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6 Lead me to Christ, the living Way, Nor let me from His pastures stray. Lead me to heaven, the seat of bliss, Where pleasure in perfection is. - Simon Browne. 1720. a.

249 7's. 1 GRAcious Spirit, Dove divine! Let Thy light within me shine; All my guilty fears remove, Fill me with Thy heavenly love.

2 Speak Thy pardoning grace to me,
Set the burdened sinner free;
Lead me to the Lamb of God,
Wash me in His precious Blood.

3. Life and peace to me impart;
Seal salvation on my heart;
Breathe Thyself into my breast,
Earnest of immortal rest.

4 Let me never from Thee stray, Keep me in the narrow way: Fill my soul with joy divine, Keep me, Lord, for ever Thine. John Stocker. 1806. a. 250 78. 1 Holy Ghost, with light divine, Shine upon this heart of mine! Chase the shades of night away, Turn the darkness into day.

3 Let me see my Savior's face,
Let me all His beauties trace;
Show those glorious truths to me,
Which are only known to Thee.
3 Holy Ghost, with power divine,
Cleanse this guilty heart of mine:
In Thy mercy pity me,
From sin’s bondage set me free.

3. Thee, holy Father, we confess:
Thee, holy Son, adore;
And Thee, the Holy Ghost, we bless,
And worship evermore.

4 Hail! holy, holy, holy Lord,
Our heavenly song shall be;
Supreme, essential One, adored
n co-eternal Three
C. Wesley. 1767. a.

25.4 C. M. 1 WITH joy our voices we unite, And lift our hearts above, To God, the God of power and might, To God, whose name is Love.

2 To Him, who us, and earth, and skies,
With all their armies made,
From us, from all, let anthems rise,
To God the Father paid.

3 To Him, whose Death for all mankind,
, For us, redemption won,
By us, by all, be songs combined,
In praise to God the Son.
4 To Him, who us and all His fold
With sanctity arrays,
To God, from all His saints enrolled,
The Holy Ghost, be praise.
To God, whose Name His Word reveals,
Whom all His saints confess,
Whose grace His faithful promise seals,
To save, to cleanse, to bless:

To God, from whom all blessings flow,
Eternal One in Three,
From all his saints, above, below,
Eternal glory bel
Richard Mant. 1837... a.

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25.5 - S. M. 1 FATHER, in whom we live, In whom we are and move, The glory, power, and praise receive Of Thy creating Love.

2 Incarnate Deity,
Let all the ransomed race
Render in thanks their lives to Thee,
For Thy redeeming grace.

3 Spirit of holiness,
Let all Thy saints adore

Thy sacred energy, and bless
Thy heart-renewing power.

4 Eternal triune Lord,
Let all the hosts above,
Let all the sons of men, record,
And dwell upon Thy Love.

C. Wesley. 1746.

256 6, 4. 1 CoME, Thou almighty King,

Help us Thy Name to sing,
Help us to praisel

Father all glorious,

O'er all victorious,

Come and reign over us,
Ancient of days.

2 Jesus, our Lord, descend;
From all our foes defend,
Nor let us fall;
Let Thine almighty aid
Our sure defence be made;
Our souls on Thee be stayed;
Lord, hear our call!

3 Come, Thou incarnate Word,
Gird on Thy mighty sword,
Our prayer attend :
Come, and Thy people bless,
And give Thy Word success;
Spirit of holiness,
On us descend.

4 Come, holy Comforter,
Thy sacred witness bear
In this glad hour:
Thou who almighty art,
Now rule in every heart,
And ne'er from us depart,
Spirit of power!
5 To the great One in Three
Eternal praises be,
Hence, evermore
His sovereign Majesty
May we in glory see,
And to eternity
Love and adore.
C. Wesley. 1757. a.

257 L. M.

1 FATHER of heaven! whose Love profound A ransom for our souls hath found, Before Thy throne we sinners bend: To us Thy pardoning Love extend. - ightv Son 1 incarna, **śāśwaters, Springing from eternal love, Well supply thy sons and daughters, And all fear of want remove. . Who can faint while such a river Ever flows their thirst to assuage? Grace which, like the Lord, the Giver, Never fails from age to age.

4 Jehovah! Father, Spirit, Son!

Mysterious Godhead : Three in One !

Before Thy throne we sinners bend:

Grace, pardon, life, to us extend 1
Thomas Cotterill. 1827.


258 PSALM 118. C. M.

1 BEHold the sure Foundation Stone

Which God in Zion lays,
To build our heavenly hopes upon,
And His eternal praise.

2 Chosen of God, to sinners dear,

And saints adore the Name;
They trust their whole salvation here,
Nor shall they suffer shame.

3 The foolish builders, scribe and priest,

Reject it with disdain;
Yet on this Rock the Church shall rest,
And envy rage in vain.

4. What though the gates of hell withstood,

Yet must this Building rise:
'Tis Thine own work, almighty God,
And wondrous in our eyes.
Watts. 1719.

2 Jesus, our Lord, descend;
From all our foes defend,
Nor let us fall;
Let Thine almighty aid
Our sure defence be made;
Our souls on Thee be stayed;
Lord, hear our call!

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