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“ universal, and his language uncommonly fluent " and vigorous; nature formed him a poet, but a " bishop prematurely ordained him a divine; and " no sooner did he assume this function, than his “ feeling heart was penetrated by the nicest sense " of duty. He resigned himself wholly to the fr service of his Master. Such a servant could

not long escape notice; he became eminent; he

was followed in London as a preacher. He “ dedicated two volumes of sermons to the citi“ zens of that metropolis, at a time when he “ languished upon a curacy of forty pounds a year*; " but then he was as rich as he is now, for he “ knows no use of money, but to relieve distress.

In one of those seasons of calamity, which neglect of tillage in this country renders so fre. S quent, he sold his books, his only worldly goods Śr wherein he took delight, to buy bread for the

poor. He is now advancing towards seventy,

yet he preserves an uncommon share of vivacity. “ If he sometimes descends into the ludicrous, his " flashes of wit keep the table in a roar. His

powers of description are beyond what I could “ have conceived; he has a stock of imagination " sufficient to set up ten modern tragic poets. • Had he been educated and lived in England, a “ stage little enough for his great abilities, he

* This is a mistake; for he had the living of Pettigo at that time.


" would have long since obtained the first niche " in the temple of faine ; now he is known only in Ireland, and by a few inquisitive men else" where."

A marble tomb-stone has been placed over him at the expense of Miss Leslie, whom he appointed his residuary legatee, with the following inscription, the composition, it is said, of the Rev.

Robert Burrows, Junior; Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin.

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** Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of

The Reverend Pbilip Skelton,
Prebendary of Donacavy in the Cathedral of Clogher,

Who departed this life on the 4th day of May, 1787,
In the 59th year of his Ministry, and 81st of his age.
Liberally endowed by Providence with intellectual

He did not suffer them to lie waste through Inactivity,

Nor did he pervert them by misdirection.
His understanding he habituated to attentive

Invigorating it by exercise and enriching it with

And pursuing the noblest ends by means the best

He laboured industriously to promote the happiness

Of Mankind,
By advancing the iufluence of the Christian Religion,
His arguments evinced the reasonableness of its

While his example showed at ojice
The practicability and the amiableness of its preçepts;


As his opinions were orthodox his manners were

His conversation was candid and unreserved;
For he harboured no thought which required

His preaching was forcible and dignified,
Impressing on his hearers the rightful authority of

Virtue, And with indignant elocution and nervous diction,

Holding out her Adversaries

To contempt and detestation.
Pious without superstition, and zealous without

His life was practical devotion,
And his controversies the earnest efforts of

Leading infidels to truth and sinners to salvation,
With a heart which felt for the distresses of the

He had a hand still open to relieve them.
Denying himself even moderate gratifications
That he might more liberally provide for the

Necessities of others.
Without ambition he acquired celebrity,
And without ostentation he long continued to enjoy

A friend to the poor, an ornament to the church,
Admired for his talents and revered for his virtues,
He was at length called to the rewards of a

Patriarchal life,
In the immediate presence of that God,
Whose name he had worshipped with such piety,

And whose word he taught with success."

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