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332 Ecce Panis Angelorum. 7s.

1 Lo, upon the altar lies
Bread of heaven from the skies:
Food to mortal wanderers given,
To the sons and heirs of heaven.

2 Jesus, Shepherd of the sheep
Thou Thy flock in safety keep.
Living Bread! Thy life supply,
Strengthen us, or else we die.

3 Thou, who feedest us below !
Source of all we have or know !
Grant that with Thy saints above
We may reach Thy feast of love!
From Edward Caswall. 1848.
Tr. Thomas Aquinas. ab. 1270.

3.33 Adoro Te devote. L. M.

1 WITH all the powers my poor heart hath
Of humble love and loyal faith,
I come, dear Lord, to worship Thee,
Whom so much Love bowed low for me.

2 0 dear memorial of that Death
Which still survives, and gives us breath!
Live ever, Bread of Life, and be
My food, my joy, my all to me !

3 Come, glorious Lord! my hopes increase,
And mix my portion with Thy peace!
Come, and forever dwell in me,
That I may only live to Thee.

4 Come, hidden life, and that long day
For which I languish, come away!
When this dry soul Thy face shall see,
And drink the unsealed Source of Thee:

5 When glory's sun faith's shade shall chase,
And for Thy veil, give me Thy face;
Then shall my praise eternal be
To the eternal Trinity!
Theophilus Dorrington. 1686. a.
* From Richard Crashaw. 1646.
Tr. Thomas Aquinas. ab. 1270.

334 Trochaic 6, 5. Adoro Te devote.

1 HuMBLY I adore Thee, blessed Savior, now; Thee my Lord confessing, and my God, I bow. Give me ever stronger faith in Thee above, Give me ever stronger hope and stronger love.

2 O most sweet memorial of His Death and woe,
Living Bread, which givest life to men below,
Let my spirit ever eat of Thee and live,
And the blest fruition of Thy sweetness give!

3 Jesus, whom thus veiléd I must see below,
When shall that be given which I long for so,
That at last beholding Thy uncovered face,
Thou wouldst satisfy me with Thy fullest grace?
John Mason. Neale. 1851. a.
Tr. Thomas Aquinas. ab. 1270.

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2 We, for whom Thou once wast slain,
We, whose sins did pierce Thee,
Now commemorate Thy pain,
And implore Thy mercy.

3 Thine's an everlasting Love:
We have sorely tried Thee.
Whom have we in heaven above,
Whom on earth beside Thee?
4 What can helpless sinners do,
When temptations seize us?
Naught have we to look unto,
But the Blood of Jesus.
5 Pardon all our baseness, Lord;
All our weakness pity:
Guide us safely by Thy Word
To the heavenly city.
6 0 sustain us on the road
Through this desert dreary.
Feed us with Thy Flesh and Blood,
When we're faint and weary.
7 Bid us call to mind Thy Cross
Our hard hearts to soften.
Often, Savior, feast us thus;
For we need it often.
Joseph Hart. 1762.

336 7s.
1 BREAD of heaven, on Thee we feed,
For Thy Flesh is meat indeed;
Ever may our souls be fed
With this true and living Bread.
Wine of heaven, Thy Blood supplies
This blest cup of sacrifice;
Lord, Thy wounds our healing give;
To Thy Cross we look and live.
3 Day by day with strength supplied, .
Through the life of Him who died,
Lord of life, 0 let us be
Rooted, grafted, built on Thee!
Joseph Conder. 1836. a.

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After Communion.

337 Wie wohl hast Du gelabet. 7, 6.

1 0 LIVING Bread from heaven,
How hast Thou fed Thy guest!
The gifts Thou now hast given
Have filled my heart with rest.
O wondrous Food of blessing,
0 Cup that heals our woes!
My heart, this gift possessing,
In thankful song o'erflows.
2 My Lord, Thou here hast led me
Within Thy holiest place,
And there Thyself hast fed me -
With treasures of Thy grace:
And Thou hast freely given
What earth could never buy,
The Bread of Life from heaven,
That now I shall not diel

3 Thou givest all I wanted,
The Food can death destroy;
And Thou hast freely granted
The Cup of endless joy.
Ah, Lord, I do not merit
The favor Thou hast shown,
And all my soul and spirit
Bow down before Thy throne !
4 Lord, grant me that, thus strengthened
With heavenly Food, while here
My course on earth is lengthened,
I serve with holy fear:
And when Thou callest my spirit
To leave this world below,
I enter, through Thy merit,
Where joys unmingled flow.
From Miss Winkworth. 1858.

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3.38 Trochaic 7, 6.

"1 Lord, accept our feeble praise
For the banquet given;
Though unworthy, we would raise
Hearts and hands to heaven.

2 Of the streams of grace divine
We have now been tasting:
On the mystic bread and wine
With rich comfort feasting.

3 Meat indeed Thy Flesh we find,
Drink Thy Blood so precious;
Jesus, Savior, Thou art kind,
Merciful and gracious !

4. On our guilty souls Thy rod
Falls with gentle chidings;
And Thou healest with Thy Blood
All our great backslidings.

5 May we to Thy bleeding Cross
Soul and body fasten;
All for Jesus count but loss,
To His coming hasten.

6 None from trials are below
Totally exempted;
All-sufficient grace bestow,
Succor, Lord, the tempted.

7 To Thy Name, for evermore,
Be all glory given;
None on earth will we adore,
None but Thee in heaven.
Unknown. 1757.

339 II. M. 1 Author of life divine, Who hast a table spread, Furnished with living Wine, And everlasting Bread,

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