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3 This Lamp, through all the tedious night
Of life, shall guide our way,
Till we behold the clearer light
Of an eternal day. John Fawcett. 1782.

311' C. M. 1 FATHER of mercies, in Thy Word What endless glory shines 1 For ever be Thy Name adored For these celestial lines.

2 Here the Redeemer’s welcome voice
Spreads heavenly peace around;
And life and everlasting joys
Attend the blissful sound.
3 O may these heavenly pages be
My ever dear delight;
And still new beauties may I see,
And still increasing light!

4 Divine Instructor, gracious Lord!
Be Thou for ever near.
Teach me to love Thy sacred Word,
And view my Savior there.
Anne Steele. 1760.

312 C. M. 1 A GLoRY gilds the sacred page, Majestic like the sun; It gives a light to every age, It gives, but borrows none. 2 The Hand that gave it still supplies His gracious light and heat. His truths upon the nations rise; They rise, but never set.

3 Let everlasting thanks be Thine,
For such a bright display

As makes a world of darkness shine
With beams of heavenly day.

4 My soul rejoices to pursue The steps of Him I love, Till glory breaks upon my view In brighter worlds above. William Cowper. 1779. 313 PSALM 119. C. M. 1 How shall the young secure their hearts, And guard their lives from sin 7 Thy Word the choicest rules imparts To keep the conscience clean. 2. When once it enters to the mind, It spreads such light abroad, The meanest souls instruction find, And raise their thoughts to God. 3 'Tis like the sun, a heavenly light, That guides us all the day; And through the dangers of the night A lamp to lead our way. 4 The starry heavens Thy rule obey, The earth maintains her place; And these Thy servants, night and day, * Thy skill and power express. 5 But still Thy Law and Gospel, Lord, Have lessons more divine; Not earth stands firmer than Thy Word, Nor stars so nobly shine. 6 Thy Word is everlasting truth: How pure is every page That holy Book shall guide our youth, And well support our age. Watts. 1719.

314 Dein Wort, O Herr, ist milder Thau. C. M. 1 THY Word, O Lord, like gentle dews, Falls soft on hearts that pine; Lord, to Thy garden ne'er refuse This heavenly balm of Thine.

Watered by Thee, let every tree
Forth blossom to Thy praise,

By grace of Thine bear fruit divine,
Through all the coming days.

2 Thy Word is like a flaming sword,

A wedge that cleaveth stone;

Keen as a fire, so burns Thy Word,
And pierceth flesh and bone.

Let it go forth o'er all the earth,
To cleanse our hearts within,

To show Thy power in Satan's hour,
And break the might of sin.

3 Thy Word, a wondrous guiding star,
On pilgrim hearts doth rise,
Leads those to God who dwell afar,
And makes the simple wise.
Let not its light e'er sink in night;
In every spirit shine,
That none may miss heaven’s final bliss,
Led by Thy light divine.
From Miss Winkworth. 1855.
Tr. Carl Bernard Garve. 1825.

315 C. M. 1. AccEPT, O Lord, Thy servants’ thanks

For Thy enlivening Word,

By Thy most Holy Spirit taught,
By holy prophets heard.

That Word in Thy recording Book
From age to age descends:

Her teaching here Thy Church begins,
And here her teaching ends.

2 Whate’er of truth the soul can need
To clear her darkling sight,
Whate'er to check the wandering feet,
And guide their course aright;

Whate'er of fear the bad to daunt,
Of hope the good to cheer:
All that may profit man, O Lord,
Thy bounty gives us here.
3 Joined with our household’s little church,
And in our lonely hours,
And in the assembly of the saints,
That sacred Word be ours,
To read and hear, to mark and learn,
And inwardly digest ;
And He who gave the Word, may He
On those who learn it, rest !

4 Thence on our hearts may lively faith

Celestial comfort pour,

With patience, lightener of our ills,
And hope that looks before:

That we, with Thy united Church,
May lift our souls above,

And with one mind and mouth proclaim
Thy glory, God of love!

Richard Mant. 1837.

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1 BLEssed Jesus, here we stand,
Met to do as Thou hast spoken;
And this child, at Thy command,
Now we bring to Thee, in token
That to Thee it here is given;
For of such shall be Thy heaven.
2 Yes, Thy warning voice is plain,
And we fain would keep it duly;
“He who is not born again,
Heart and life renewing truly,
Born of water and the Spirit,
Will my kingdom ne'er inherit.”

3 Therefore hasten we to Thee;
Take the pledge we bring, 0 take it!
Let us here Thy glory see,
And in tender pity make it
Now Thy child, and leave it never,
Thine on earth and Thine forever.

4 Make it, Lord, Thy member now: Shepherd, take Thy lamb, and feed it; - Prince of peace, its peace be Thou; Way of life, to heaven lead it; Wine, this branch may nothing sever, Be it graft in Thee for ever.

5 Now upon Thy heart it lies,
What our hearts so dearly treasure:
Heavenward lead our burdened sighs,
Pour Thy blessing without measure;
Write thesname we now have given,
Write it in the book of heaven.

Miss Winkworth. 1858.
Tr. Benjamin Schmolk. 1704.

317 O Vaterherz. C. H. M.

1 FATHER, who hast created all
In wisest love, we pray,
Look on This babe, who at Thy call
Is entering on life's way.
Bend o'er it now with blessing fraught,
And make Thou something out of naught.

2 O Son, who died for us, behold,
We bring our child to Thee
Great Shepherd, take it to Thy fold,
Thine own for aye to be:
Defend it through this earthly strife,
And lead it on the path of life.

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