Powerful People Are Powerful Networkers: Your Daily Guide to Becoming a Powerful Person

iUniverse, 2006 - 216 páginas
Powerful People

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill

You!! & Powerful Topics

Attitude, Encouragement, Excuses, Fear, Goals, Leadership, Mistakes, Opportunity, Passion, Time Management, Vision, Work Ethics

Become the powerful person you were meant to be!!!

Power Series Books:

Powerful People Are Powerful Networkers
Powerful People Have Powerful Relationships
Powerful People Are Powerful Leaders
Powerful People Are Powerful Listeners

Powerful People Are Powerful Networkers not only gives you all the tools that you need to be a powerful networker, in both your personal and professional lives, but also shows you how to develop these tools. Each day you are presented a quote from a person of power and are challenged to make that quote come alive to you by completing a short exercise. The presentation on each page is both inspirational and practical. By the time you complete the book you will be a more dynamic networker and have a greater circle of influence having fortified your strength's, and minimizing, if not eliminating, your weaknesses.

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Daily Quotes for Powerful Networking Success

Términos y frases comunes

____________________________________________ Generosity ____________________________________________ Six Months __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ List __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Six __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Write __________________________________________________ List three __________________________________________________ Six Months ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ August ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ December ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ July ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ November ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ October ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Quotation ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ September ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Six ________________________________________________________ Quotation Source ________________________________________________________ Six Months Abraham Lincoln List accomplish each item action plan Biadasz and Richard daily lessons goals going lead to today Lincoln List three List five things List one person List one thing List three areas List three things List two things List your three living master networker me…I’ll mistakes networking groups pass a lead passion pessimist Peter Biadasz List Possett List three powerful networker powerful person Proverb List three Quotation Source Information Richard Possett List Six Months Review success three biggest three greatest Unknown List five Unknown List three Winston Churchill List Write an action yesterday

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