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2 He whose heart Thy love has warmed;
He whose will, to Thine conformed,
Bids his life unsullied run:
He whose word and thought are one:

3 He who shuns the sinner's road,
Loving those who love their God;
Who, with hope and faith unfeigned,
Treads the path by Thee ordained;

4 He who trusts in Christ alone,
Not in aught himself has done;
He, great God, shall be Thy care,
And Thy choicest blessings share.

Harriet Auber. 1829.
From James Merrick. 1765.

412 C. M. 1 FATHER, whate'er of earthly bliss Thy sovereign Hand denies, Accepted at Thy throne of grace, Let this petition rise:

2 Give me a calm, a thankful heart,
From every murmur free;
The blessings of Thy grace impart,
And let me live to Thee.

3 Let the sweet hope that Thou art mine
My path of life attend;
Thy presence through my journey shine,
And crown my journey’s end.

Anne Steele. 1760. a. 413 . C. M.

1 0 For a closer walk with God,
A calm and heavenly frame;
A light to shine upon the road
That leads me to the Lamb

2 Return, 0 holy Dove, return,
Sweet Messenger of rest
I hate the sins that made Thee mourn,
And drove Thee from my breast.

3 The dearest idol I have known,
Whate'er that idol be,
Help me to tear it from Thy throne,
And worship only Thee.

4 So shall my walk be close with God,
Calm and serene my frame;
So purer light shall mark the road
That leads me to the Lamb.
William Cowper. 1779.

414 - C. M. 1 0 could I find from day to day

- A nearness to my God!

Then should my hours glide sweet away,

And lean upon His Word.

2 Lord, I desire with Thee to live
Anew from day to day;
In joys the world can never give,
Nor ever take away.

3 O Jesus, come and rule my heart,
And make me wholly Thine,
That I may never more depart,
Nor grieve Thy Love divine.

4 Thus till my last expiring breath Thy goodness I'll adore; And when my flesh dissolves in death, My soul shall love Thee more. - Unknown. 1799. 4.15 Hier legt mein Sinn. L. M. 1 My soul before Thee prostrate lies; To Thee, her Source, my spirit flies; My wants I mourn, my chains I see: 0 let Thy presence set me free

2 Jesus, vouchsafe my heart and will
With Thy meek lowliness to fill; *
No more her power let nature boast,
But in Thy will let mine be lost.

In life's short day let me yet more
Of Thy enlivening power implore:
My mind must deeper sink in Thee,
My foot stand firm, from wandering free. *

4 One only care my soul shall know,
Father, all Thy commands to do;
Ah, deep engrave it on my breast,
That I in Thee even now am blest.

5 When my warmed thoughts I fix on Thee,
And plunge me in Thy mercy's sea,
Then even on me Thy face shall shine,
And quicken this dead heart of mine.

6 So even in storms my zeal shall grow;
So shall I Thy hid sweetness know;
And feel, what endless age shall prove,
That Thou, my Lord, my God, art Love.
John Wesley. 1739.
Tr. Christian Frederic Ritcher. ab. 1700.

416 - L. M. 1 0 Thou who all things canst control, Chase sloth and slumber from my soul; With joy and fear, with love and awe, Give me to keep Thy perfect law.

20 may one beam of Thy blest light
Pierce through, dispel the shades of night;
Touch my cold breast with heavenly fire,
With holy, conquering zeal inspire.

3 With steps unwavering, undismayed,
Give me in all Thy paths to tread.
Rise, Lord, stir up }. quickening power,
And wake me, that I sleep no more.


4 Single of heart O may I be
Nothing may I desire but Thee;
Far, far from me the world remove,
And all that holds me from Thy Love!
John Wesley. 1739. a.
From the German.

417 C. M. 1 0 for a heart to praise my God, A heart from sin set freel A heart that always feels Thy Blood, So freely shed for me !

2 A heart resigned, submissive, meek,
My great Redeemer's throne;
Where only Christ is heard to speak,
Where Jesus reigns alone.

3 An humble, lowly, contrite heart,
Believing, true, and clean ;
Which neither life nor death can part
From Him that dwells within.

4. A heart in every thought renewed,
And full of love divine;

Perfect, and right, and pure, and good,
A copy, Lord, of Thine !

5 Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart,
Come quickly from above;
Write Thy new Name upon my heart,
Thy new, best Name of Love.

C. Wesley. 1742. a. 4.18 C. M.

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421 7s. 1 FATHER of eternal grace, Glorify Thyself in me! Meekly beaming in my face, May the world Thine image see.

2 Happy only in Thy Love,
Poor, unfriended, or unknown,
Fix my thoughts on things above;
Stay my heart on Thee alone.

3 Humble, holy, all resigned
To Thy will,—Thy will be done!
Give me, Lord, the perfect mind
Of Thy well-beloved Son.

4 Counting gain and glory loss,
May I tread the path He trod,
Die with Jesus on the Cross,
Rise with Him to Thee, my God!
James Montgomery. 1825.

LOVE TO GOD AND CHRIST. 422 7s. 1 HARK, my soul, it is the Lord ' 'Tis thy Savior, hear His word: Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee: “Say, poor sinner, lovest thou Me?

2 “I delivered Thee, when bound,
And when wounded healed thy wound;
Sought thee wandering, set thee right,
Turned thy darkness into light.

3 “Can a woman’s tender care
Cease towards the child she bare 2
Yes, she may forgetful be,
Yet will I remember thee.

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