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3 She guides the young with innocence
In pleasure's path to tread;
A crown of glory she bestows
Upon the hoary head.

4 According as her labors rise,
So her rewards increase;
Her ways are ways of pleasantness,
And all her paths are peace.
Michael Bruce. 1770.

387 S. M.
1 WHAT cheering words are these !
Their sweetness who can tell?
In time, and to eternal days,
“'Tis with the righteous well.”

2 In every state secure,
Kept by Jehovah's eye,
'Tis well with them while life endure,
And well when called to die.

3 Well when they see His face,
Or sink amidst the flood;
Well in affliction’s thorny maze,
Or on the mount with God.
4 'T is well when joys arise;
'T is well when sorrows flow;
'T is well when darkness veils the skies,
And strong temptations blow.

5 'T is well when on the mount
They feast on dying Love:
And ’tis as well, in God’s account,
When they the furnace prove.
6 'Tis well when Jesus calls,
“From earth and sin arise,
Join with the hosts of ransomed souls,
Made to salvation wise.”

John Kent. 1803. a.

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388 7s.

1 CHILDREN of the heavenly King,
As ye journey, sweetly sing;
Sing your Saviour's worthy praise,
Glorious in His works and ways.

2 Ye are travelling home to God,
In the way the fathers trod;
They are happy now, and ye
Soon their happiness shall see.

3 0 ye banished seed, be glad

Christ our Advocate is made;
Us to save, our flesh assumes;
Brother to our souls becomes.

4 Sing, ye little flock and blest:
You on Jesus' throne shall rest:
There your seat is now prepared,
There your kingdom and reward.
Fear not, brethren, joyful stand
On the borders of your land;
Jesus Christ, your Father's Son,
Bids you undismayed go on.
Lord, obediently we go,
Gladly leaving all below;
Only Thou our Leader be,
And we still will follow Thee.
John Cennick. 1742. a.

3.89 C. M. 1 WHEN I can read my title clear To mansions in the skies, I bid farewell to every fear, And wipe my weeping eyes. 2 Should earth against my soul engage, And hellish darts be hurled; Then I can smile at Satan's rage, And face a frowning world.

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3 Let cares like a wild deluge come,
And storms of sorrow fall,
May I but safely reach my home,
My God, my heaven, my all !
4 There shall I bathe my weary soul
In seas of heavenly rest;
And not a wave of trouble roll
Across my peaceful breast. Watts. 1709.

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FROM every stormy wind that blows,
From every swelling tide of woes,
There is a calm, a sure retreat;
'Tis found beneath the mercy-seat.

There is a scene where spirits blend,
Where friend holds fellowship with friend.
Though sundered far, by ... they meet
Around one common mercy-seat.

Ah, whither could we fly for aid,
When tempted, desolate, dismayed,
Or how the hosts of hell defeat,
Had suffering saints no mercy-seat 2

There, there on eagle's wings we soar,
And sin and sense seem all no more;
And heaven comes down our souls to greet,
And glory crowns the mercy-seat.
0 let my hand forget her skill,
My tongue be silent, cold and still,
This bounding heart forget to beat,
If I forget the mercy-seat.
Hugh Stowell. 1834.

391 6, 8, 4.

1 THE God of Abram praise,
Who reigns enthroned above;
Ancient of everlasting days,
And God of Love :

Jehovah, great I AM,
By earth and heaven confest;
I bow and bless the sacred Name,
Forever blest. -

2 The God of Abram praise, At whose supreme command From earth I rise, and seek the joys At His right hand: ‘I all on earth forsake, Its wisdom, fame, and power, And Him my only Portion make, My Shield and Tower 3 The God of Abram praise, Whose all-sufficient grace Shall guide me, all my happy days, In all His ways: He calls a worm His friend; He calls Himself my God; - And He shall save me to the end Through Jesus’ Blood. 4 He by Himself hath sworn; I on His oath depend; I shall, on eagles' wings upborne, To heaven ascend: I shall behold His face, * I shall His power adore, And sing the wonders of His grace For evermore. Thomas Olivers. 1772.


CONSECRATION. 392 S. M. 1 My Maker and my King ! To Thee my all I owe. Thy sovereign bounty is the spring 18 From whence my blessings flow. 281 2 Thou ever good and kind'

A thousand reasons move,
A thousand obligations bind

My heart to grateful love.

3 The creature of Thy hand,
On Thee alone I live.
My God! Thy benefits demand
More praise than life can give.

4 O what can I impart,
When all is Thine before ?
Thy Love demands a thankful heart;
The gift, alas, how poor

5 Shall I withhold Thy due?
And shall my passions rove 7
Lord, form this wretched heart anew,
And fill it with Thy love.

6 0 let Thy grace inspire
My soul with strength divine;
Let all my powers to Thee aspire,
And all my days be Thine.
Anne Steele. 1760.

393 PSALM 119. C. M.

1 Thou art my Portion, O my God!
Soon as I know Thy way,
My heart makes haste to obey Thy word,
And suffers no delay.

2 I choose the path of heavenly truth, And glory in my choice; ** Not all the riches of the earth Could make me so rejoice.

3 The testimonies of Thy grace I set before mine eyes: Thence I derive my daily strength, 282 And there my comfort lies.

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