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6 Let every creature rise and bring
Peculiar honors to our King;
Angels descend with songs again,
And earth repeat the loud amen.
Watts. 1719. a.

296 C. M. 1 GREAT God, the nations of the earth Are by creation Thine; And in Thy works, by all beheld, Thy radiant glories shine. 2. But, Lord, Thy greater Love has sent Thy Gospel to mankind, Unveiling what rich stores of grace Are treasured in Thy mind. 3 Lord, when shall these glad tidings spread The spacious earth around, Till every tribe and every soul * Shall hear the joyful sound? . 4 Smile, Lord, on each divine attempt To spread the gospel's rays; And build, on sin’s demolished throne, The temples of Thy }.

homas Gibbons. 1769.

2.97. 8, 7. 1 O’ER those gloomy hills of darkness Look, my soul, be still and gaze: All the promises do travail With a glorious day of grace. Blessed Jubilee, Let thy glorious morning dawn.

2 Let the Indian, let the negro,
Let the rude Barbarian see
That divine and glorious conquest,
Once obtained on Calvary;
Let the Gospel
Wide resound from pole to pole.

3 Kingdoms wide that sit in darkness,
Grant them, Lord, the glorious light,
And from eastern coast to western
May the morning chase the night;
And redemption,
Freely purchased, win the day.

4 May the glorious day approaching,
Thine eternal Love proclaim,
And the everlasting Gospel
Spread abroad Thy holy Name
O'er the borders
Of the great Immanuel's land.

5 Fly abroad, thou mighty Gospel, Win and conquer, never cease; May thy lasting wide dominions Multiply and still increase; - Sway Thy sceptre, Savior, all the world around. William Williams. 1772. a.

298 7, 6.

1 FROM Greenland's icy mountains,

From India's coral strand,

Where Afric's sunny fountains
Roll down their golden sand;

From many an ancient river,
From many a palmy plain,

They call us to deliver
Their land from error’s chain.

2 What though the spicy breezes

Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle;

Though.every prospect pleases,
And only man is vile:

In vain with lavish kindness
The gifts of God are strown:

The heathen, in his blindness,
Bows down to wood and stone. 219

3 Shall we, whose souls are lighted

With wisdom from on high,

Shall we to men benighted
The lamp of life deny?

Salvation, O salvation'
The joyful sound proclaim,

Till each remotest nation
Has learned Messiah’s Name.

4 Waft, waft, ye winds, His story,

And you, ye waters, roll,

Till, like a sea of glory,
It spreads from pole to pole;

Till o'er our ransomed nature
The Lamb for sinners slain,

Redeemer, King, Creator,
In bliss returns to reign.

Reginald Heber. 1820. 299 PSALM 72. 78.

1 HASTEN, Lord, the glorious time,
When, beneath Messiah's sway,
Every nation, every clime,
Shall the gospel call obey.
2 Mightiest kings His power shall own,
Heathen tribes His Name adore;
Satan and his host, o'erthrown,
Bound in chains, shall hurt no more.
3 Then shall war and tumults cease,
Then be banished grief and pain;
Righteousness and joy and peace
Undisturbed shall ever reign.
4 Bless we, then, our gracious Lord,
Ever praise His glorious Name;
All His mighty acts record,
All His wondrous Love proclaim.
Barriet Auber. 1829.

300 L. M. 1 0 SPIRIT of the living God! In all Thy plenitude of grace, Where'er the foot of man hath trod, Descend on our apostate race!

2 Give tongues of fire and hearts of love,
To preach the reconciling Word;
Give power and unction from above,
Where'er the joyful sound is heard.

3 Be darkness, at Thy coming, light;
Confusion, order, in Thy path;
Souls without strength inspire with might;
Bid mercy triumph over wrath.
4 Baptize the nations; far and nigh
The triumphs of the Cross record;
The Name of Jesus glorify,
Till every kindred call Him Lord.

5 God from eternity hath willed,
All flesh shall His salvation see;
So be the Father's Love fulfilled,
The Savior's sufferings crowned through Thee.
James Montgomery. 1825.

301 6, 4.
1 THou, whose almighty word
Chaos and darkness heard,
And took their flight;
Hear us, we humbly pray;
And where the gospel day
Sheds not its glorious ray,
Let there be light!

2 Thou, who didst come to bring,
On Thy redeeming wing,
Healing and sight,
Health to the sick in mind,
Sight to the inly blind,
0, now to all mankind
Let there be light! 221


3 Spirit of truth and love, *
Life-giving, holy Dove,
Speed forth Thy flight; *
Move on the waters’ face,
Bearing the lamp of grace,
And in earth's darkest place
Let there be light!

4 Holy and blessed Three,
Glorious Trinity,
Wisdom, Love, Might!
Boundless as ocean's tide
IRolling in fullest pride,
Through the earth, far and wide,
Let there be light!

John Marriott. 1816.

For the Jews. 7, 6.

1 O THAT the Lord’s salvation
Were out of Zion come,
To heal His ancient nation,
To lead His outcasts home !

2 How long the holy city
Shall heathen feet profane?
Return, O Lord, in pity;
Rebuild her walls again.

3 Let fall Thy rod of terror,
Thy saving grace impart;
Roll back the veil of error,
Release the fettered heart.

4 Let Israel, home returning,
Her lost Messiah see;
Give oil of joy for mourning,
And bind Thy Church to Thee.

Henry Francis Lyte. 1834.

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