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2 My Wisdom and my Guide,
My Counsellor Thou art:
0 let me never leave Thy side,

Nor from Thy paths depart.

3 I lift mine eyes to Thee,
Thou gracious bleeding Lamb,
That I may still enlightened be,
And never put to shame.

4 I never will remove
Out of Thy hands my cause,
But rest in Thy redeeming Love,
And cling unto Thy Cross.
5 Teach me the happy art
In all things to depend
On Thee: 0 never, Lord, depart,
But love me to the end.
C. Wesley. 1749. a.

463 S. M. 1. Thou seest my feebleness; Jesus, be Thou my Power, My Help and Refuge in distress, My Fortress and my Tower.

2 Give me to trust in Thee;
Be Thou my sure abode:
My horn, and rock, and buckler be,
My Savior and my God.

3 Myself I cannot save,
Myself I cannot keep;
But strength in Thee I surely have,
Whose eyelids never sleep.
4 My soul to Thee alone
Now therefore I commend :
Thou, Jesus, having loved Thine own,
Wilt love me to the end
C. Wesley. 1749.

464 L. M. 1 My Hope, my All, my Savior Thou! To Thee, O Lord, my soul I bow. I seek the bliss Thy wounds impart, I long to find Thee in my heart.

2 Be Thou my Strength, be Thou my Way,
Protect me through my life's short day:
In all my acts let Wisdom guide,
And keep me, Savior, near Thy side.

3 Correct, reprove, and comfort me;
As I have need, my Savior be:
And if I would from Thee depart,
Then clasp me, Savior, to Thy heart.

4 In fierce temptation's darkest hour,
Save me from sin and Satan's power;
Tear every idol from Thy Throne,
And reign, my Savior, reign alone.
Unknown. 1802. a.

465 C. M. 1 0 Lord, I would delight in Thee, And on Thy care depend; To Thee in every trouble flee, My best, my only Friend. 2. When all created streams are dried, Thy fulness is the same ; May I with this be satisfied, And glory in Thy Name ! 3 No good in creatures can be found, But may be found in Thee; I must have all things, and abound, While God is God to me. 4 0 that I had a stronger faith To look within the veil, To credit what my Savior saith,

Whose word can never fail!

5 He that has made my heaven secure,

Will here all good provide:

While Christ is rich, can I be poor?
What can I want beside 2

w 6 0 Lord, I cast my care on Thee; I triumph and adore: Henceforth my great concern shall be To love and please Thee more. John Ryland. 1777.

466 Ach Gott, verlasz mich nicht. 6, 7. 1 Fors.AKE me not, my God,

Thou God of my salvation 1

Give me Thy light, to be
My sure illumination.

My soul to folly turns,
Seeking she knows not what:

O lead her to Thyself;
My God, forsake me not

2 Forsake me not, my God!

Take not Thy Spirit from me,

And suffer not the might
Of sin to overcome me.

A father pitieth
The children he begot;

My Father, pity me !
My God, forsake me not

3 Forsake me not, my God,

Thou God of life and power!

Enliven, strengthen me,
In every evil hour:

And when the sinful fire
Within my heart is hot,

Be not Thou far from me:
My God, forsake me not

4 Forsake me not, my God!

Uphold me in my going,

That evermore I may
Please Thee in all well-doing ;

And that Thy will, O Lord,
May never be forgot

In all my works and ways:
My God, forsake me not!

5 Forsake me mot, my God!
I would be Thine forever :
Confirm me mightily
In every right endeavor:
And when my hour is come,
Cleansed from all stain and spot
Of sin, receive my soul:
My God, forsake me not!
w Unknown. 1860.
Tr. Solomon Franck. d. 1725.

467 Trauernd und mit bangem Sehnen. 7's.
1 TRUEST Friend, who canst not fail,
Evermore abide with me:
When the world would most assail,
Then Thy presence let me see.
When its heaviest thunders roll,
Shelter Thou my trembling soul I
Come, and in my spirit rest;
Help me do what seems Thee best.

When life's day hath fleeted by,
When the night of death is near,
When in vain the darkened eye
Seeks some stay, some helper here:
Then Thy followers' prayer fulfil,
Then abide Thou with us still:
Till Thou give us heavenly rest,
Stay, O stay, Thou noble Guest
Miss Winkworth. 1858. a.
Tr. John Neunherz. ab. 1720.

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O treater Heiland Jesu Christ. C. M.
WE praise and bless Thee, gracious Lord,
Our Savior kind and true,
For all the old things passed away,
For all Thou hast made new.

But yet how much must be destroyed,
How much renewed must be,
Ere we can fully stand complete
In likeness, Lord, to Thee!
Thou, only Thou, must carry on
The work Thou hast begun;
Of Thine own strength Thou must impart,
In Thine own ways to run.
Ah, leave us not from day to day
Revive, restore again;
Our feeble steps do Thou direct,
Our enemies restrain.
Whate'er would tempt the soul to stray,
Or separate from Thee,
That, Lord, remove, however dear
To our poor hearts it be

6 When flesh declines, then strengthen Thou

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The spirit from above;
Make us to feel Thy service sweet,
And light Thy yoke of love.
So shall we faultless stand at last
Before Thy Father's throne;
The blessedness for ever ours,
The glory all Thine own
H. L. L. 1853. a.
Tr. Charles John Spitta. ab. 1825.

S. M.
1 HEIRs of unending life,
While yet we sojourn here,
O let us our salvation work
With trembling and with fear. 333

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