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Mark Antony's Oration; Wolsey's Farewell; The Character

of Wolsey; Human Life ; Mercy ; Nature's Thrift;

Adversity TAYLOR,

Anger; Insignificance of Man; Prayer. MILTON,

Freedom of the Press; A Nation in its Strength; Light;

Lycidas ; When the Assault was intended to the City;

On his Blindness ; To Cyriac Skinner. CLARENDON, ·

Character of Lord Falkland. BUNYAN,

From "The Pilgrim's Progress.” DRYDEN,

The Character of the Earl of Shaftesbury ; Character of the

Duke of Buckingham ; Alexander's Feast. DEFOE,

Crusoe and the Footprint; A Skirmish of Dragoons. SWIFT,

The Spider and the Bee; The Temple of Fame. ADDISON,

The Vision of Mirza; Pedantry. PoPE,

From the “Essay on Man"; from the Satires." THOMSON,

The Hymn of the Seasons. GRAY,

Elegy. STERNE,

Slavery; The Story of Le Fever. GOLDSMITH,

From “ The Traveller”; The Deserted Village ; from the

“Retaliation”; City Night Piece. JOHNSON,

Cowley and his Contemporaries ; Letter to the Earl of

Chesterfield; The Vanity of Human Wishes.
Criticism of Government a Duty; The Use and Abuse of

Party ; American Taxation ; The Spirit of Liberty in the

American Colonies.
From "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire."









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Isaac Ashford, a Noble Peasant. BURNS,

The Cotter's Saturday Night; Man was Made to Mourn; To a

Mountain Daisy; À Man's a Man for a' that; Devotion. COWPER,

Slavery; My Mother's Picture; To Mary. SCOTT,

Old Mortality ; Death of the Master of Ravenswood ; The

Battle of Flodden Field. WORDSWORTH,

Ode on the Intimations of Immortality; The Fountain : a

Conversation; Upon Westminster Bridge ; The World is

Too Much with us ; To Milton; Tintern Abbey. COLERIDGE,

Hymn before Sunrise in the Vale of Chamouni. BYRON,

Stauzas for Music; My Native Land, Good-night; Rome;

The Ocean ; Greece ; rom the Drama “ Manfred.” SHELLEY,

To a Skylark; The Cloud. KEATS,

To Autumn; On first looking into Chapman's Homer; On the

Grasshopper and Cricket. HALLAM,

The English Revolution. MACAULAY,

The Last Days of Argyle. DICKENS,

A Shipwreck. MAURICE,

The Friendship of Books. CARLYLE,

Childhood ; The Character of Burns. RUSKIN,

Man's Use and Function. FROUDE,

Queen Elizabeth at Oxford. TENNYSON,

Morte d'Arthur.












Macmillan's English Classics

A Series of Selections from the Works of the Great English Writers.

With Introduction and Notes. Globe 8vo.




25, 6d.


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Addison-Steele.—Selections from the “Spectator." By K. Deighton. 25. 6d.

The Coverley Papers. By K. Deighton. Is. 9d. Arnold.-Poems. Selected by G. C. Macaulay, M.A. Bacon.-Essays. By F. G. Selby, M.A. 35. The Advancement of Learning. By F. G. Selby, M.A. Book I., 25.;

Book II., 45. 6d. The New Atlantis. By A. T. Flux. Bunyan.–Pilgrim's Progress. By John Morrison, M.A., B.D. ; sewed, Is. 6d.

The Schoolmaster-"A very pleasing and readable introduction forms a suitable preface to the text, and serviceable notes are furnished on all points likely to give trouble to the English or foreign student." Burke.—Reflections on the French Revolution. By F. G. Selby, M.A. 55. Speech on American Taxation; Speech on Conciliation with America ;

Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol. By F. G. Selby, M.A. 35. 6d. Byron.-Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. By Edward E. Morris, M.A. Cantos

I. and II., Is. 9d.; III. and IV., 1s. 9d. Campbell. --Selections. By W. T. Webb, M.A.

[In preparation. Chaucer. -Selections from Canterbury Tales. By Hiram Corson, LL.D. 45. 6d. The Squire's Tale. By A. W. Pollard, M.A.

Is. 6d.
The Prologue. By A. W. Pollard, M.A.

[In the Press. The Knight's Tale. By A. W. Pollard, M.A.

[In the Press. Chosen English.--Selections from Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley, Lamb, Scott. With short biographies and notes by A. Ellis, B.A.

25, 6d. Cowper.—The Task, Books IV. and V. By W. T. Webb, M.A. Sewed, 15. each.

The Task, Book V. Sewed, 6d.
Selections from Letters. Selected by W. T. Webb, M.A.

25. 6d.
Shorter Poems. By W. T. Webb, M.A.

The Expostulation. Sewed, Is.
Dryden. --Select Satires. By J. Churton Collins, M.A. Is. 9d.
The Hind and the Panther. By W. H. A. Williams, M.A.

25. 6d. English Poetry.-From Blake to Arnold.-Selected by C. J. Brennan. M.A., J. P. Pickburn, and J. le Gay Brereton.

25. 6d. Goldsmith.—The Traveller, and The Deserted Village. By Arthur Barrett, B.A.

Is. 9d.—The Traveller, and The Deserted Village, separately,

sewed, Is. each. The Traveller, and The Deserted Village. By Prof. J. W. Hales. 6d. The Vicar of Wakefield. Edited by M. Macmillan, B.A.

2s. 6d.

25. 6d.

25. 6d. 25. 6d.


25. 6d.

25. 6d.


Ode on Spring and The Bard. Sewed, 6d.

Elegy in a Country Churchyard and Ode on the Spring. Sewed, 6d. Helps. -Essays Written in the Intervals of Business. By F. J. Rowe, M.A., and

W. T. Webb, M.A. Is. 9d.
Johnson.—Life of Milton. By K. Deighton. Is. 9d.

Life of Dryden. By P. Peterson, D.Sc.

Life of Pope. By P. Peterson, D.Sc. Lamb.- Essays of Elia. By N. L. Hallward, M.A., and S. C. Hill, B.A. First

Series, 35. ; sewed, 25. 6d. Second Series, 3s.
Longfellow. The Courtship of Miles Standish. By W. Elliot, M.A.
Macaulay.--Lays of Ancient Rome. By W. T. Webb, M.A. IS. 9d.
Essay on Addison. By R. F. Winch, M.A.

25. 6d.
Essay on Lord Clive. By K. Deighton. 25.
Essay on Warren Hastings. By K. Deighton. 25. 6d.
Essay on Boswell's Life of Johnson. By R. F. Winch, M.A.

25. 60.
Essay on William Pitt, Earl of Chatham. By R. F. Winch, M.A.
Essay on Milton. By H. B. Cotterill, M.A.
Essay on Frederic the Great. By A. T. Flux.

Is. 6d.
Malory.-Morte D'Arthur. By A. T. Martin, M.A.

25. 6d. Milton.—Paradise Lost. Books I. and II. By Michael Macmillan, B.A. IS. 9d. Books I.-IV. separately, Is. each ; se

ed, Is. each.
L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, Lycidas, Arcades, Sonnets, etc. By W. Bell. Is. 9d.
Lycidas. By the same. Sewed, 6d.
Comus. By the same. Is. 3d.
Lycidas and Comus. By the same.

Is. 6d.
Samson Agonistes. By H. M. Percival, M.A.

Tractate of Education. By Prof. E. E. Morris. IS. 9d.
Palgrave--Golden Treasury of Songs and Lyrics. Book II. By W. Bell. 35. 6d.
Book IV. By J. H. Fowler, M.A.

25. 6d. Poems of England. -A Selection of English Patriotic Poetry. With Notes. By Hereford B. George, M.A., and Arthur Sidgwick, M.A.

25. 6d. Pope.--Essay on Man, Epistles I.-IV. By Prof. E. E. Morris, M.A. 15, 3d.;

sewed, is.
Essay on Man. Epistle I. Sewed, 6d.

Essay on Criticism. By J. Churton Collins, M.A. IS. 9d.
Scott.—The Lady of the Lake. By G. H. Stuart, M.A. 25. 6d.; sewed, 25.;

Canto I., sewed, 9d.
The Lay of the Last Minstrel. By G. H. Stuart, M.A., and E. H. Elliot,

B.A. 25. ; Canto I., sewed, 9d.; Cantos I.-III. and IV.-VI.

separately, Is. 3d. each ; sewed, is. each. Marmion. By Michael Macmillan, B. A. 35.; sewed, 2s. 6d. Canto VI.

separately, is.
Rokeby. By the same. 35.; sewed, 25. 6d.
Shakespeare. -The Tempest. By K. Deighton. Is. 9d.

Much Ado about Nothing. By the same.
A Midsummer-Night's Dream. By the same. Is. 9d.
The Mercbant of Venice. By the same. Is. 9d.
As You Like It. By the same. Is. 9d.
Twelfth Night. By the same. Is. 9d.
The Winter's Tale. By the same. 2s.
King John. By the same. Is. 9d.
Richard II. By the same. Is. ed.


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