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3 All praise and thanks to God
The Father, now be given,
The Son, and Him who reigns
With Them in highest heaven;
The One eternal God,
Whom earth and heaven adore;
For thus it was, is now,
And shall be evermore

Catherine Winkworth. 1858. a.
Tr. Martin Rinckart. 1636.

9 - 7s.
Holy, holy, holy Lord!
Be Thy glorious Name adored.
Lord, Thy mercies never fail:
Hail, celestial Goodness, hail!

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2 Though unworthy, Lord, Thine ear,
Deign our humble songs to hear.
Purer praise we hope to bring,
When around Thy throne we sing.


There no tongue shall silent be;
All shall join in harmony;
That through heaven's capacious round
Praise to Thee may ever sound.

4 Lord, Thy mercies never fail:
Hail, celestial Goodness, hail!
Holy, holy, holy Lord!
Be Thy glorious Name adored.

Unknown. 1778. a.

10 7's. 1 SoNgs of praise the angels sang, Heaven with hallelujahs rang, When Jehovah's work begun, When He spake, and it was done.

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Songs of praise awoke the morn,
When the Prince of Peace was born;
Songs of praise arose, when He
Captive led captivity.

Heaven and earth must pass away;
Songs of praise shall crown that day:
God will make new heavens and earth;
Songs of praise shall hail their birth.

And shall man alone be dumb,
Till that glorious kingdom come 2
No ;—the Church delights to raise
Psalms, and hymns, and songs of praise.

Saints below, with heart and voice,
Still in songs of praise rejoice;
Learning here, by faith and love,
Songs of praise to sing above.

Borne upon their latest breath,
Songs of praise shall conquer death;
Then, amidst eternal joy,
Songs of praise their powers employ.
James Montgomery. 1825.

8, 7.

MIGHTY God, while angels bless Thee,
May a mortal lisp Thy Name?

Lord of men, as well as angels,
Thou art every creature's theme.

Lord of every land and nation,
Ancient of eternal days
Sounded through the wide creation
Be Thy just and lawful praise.
For the grandeur of Thy nature,
Grand beyond a seraph's thought;
For created works of power,
Works with skill and kindness wrought:

4 For Thy Providence, that governs
Through Thine empire's wide domain;
Wings an angel, guides a sparrow:
Blessed be Thy gentle reign.

5 But Thy rich, Thy free Redemption,
Dark through brightness all along;
Thought is poor, and poor expression:
Who dare sing that awful song !

6 From the highest throne in glory
To the Cross of deepest woe:
All to ransom guilty captives!
Flow, my praise, forever flow.

Robert Robinson. 1778.

12 C. M. 1 What shall I render to my God For all His gifts to me? Sing, heaven and earth, rejoice and praise His glorious majesty.

2 0 let me praise Thee while I live,
And praise Thee when I die,
And praise Thee when I rise again,
And to eternity.

3 Mysterious depths of endless love,
Our admiration raise:
My God, Thy Name exalted is
Far above all our praise.
John Mason. 1683.

13 C. M. 1 WHILE Thee I seek, protecting Power Be my vain wishes stilled; And may this consecrated hour With better hopes be filled.

2 Thy Love the powers of thought bestowed;
To Thee my thoughts would soar.
Thy mercy o'er my life has flowed:
That mercy I adore.

3 In each event of life, how clear
Thy ruling Hand I see
Each blessing to my soul more dear,
Because conferred by Thee.

4 In every joy that crowns my days,
In every pain I bear,
My heart shall find delight in praise,
Or seek relief in prayer.

5 When gladness wings my favoured hour,
Thy Love my thoughts shall fill:
Resigned, when storms of sorrow lower,
My soul shall meet Thy will.

6 My lifted eye, without a tear,
The lowering storm shall see;
My steadfast heart shall know no fear:
That heart shall rest on Thee!
Helen Maria Williams. 1788.

14 C. M. 1 WHEN all Thy mercies, 0 my God, My rising soul surveys, Transported with the view, I'm lost In wonder, love, and praise.

2 Ten thousand thousand precious gifts
My daily thanks employ;
Nor is the least a cheerful heart
That tastes those gifts with joy.
3 Through every period of my life
Thy goodness I’ll pursue;
And, after death, in distant worlds,
The glorious theme renew.

4. When nature fails, and day and night Divide Thy works no more, My ever grateful heart, O Lord, Thy mercy shall adore. 5 Through all eternity to Thee A joyful song I’ll raise: But oh! eternity’s too short To utter all Thy praise. Joseph Addison. 1728. 15 L. M. 1 Awake, my soul, in joyful lays, And sing thy great Redeemer's praise; He justly claims a song from me, His Loving-kindness, 0 how free!

2 He saw me ruined in the fall,
Yet loved me notwithstanding all;
He saved me from my lost estate,
His Loving-kindness, 0 how great!

3 Though numerous hosts of mighty foes,
Though earth and hell my way oppose,
He safely leads my soul along,
His Loving-kindness, 0 how strong!

4. When trouble, like a gloomy cloud, Has gathered thick and thundered loud, He near my soul has always stood, His Loving-kindness, 0 how good! 5 Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale, Soon all my mortal powers must fail; 0 may my last expiring breath His Loving-kindness sing in death ! Samuel Medley. 1787. 16 7s. 1 Glory be to God on high, God, whose glory fills the sky: Peace on earth to man forgiven, Man, the well-beloved of Heaven.

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