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The Lord is just, a Helper tried,
Mercy is ever at II is side;
His kingly crown is holiness,
His sceptre, pity in distress.
The end of all our woe He brings:
Wherefore the earth is glad and sings,
All praise, O Son [of God], to Thee!
O Saviour, great Thy deeds shall be

O, blest the land, the city blest,
Where Christ the Ruler is confest |
0 happy hearts and happy homes
To whom this King in triumph comes!
The cloudless Sun of joy He is,
Who bringeth pure delight and bliss:
[Ali] praise, [0] Holy Ghost, to Thee!
Blest Spirit, for Thy comfort free


Fling wide the portals of your heart;
Make it a temple, set apart
From earthly use for heaven's employ,
Adorned with prayer, and love, and joy.
So shall your Sovereign enter in,
And new and nobler life begin.
All praise, 0 [gracious] God, be Thine,
For word, and deed, and grace divine !

Redeemer, come! I open wide
My heart to Thee; here, Lord, abide
Let me Thy inner presence feel,
Thy grace and love in me reveal.
Thy Holy Spirit guide us on,
Until our glorious goal be won 1
Eternal praise and [deathless] fame
Be offered, Saviour, to Thy Name !
Miss Winkworth. 1855, a.
Tr. George Weiszel. 1630.

121 Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland. 7s.

1 CoME, Thou Saviour of our race,
Choicest Gift of heavenly grace |
0 Thou blessed Virgin's Son,
Be Thy race on earth begun.

Not of mortal blood or birth,
He descends from heaven to earth:
By the Holy Ghost conceived,
Truly man to be believed.

Wondrous birth ! O wondrous Child
Of the Virgin undefiled!
Though by all the world disowned,
Still to be in heaven enthroned.

From the Father forth He came,
And returneth to the same :
Captive leading death and hell,—
High the song of triumph swell.

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Equal to the Father now,
Though to dust Thou once didst bow;
Boundless shall Thy kingdom be ;
When shall we its glories see?

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Brightly doth Thy manger shine;
Glorious is its light divine:
Let not sin o'ercloud this light,
Ever be our faith thus bright.

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1 Hos ANNA to the living Lord Hosanna to the Incarnate Word ' To Christ, Creator, Saviour, King,

...” earth, let heaven Hosanna sing.

2 O Saviour, with protecting care,
Return to this Thy house of prayer;
Where we, assembled in Thy Name,
Thy sacred parting promise claim.

3 But chiefest, in our cleanséd byeast,
Bid Thine eternal Spirit rest,
And make our secret soul to be
A temple pure, and worthy Thee.

4 So in the last and dreadful day,
When earth and heaven shall melt away,
Thy flock, redeemed from sinful stain,
Shall swell the sound of praise again.
Ireginald Heber. 1827. a.

123 PSALM 72. 7, 6.

1 HAIL to the Lord's Anointed,

Great David's greater Son |

Hail, in the time appointed,
His reign on earth begun

He comes to break oppression,
To set the captive free;

To take away transgression,
And rule in equity.

2 He comes with succor speedy

To those who suffer wrong;

To help the poor and needy,
And bid the weak be strong;

To give them songs for sighing;
Their darkness turn to light,

Whose souls, condemned and dying,
Were precious in His sight.

3 He shall come down like showers
Upon the fruitful earth;
And love, joy, hope, like flowers,
Spring in His path to birth.

Before Him, on the mountains,
Shall peace, the herald, go;

And righteousness, in fountains,
From hill to valley flow.

4 For Him shall prayer unceasing

And daily vows ascend;

His kingdom still increasing,
A kingdom without end.

The tide of time shall never
His covenant remove;

His Name shall stand for ever;
That Name to us is Love.

James Montgomery. 1822.

124 C. M. 1 HARK, the glad sound, the Saviour comes, The Saviour promised long Let every heart prepare a throne, And every voice a song.

2 On Him the Spirit, largely poured,
Exerts His sacred fire;
Wisdom and might, and zeal and love,
His holy breast inspire.

3 He comes the prisoners to release,
In Satan's bondage held:
The gates of brass before Him burst,
The iron fetters yield. -

4 He comes from thickest films of vice
To clear the mental ray,
And on the eyeballs of the blind
To pour celestial day.

5 He comes, the broken heart to bind,
The bleeding soul to cure,

And with the treasures of His grace
To enrich the humble poor.

6 Our glad hosannahs, Prince of Peace |
Thy welcome shall proclaim ;
And heaven’s eternal arches ring
With Thy beloved Name.
Doddridge. 1755.

12.5 8, 7. 1 LIGHT of those whose dreary dwelling Borders on the shades of death, Come, and by Thy Love's revealing, Dissipate the clouds beneath. 2 Thou, new heaven and earth's Creator, In our deepest darkness rise; Scattering all the night of nature, Pouring eyesight on our eyes.

3 Still we wait for Thine appearing:

Life and joy Thy beams impart,

Chasing all our fears, and cheering
Every poor, benighted heart.

4 Come, and manifest the favor God hath for our ransomed race; Come, Thou mighty Prince and Savior, Come, and bring the Gospel grace. 5 By Thine all-restoring merit, Every burdened soul release; Every weary, wandering spirit Guide into Thy perfect peace. C. Wesley. 1745. a. 126 - 8, 7. 1 CoME, Thou long-expected Jesus, Born to set Thy people free; From our fears and sins release us, Let us find our rest in Thee. Israel's Strength and Consolation, Hope of all the earth Thou art; Dear Desire of every nation, Joy of every longing heart.

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