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108 C. M.
1 I HEARD the voice of Jesus say,
Come unto me and rest;
Lay down, thou weary one, lay down
Thy head upon my breast.
I came to Jesus as I was,
Weary, and worn, and sad ;
I found in Him a resting place,
And He has made me glad.

2 I heard the voice of Jesus say,

Behold, I freely give

The living water; thirsty one,
Stoop down, and drink, and live.

I came to Jesus, and I drank
Of that life-giving stream;

My thirst was quenched, my soul revived,
And now I live in Him.

3 I heard the voice of Jesus say,

I am this dark world's Light;

Look unto Me, thy morn shall rise,
And all thy day be bright.

I looked to Jesus, and I found
In Him my Star, my Sun;

And in that Light of life I’ll walk,
Till travelling days are done.

Horatius Bonar. 1856. 109 S. M.

1 I was a wandering sheep,

I did not love the fold;

I did not love my Shepherd's voice,
I would not be controlled.
I was a wayward child,
I did not love my home;

I did not love my Father's voice,
I loved afar to roam. - 81

2 The Shepherd sought His sheep,

The Father sought His child;

They followed me o'er vale and hill,
O'er deserts waste and wild;
They found me nigh to death,
Famished, and faint, and lone;

They bound me with the bands of love,
They saved the wandering one.

3 Jesus my Shepherd is,

'Twas He that loved my soul,

'Twas He that washed me in His Blood,
'Twas He that made me whole.
'Twas He that sought the lost,
That found the wandering sheep ;

'Twas He that brought me to the fold,
'Tis He that still doth keep.

4 I was a wandering sheep,

I would not be controlled ;

But now I love my Shepherd's voice,
I love, I love the fold !
I was a wayward child,
I once preferred to roam;

But now I love my Father's voice,
I love, I love His home.

Horatius Bonar. 1853.

110 8, 7. I LoRD, with glowing heart I’d praise Thee

For the bliss Thy Love bestows,

For the pardoning grace that saves me,
And the peace that from it flows.

Help, O God, my weak endeavor;
This dull soul to rapture raise:

Thou must light the flame, or never
Can my love be warmed to praise.

2 Praise, my soul, the God that sought thee,

Wretched wanderer, far astray;

Found thee lost, and kindly brought thee
From the paths of death away.

Praise, with love's devoutest feeling,
Him who saw thy guilt-born fear,

And, the light of hope revealing,
Bade the blood-stained Cross appear.

3 Lord, this bosom's ardent feeling

Wainly would my lips express:

Low before Thy footstool kneeling,
Deign thy suppliant's prayer to bless.

Let Thy grace, my soul's chief treasure,
Love's pure flame within me raise:

And, since words can never measure,
Let my life show forth Thy praise.

Francis Scott Key. 1826.

111 L. M. Christi Blut und Gerechtigkeit.

1 LORD, I believe were sinners more
Than sands upon the ocean shore,
For all Thou hast the ransom given,
Purchased for all peace, life, and heaven.

2 Lord, I believe the price is paid
For every soul, the Atonement made;
And every soul Thy grace may prove,
Loved with an everlasting Love.

3 Jesus, be endless praise to Thee,
Whose boundless mercy hath for me,
For me, and all Thine hands have made,
An everlasting ransom paid.

4 Ah, give to all Thy servants, Lord, .
With power to speak Thy quickening Word,
That sinners to Thy wounds may flee,
And find eternal life in Thee. 83

5 Thou God of power, Thou God of love,
Let the whole world Thy mercy prove:
Now let Thy Word o'er all prevail;
Now take the spoils of death and hell.

John Wesley. 1740.
Tr. Nicholas Louis, Count Zinzendorf. 1739.


112 Instantis Adventum Dei. S. M.

1 THE Advent of our God
Our prayers must now employ,
And we must meet Him on His road
With hymns of holy joy.
2 The everlasting Son
Incarnate soon shall be:
He will a servant's form put on,
To make His people free.

3 Daughter of Zion, rise
And greet thy lowly King,
And do not wickedly despise
The mercies He will bring.
4 As Judge, in clouds of light,
He will come down again,
And all His scattered saints unite
With Him in heaven to reign.
5 Before that dreadful day
May all our sins be gone;
May the old man be put away,
And the new man put on 1
6 Praise to the Saviour Son
From all the angel host:
Like praise be to the Father done,
And to the Holy Ghost.

John Chandler. 1837.

113 Jordanis Oras Praevia. L. M.

1 ON Jordan's bank the Baptist's ery
Announces that the Lord is nigh:
Come then and hearken, for He brings
Glad tidings from the King of kings.

2 Then cleansed be every breast from sin,
Make straight the way for God within :
And let us all our hearts prepare
For Christ to come and enter there.

3 For Thou art our Salvation, Lord,
Our Refuge and our great Reward.
Without Thy grace our souls must fade,
And wither like a flower decayed.

Stretch forth Thy hand, to health restore,
And make us rise, to fall no more:
Once more upon Thy people shine,
And fill the world with love divine.

To Him who left the throne of heaven

To save mankind, all praise be given:

Like praise be to the Father done,

And É. Spirit, Three in One.
John Chandler. 1837. a.

114 Veni, veni, Emmanuel. L. M.

1 0 come, O come, Emmanuel,
And ransom captive Israel,
That mourns in lonely exile here,
Until the Son of God appear.
[Rejoice! rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel!]
2 0 come, Thou Rod of Jesse, free
Thine own from Satan's tyranny;
From depths of hell Thy people save,
And give them victory o'er the grave.
[Rejoice! rejoice Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel !]

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