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For all Thy saints, to memory dear,
Departed in Thy faith and fear,
We bless Thy holy Name.

2. By the same grace upheld, may we
So follow those who followed Thee,
As with them to partake
The free reward of heavenly bliss.
Merciful Father grant us this,
For our Redeemer's sake.

Josiah Conder. 1836.

282 S. M. 1 For all Thy saints, O Lord, Who strove in Thee to live, . - Who followed Thee, obeyed, adored, Our grateful hymn receive.

2 For all Thy saints, 0 Lord,
Accept our thankful cry,
Who counted Thee their great reward,
And strove in Thee to die.

3 They all, in life or death,
With Thee, their Lord, in view,
Learned from Thy Holy Spirit's breath
To suffer and to do.

4 For this, Thy Name we bless,
And humbly pray that we
May follow them in holiness,
And live and die in Thee:

5 With them the Father, Son,
And Holy Ghost to praise,
As in the ancient days was done,
And shall through endless days.

Richard Mant. 1837.

283 S. M. 1 How beauteous are their feet, Who stand on Zion’s hill ! Who bring salvation on their tongues, And words of peace reveal.

2 How charming is their voice
How sweet the tidings are

“Zion, behold thy Savior King;
He reigns and triumphs here.”

3 How happy are our ears,
That hear this joyful sound,
Which kings and prophets waited for,
And sought, but never found !

4 How blessed are our eyes,
That see this heavenly light!
Prophets and kings desired it long,
But died without the sight.

5 The watchmen join their voice,
And tuneful notes employ;
Jerusalem breaks forth in songs,
And deserts learn the joy.
6 The Lord makes bare His arm
Through all the earth abroad;
Let all the nations now behold
Their Savior and their God.
Watts. 1709.

284 o C. M. 1 How beautiful upon the hills The preacher's feet appear ! How sweet the voice of peace distils In every open ear! 2 Glad tidings shall the meek receive; The bruised shall mourn no more; The deaf shall hear, the dead shall live, Riches shall bless the poor.

i 3 Thine every messenger, 0 God,
Do we rejoice to see;
And all who teach the Savior's Blood;
For these are dear to Thee.

4 We thank Thee now for sending here
The publishers of peace;
Speak by them, Lord, and everywhere
By them declare Thy grace.

5 So when the harvest-day shall come,
Sowers and reapers too
Shall enter Thy celestial home,
And Thee eternal view.
John Cennick. 1743. a.

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I LoRD of the Church, we humbly pray
For those who guide us in Thy way,
And speak Thy holy Word:
With love divine their hearts inspire,
And touch their lips with hallowed fire,
And needful grace afford.

2 Help them to preach the truth of God, Redemption through the Savior's Blood: Nor let the Spirit cease On all the Church His gifts to shower; To them, a Messenger of power, o To us, of life and peace.

3 So may they live to Thee alone; Then hear the welcome word, “Well done!” And take their crown above: o Enter into their Master's joy, And all eternity employ In praise, and bliss, and love.

Edward Osler. 1836. 286 L. M. 1 Jesus, Thy wandering sheep behold ! See, Lord, with tender pity see Poor souls that cannot find the fold, Till sought and gathered in by Thee.

2 Lost are they now, and scattered wide,
In pain, and weariness, and want:
With no kind Shepherd near to guide
The sick and spiritless and faint.

3 Thou, only Thou, the kind and good, The great redeeming Shepherd art; - Collect Thy flock, and give them food, And pastors after Thine own heart.

4 In every messenger reveal
The grace they preach divinely free;
That each may by Thy Spirit tell,
“He died for all, who died for me.”
5 A double portion from above
Of Thine all-quickening grace impart;
Shed forth Thy universal love
In every faithful pastor's heart.

C. Wesley. 1742. a. 287 S. M.

1 Lord of the harvest, hear
Thy needy servants' cry;

Answer our faith's effectual prayer,
And all our wants supply.

2 On Thee we humbly wait;
Our wants are in Thy view;

The harvest truly, Lord, is great,
The laborers are few.

3 Anoint and send forth more
Into Thy Church abroad,
And let them speak Thy word of power,
As workers with their God.

40 let them spread Thy Name,
Their mission fully prove;
Thy universal grace proclaim,
Thy all-redeeming Love.
C. Wesley. 1742. a.

288 L. M. 6 1.
LoRD of the Gospel harvest, send
More laborers forth into Thy field:
More pastors teach, Thy flock to tend :
More workmen raise, Thy house to build:
His work and place to each assign,
And clothe their word with power divine.
C. Wesley. 1758.

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1 Awake, thou Spirit, who didst fire
The watchmen of the Church's youth,
Who faced the foe's envenomed ire,
Who witnessed day and night Thy truth,
Whose voices loud are ringing still,
And bringing hosts to know Thy will.

2 Lord, let our earnest prayer be heard,
The prayer Thy Son hath bid us pray,
For lo, Thy children's hearts are stirred
In every land in this our day,
To cry with fervent soul to Thee,
0 help us, Lord so let it be

3 0 haste to help, ere we are lost
Send preachers forth, in spirit strong,
Armed with Thy Word, a dauntless host,
Bold to attack the rule of wrong;
Let them the earth for Thee reclaim,
Thy heritage, to know Thy Name.

4 Would there were help within our walls! 0 let Thy Spirit come again,

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