements of Sabbath-school Teachers; the Advantages of Sabbath-schools; Instances of the Success of Sabbath-schools. Under this latter division we shall have scope and opportunity for introducing some interesting facts which we have in reserve for this purpose.

We have now to speak somewhat more at length of the design of Sabbath-schools. It is, as we have already remarked, the salvation of the soul; and we do not mean the salvation of one soul, or of a few souls, or of many souls, but the salvation of the souls of all who attend our Sabbath-schools. What the design of the house of God is, and of the ordinances of his house, and of his ministers, that is the design of the Sabbath-school, and of the engagements of the Sabbathschool, and of Sabbath-school teachers. Whenever a child is admitted, the teacher ought to stir up his own, or her own mind, to a lively sense of this, and endeavour, as soon as possible, to impress it upon the mind of the pupil. “I am come here to try to save souls," should be the language of the teacher in the Sabbath-school. “ I am come here to seek

the salvation of my soul,” should be the language of the scholar. The Sabbath-school, or the Sabbath-school teacher, that stops short of this; that aims at any thing less than leading the soul to the cross, that an interest may be obtained in the Saviour, does not answer the purpose.

Thus viewed, how important, how noble, how glorious, do Sabbath-schools appear! With what interest and affection ought they to be regarded! How great, how heavenly the design! How honourable, how delightful the work! Talk of sublimity! this is the true sublime. Talk of benevolence ! this is the true philanthropy, to lead to Christ, that he might lead to heaven. Sabbath-school teachers! be proud of your position, rejoice in your employment; they are truly dignified; more so than those of senators and statesmen ; they legislate for earth, for time; you legislate for heaven, for eternity. They are considered wise; “he that winneth souls is wise." Were angels to come from heaven to earth, and seek a station of honour and a work of pleasure, would they ask their office ? No; but next to the preaching of the gospel, they would ask yours. The book of divine, would be preferred to a book of human, statutes ; the society of the righteous, to the society of the noble; the form in the Sabbath-school, to a seat in St. James's ; the conversion of one soul, to the swaying of a sceptre, or the governing of a world. Sabbath-school teachers ! what angels would do if they could, you can do if you will. It is your business to do it.

O Thou who art the first and last,
With whom the present and the past,

And future are the same ;
Our hearts and voices now prepare
For sacred praise and solemn prayer,

To call upon thy name..
We praise thee that thou dost unfold,
In calm succession to the old,

The new, the infant year ;

That still the means of grace abound,
And gospel blessings still are found,

To comfort and to cheer.

We pray that thou wilt be our guide,
And over all the year preside,

And bring us to its close;
That, as its weeks and months roll by,
Thy hands may all our wants supply,

And guard us from our foes.

And since it is by thee we live,
To us thy Holy Spirit give,

That we may live for thee:
That all we think, and say, and do,
One end alone may have in view,

And that thy glory be.

E. F. H.

en * The Communications from Chelmsford and Dunmow, will be inserted in a future number.


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“ Never man,” said the officers sent to apprehend our Saviour, “spake like this man.” No prophet of the former dispensation ever delivered sentiments so important in their nature, and of such universal interest. No one before spake in a manner so solemn, so dignified, with such autho

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