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PART I. (Shorter Poems)-The Shepherd, W. Blake. My Garden, 7. Moore.

The Fishing-Boat, M. Howitt. Fairies in Winter, T. H. Bayly. Robert of

Lincoln, W. C. Bryant. Paris and Enone, G. Peele. The Voyage with the

Nautilus, M. Howitt. The Passionate Shepherd to his Love, C. Marlowe.

The Knight's Tomb, s. T. Coleridge. Beggar's Song, R. Brome. Albert

Græme, Sir W. Scott. Song to Pan, J. Fletcher. Lilies, Leigh Hunt. The

Wee Wee Man, Old Ballad. The Sea, Barry Cornwall. The Vision of

Belshazzar, Lord Byron. To the Queen of the May, T. Watson. Our

Gudeman, Old Ballad. A Wish, A. Pope. To the Small Celandine, W.

Wordsworth. O my Luve's like a Red, Red Rose, R. Burns. Lady Clare,

Lord Tennyson. The Greenwood, W. L. Bowles. Upon a Child that died,

R. Herrick. Lord Ullin's Daughter, T. Campbell. The Master of the House,

1. Dennis. An Epitaph on a Robin Redbreast, S. Rogers. Jock of Hazeldean,

Sir W. Scott. The Fly, Barnabe Googe. A Voyage among the Stars, W.

Wordsworth. Orpheus, W. Shakspeare. A Thanksgiving to God for His

House, R. Herrick. Night, W. Blake. Home they brought her Warrior

Dead, Lord Tennyson. The Ivy Green, C. Dickens. The Ungentle Guest,

R. Herrick. Silvia, W. Shakspeare. Kallundborg Church, J. G. Whittier.

Hark, Hark! the Lark, W. Shakspeare. Can I See Another's Woe, W. Blake.

wert Thou in the Cauld Blast, R. Burns. Alice Brand, Sir W. Scott. The

Death of Adonis, W. Browne. Tyrolese Evening Hymn, F. Hemans. Cupid
and the Bee, Old Madrigal. The Funeral at Sea, H. J. Finn. Soldier, Rest,
Sir W. Scott. The Land o' the Leal, Lady Nairn. The Romance of the
Swan's Nest, E. B. Browning. Sweet Content, T. Dekker. Telling the Bees,
J. G. Whittier, The Birks of Aberfeldy, R. Burns. Amiens' Songs, W.
Shakspeare. The Destruction of Sennacherib, Lord Byron. The Triumph of
Charis, Ben Jonson. The Builders, H. W. Longfellow. Our Village, T. Hood.
How Sleep the Brave, W. Collins. The Bells, E, A. Poe. The Soldier's
Dream, T. Campbell. The Lord of Burleigh, Lord Tennyson. Song on May
Morning, J. Milton. To Fidele, W. Shakspeare. King Volmer and Elsie, J.
G. Whittier. An Easter Song, G. Herbert. Lord Ronald, Old Ballad. Fancy,
W. Shakspeare. The Mother's Dream, W. Barnes. Hohenlinden, T. Campbell.
The Three Fishers, C. Kingsley. Shepherds' Songs, J. Fletcher. To Daffodils,
R. Herrick. Elsie's Ghosts: or, Asleep over Lessons, Anon. To his Love,
1. Grahame (Marquis of Montrose). Upon a Bank with Roses, M. Drayton.
How they brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix, R. Browning. An
Enigma, W. M. Praed. The Singing Leaves, J. R. Lowell. A Bridal Song,
W. Shakspeare. Shelter, C. S. Calverley. To Althea, R. Lovelace. The Owl
Critic, J. Fields. Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes, R. Burns. To Flush, my
Dog, E. B. Browning.

Volhynia, L. Morris. A Dirge, T. Chatterton.
The Forsaken Merman, M. Arnold. Home Thoughts from Abroad, R.
Browning. Annabel Lee, E. A. Poe. The Captive Knight and the Blackbird,
J. G. Lockhart. Lock the Door, Lariston, J. Hogg. The Slave's Dream, H.

W. Longfellow. Song of Hesperus, Ben Jonson. Sir Patrick Spens, Old
Ballad. Dirge for the Year, P. B. Shelley. The Aged Stranger, Bret Harte.
Clear and Cool, C. Kingsley. A Sweet Pastoral, N. Breton. Drink to Me only,
Ben Jonson. The Cid's Funeral Procession, F. Hemans. John Anderson, K.
Burns. The Child Lost, W. Barnes. The Revenge, Lord Tennyson. The
Poet, J. Keats. The Changeling. J. R. Lowell. Coyote, Bret Harte. Hervé
Riel, R. Browning. The Starlings, C. Kingsley. Rosabelle, Sir W. Scott.
The Death of the Flowers, W. C. Bryant. The Solitary Reaper, W. Words.
worth. The Requital, A. A. Proctor. As Through the Land at Eve we went,
Lord Tennyson. A Map of England, G. Wither. The First Snow-Fall, J. R.
Lowell. Girls' Names, C. Lamb. Song of the Brook, Lord Tennyson. The
Ox Tamer, Walt Whitman. The Wonderful “One-Hoss Shay," 0. W.
Holmes. To the Cuckoo, W. Wordsworth. Poetry, G. Wither. Peace, H.
Vaughan. The Rider and the Bodensee, Anon. Amantium Iræ Amoris
Redintegratio, R. Edwards. The Aziola, P. B. Shelley. Yussouf, J. R. Lowell.
Virtue, G. Herbert. On the Death of President Lincoln, Walt Whitman. To
Meadows, R. Herrick. Art's Martyr, A. Lang. The Lawlands o' Holland,
Old Ballad. The Dog of Irus, C. Lamb. To His Mistress, the Queen of
Bohemia, H. Wotton. Tasso's Coronation, F. Hemans. A Widow Bird,
P. B. Shelley: The Happy Shepherd, G. Wither. A Grave in Virginia, Walt
Whitman. La Belle Dame Sans Merci, J. Keats, Midnight, T. Sackville.
Song of the Emigrants in Bermuda, A. Marvell. A Death-Bed, T. Hood.
The Monk Felix, H. W. Longfellow. The Tiger, W. Blake. The Oak and
Brere, e. Spenser. To a Cat, J. Keats. Grandmother Tenterden, Bret Harte.
The Poet's Burial-Place, Anon. The Kitten and the Falling Leaves, W.
Wordsworth. Fate, J. Shirley. The Beleaguered City, H. W. Longfellow.
I wandered Lonely as a Cloud, W. Wordsworth. The Fairy Oak of Corrie-
water, Allan Cunningham. To Music, to Becalm his Fever, R. Herrick,
My Fawn, A. Marveli. I Remember, I Remember, T. Hood. Pegasus in
Pound, H. W. Longfellow. Break, break, break, Lord Tennyson.
Skylark, P. B. Shelley. The Pulley, G. Herbert. The Dying Swan, Lord
Tennyson. The Demon Ship, T. Hood. Song of Pan, P. B. Shelley. It is
not Growing like a Tree, Ben Jonson. A Greyport Legend, Bret Harte. Man
and Nature, w. Wordsworth. The Dragon-Fly, W. Š. Landor. An Incident
of the Fire at Hamburg, J. R. Lowell. Song to Sabrina, J. Milton. The Eve
of St. Mark, J. Keats. A First Walk in Spring, H. Howard (Earl of Surrey).
Kubla Khan, S. T. Coleridge. The Rainbow, W. Wordsworth. Under the
Violets, O. W. Holmes. To Spring, T. Carew. They are all gone, H. Vaughan.
The Grasshopper and the Cricket, J. Keats. Come into the Garden, Maud,
Lord Tennyson. Sleeping, Old Madrigal. Aspiration, Anon. To the Gnat,
S. Rogers. Three Years she grew, W. Wordsworth. The Oubit, C. Kingsley,
The Crooked Footpath, O. W. Holmes. Good Night, Anon. Man's Medley,
G. Herbert. The Courtin', J. R. Lowell. The EĎb Tide, R. Southey. The
Patriot, R. Browning: To a Mouse, R. Burns, The Old Familiar Faces,
C. Lamb. Bach's Fugues, T. E. Brown. To Autumn, J. Keats. The
Retreat, H. Vaughan. The Cloud, P. B. Shelley. The Soul, J. Davies. The
Night Bird, C. Kingsley. Elegy written in a Country Churchyard, T. Gray.
Shed no Tear, J. Keats. A Christmas Carol, C. Kingsley, Auld Lang Syne,
R. Burns.

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PART II. (Longer Poems)— The Defeat of the Spanish Armada, T. Deloney.
The High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire, J. Ingelow. The Ancient
Mariner, s. T. Coleridge. The Skeleton in Armour, H. W. Longfellow.
Horatius, Lord Macaulay. Goblin Market, C. G. Rossetti. The Prisoner of
Chillon, 'Lord Byron. Kilmeny, J. Hogg: The Birds of Killingworth, H.
W. Longfellow. The Day-Dream, Lord_Tennyson, Poor Matthias, M.
Arnold. Pictures from the Faery Queene, E, Spenser,


This third volume of my poetical series is intended primarily for the Upper
Forms of High Schools; but I hope it may prove useful to students who
have left school, and are now reading for themselves. I have assumed
that, in either case, the masterpieces of English Literature will be read
independently, and have included no extracts from the Plays of Shakspeare,
the Canterbury Tales, Paradise Lost, or the first two books of the Faery
Queene. Poems from Spenser onwards I have, with some reluctance, given
in modern spelling ; chiefly because it seemed unreasonable to do for the
contemporaries and successors of Shakspeare what no one does for
Shakspeare himself. But earlier poems, Scottish Poems, and those written
in dialect, I have given as they stand, confident that my readers will find
them very well worth the trouble of mastering.

In this last volume I have allowed myself somewhat more freedom of
choice, as regards both subject and language, than in the earlier ones.
Every piece, however, has been carefully selected, and some omissions
necessarily made. Where these are small, I have not in all cases called
attention to them; where they are large, I have described the piece as an


I need scarcely say that I have made no attempt to secure anything like a
consensus of opinion or sentiment. These will differ in Poems as in people,
and we must all learn to make allowance for such differences, and to
recognise the common inspiration that underlies them.


PART 1.-To Poets, J. Keats. The Splendour Falls, Lord Tennyson.
Madrigals, Various Authors. A Wish, A. Cowley. A Praise of his Lady,
J. Heywood. Come away, come away, Death, W. Shakspeare. The Vengeance
of Bacchus, T. L. Peacock. Earine, Ben Jonson. To Lucasta, on Going to
the Wars, R. Lovelace. On the Receipt of my Mother's

Picture, W. Cowper.
O that we two were Maying, C. Kingsley. The Scholar, R. Southey. The
Ship o' the Fiend, Old Ballad. The Man of Life Upright, Lord Bacon. Weep
no More, J. Fletcher. L'Allegro, J. Milton. "Song in Absence, Allan
Cunningham. A Quiet Mind, Lord Vaux. To a Child in Heaven, J. Norris.
The Eve of the Battle of Quatre Bras, Lord Byron. Proud Maisie, Sir W.
Scott. An English Landscape, G. Wither. Drowned in Yarrow, Old Ballad.
Song to Stella, Sir P. Sidney. Prayer of Columbus, Walt Whitman. As in
a Picture, L. Morris. Dark Rosaleen, J. C. Mangan. The Shepherd's Estate
Happiest, P. Fletcher. Il Penseroso, J. Milton. Flush or Faunus, E. B.
Browning. The Wife of Usher's Well, Old Ballad. Epitaph on a Child,
G. Wither. To Anthea, who may command him anything, R. Herrick.
"All the World's a Stage," Sir W. Raleigh. Hester, C. Lamb. On a Day,
alack the Day, W. Shakspeare. A Fragment, Allan Cunningham. Golden
Apples, R. Herrick. His Mistress' Face, P. Rosseter. Song for Saint
Cecilia's Day, J. Dryden. Glen-Almain; or the Narrow Glen, W. Words-
worth. The Virgin of the Rocks, C. Lamb. To his Wife, H. King. Of a'
the Airts the Wind can blaw, R. Burns. Tears, Idle Tears, Lord Tennyson.
Astrophel, Various Authors. After the Battle, T. Moore. Astrology, F.
Beaumont. I saw my Lady weep, Anon. (16th century). The twa Cats and
the Cheese, Allan Ramsay. The Question, P. B. Shelley. A Ballad upon a
Wedding, J. Suckling. A Country Parson, O. Goldsmith. A Dream, w.
Allingham. The Praise of Virtue, G. Wither. Two Songs of Parting, Anon.
(17th century). The Dance of Death, Austin Dobson. A Man's a Man for a'
that, R. Burns. Charge of Ariel to the Sylphs, A. Pope. The Garden, A.
Marvell. To Time, Ă. W. (cir. 1600). The Armada, Lord Macaulay.
November in London, T. Hood. How do I love thee, E. B. Browning. The
Picture of Little T. C., A. Marvell. Parted, Old Song. High Communings,
W. Cowper. A. Wood Path, P. B. Shelley. The Praise of Dancing, T.


Davies. On Como, Anon. To a Dead Friend, W. Habington. Cupid and
Campaspe, J. Lyly. Sonnets, J. Milton. The Banks o' Doon, R. Burns.
The Kingdom of Pluto, T. Sackville. The Poet in War-Time, Í. R. Lowell.
Love's Growth, J. Donne. Flowers for the Wedding of Thame and Isis,
M. Drayton. When thou must Home, T. Campion. Ballade of Sleep,
A. Lang. The Praise of Letters, S. Daniel. Auld Robin Gray, Lady A.
Lindsay. The Land of Drowsihead, 1. Thomson. Rosalynde's Madrigal,
T. Lodge. Cynthia, Sir W. Raleigh. Waly, Waly, Old Ballad. Amoretti,
E. Spenser. To the Rose, E. Waller. My Love is Past, T. Watson.
A Northern Spring, J. R. Lowell. To Echo, J. Milton. Song of Callicles,
Matthew Arnold. To Helen, E. A. Poe. Sonnets, Sir P. Sidney. Youth
and Age, S. T. Coleridge. Elegy on the Death of a Parrot, C. Marlowe.
Employment, G. Herbert. Love's Deathbed, M. Drayton. The Warbling of
Blackbirds, ). Ingelow. A Vigil in the East, E. Judson. Sonnets, W.
Wordsworth. Sir David Græme, J. Hogg. Courage, G. Chapman. Passages
from “ In Memoriam," Lord Tennyson. A Scholar and bis Dog, 5. Marston.
The Garmond of Gud Ladies, R. Henryson. The "Ave Maria," Lord Byron.
In a far Country, M. Ryan. Youth in Age, 0. W. Holmes. May Margaret,
Old Ballad. To Light, A. Cowley. Sir Galahad, Lord Tennyson. To
Darkness, J. Norris. To a Mountain Daisy, R. Burns. At a Solemn Music,
J. Milton. By the Sea, Christina Rossetti. The Praise of Beauty, E. Spenser.
Snow-Flakes, H. W. Longfellow. To the Lady Margaret, s. Daniel. Ask
me no More, T. Carew. A Spring Morning, James 1. (of Scotland). Passages
from “In Memoriam," Lord Tennyson. Unexpressed, C. Marlowe.
Meditation of Lord Strafford in the Tower, Anon. Sonnets, W. Wordsworth.
To Primroses filled with Morning Dew, R. Herrick. Ode to Evening, W.
Collins. The Anniversary, J. Donne. The Lotos-Eaters, Lord Tennyson.
Estrangement, J. R. Lowell. Sonnets, W. Shakspeare, Stanzas, D. G.
Rossetti. Description of Spring, Lord Surrey. Ode to Duty, W. Wordsworth
A Vision upon This Conceit of the Faery Queen, Sir W. Raleigh. Extreme
Unction, J. R Lowell. Sonnets, J. Keats. A Dirge, Lord Tennyson. Man,
H. Vaughan The Bridge of Sighs, T. Hood. Sonnets, W. Drummond.
A Lament fir Flodden, Jane Elliott. Ode to a Nightingale, J. Keats. Stanzas
written in deection near Naples, P. B. Shelley. A Marriage Song, E. Spenser.
To Groves, 1. Herrick. Sonnets, W. Shakspeare. Meäken up a Miff, W.
Barnes. The Progress of Poesy, T. Gray. The Dirge of Marcello. J. Webster.
Two Songs for St. Theresa, R. Crashaw. The Challenge of May, W. Dunbar.
A Rondeau, Leigh Hunt. Tintern Abbey, W. Wordsworth. Take, O Take
those Lips away, W. Shakspeare. Elegy on Elizabeth Drury, 1. Donne.
A Moon-Rainbow, R. Browning. The Songs of David, C. Smart. Life a
Shadow, W. Drummond. Sonnets, W. Shakespeare. On the Tombs in
Westminster, P. Beaumont. Rudel to the Lady of Tripoli, R. Browning.
On a Poet's Lips I Slept, P. B. Shelley. Ode on a Grecian Urn, J. Keats.
Morality, Matthew Arnold. How it strikes a Contemporary, R. Browning.
The Fire of Driftwood, H. W. Longfellow. Good Counseil, G. Chaucer.
The Sleeper, E. A. Pcé. Sonnets, D. G. Rossetti. A Slumber did my Spirit
Seal, W. Wordsworth. Dejection, S. T. Coleridge. Prospice, R. Browning.
Sonnets, W. Shakspeare. Shemuel, E. E. Bowen. To Night, J. Blanco
White. As Ships Becalmed, A. H. Clough. Ode to the West Wind, P. B.
Shelley. A Valediction, E. B. Browning. The One Hope, D. G. Rossetti.

PART II.-Passages from “Endymion," J. Keats. The Spinster's Sweet-
arts, Lord Tennyson. Italian Pictures, Lord Byron. Christabel. S. T.
Coleridge. Hymn on the Nativity, J. Milton. Morte d'ArthurLord
Tennyson. The Raven, E. A. Poe. Lycidas, J, Milton. The Vision of Sir
Launfal, J. R. Lowell. Laodamla, W. Wordsworth. The Schoolmasters,
T. E. Brown. Passages from " Hyperion,” J. Keats. Sea Drift, Walt
Whitman. Adonais, P. B. Shelley. Ode on Intimations of Immortality, W.
Wordsworth. Pictures from the 'Faery Queene," E. Spenser.

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