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[blocks in formation]

1. Father brought a bar of steel and a jar

of tar upon the car. 2. The stone left a deep scar on Sam's fore

head. 3. The little stars are far, far away from

our earth. 4. I do not care to run about bare-footed

and bare-headed. 5. The noise of the cannon will scare the

young mare. 6. We use set squares in our drawing lessons.

Supply the missing word from A

1. The 'qu- man always 281—8 at our cheers.
2. We all like to live with Sch- people.
3. The little squirrel 4p-8 through the trees
4. The red-deer got quite 6cl — of the hunters.
6. The farmers 6sh— their sheep in warm weather.
6. Near the end of the 'y— comes Christmas.
7. We soon 8w- of dull and 'dr- November.


1. in leap year

February extra day. 2. poor washerwoman

weary hard day's work. 3. fear boys steer boat

on rocks. 4. beer made malt and hops. struck soldier near

heart. 6. fear we cannot hear scholars' cheers.

5. spear

In leap year February has an extra day.
The poor washerwoman is weary after her day's work.
I fear the boys will steer the boat on the rocks.


for Composition and Transcription

-eer cheerless sneering steering queerest

-ear dearest

wearied fearful. yearly appeared reared ear-ring hearing

hearer clearer wearily weariness A-WORD-BUILDING RULES

IV.-Dropping final 1 in adding -full, all, -fill, well




al.most al.together al.ready although al.mighty

el.bow wel.fare 7wel.come



wil.ful. 4peaceful. beautiful. Icareful. plentiful. bmerciful.
11skil.ful frightful.

useful. Spainful.
aw.ful. 8faithful.
2dreadful. ful.fil.
fruitful. ful.filled
Øthoughtful. pocketful.
'bag ful.
10 brul.rushes ful.ness


until. chil.blains


1. Although Sam is the tallest of the three he is the weakest,
2. I almost caught the ball with one hand.
3. John always calls for me on the road to school.
4. Are you all right?” cried the driver.
5. We were left all alone in the room until dusk.
6. Tom fulfilled his promise faithfully.
7. We were made very welcome by the beautiful lady.
8. Be careful to welcome your old friends.
9. The thoughtful boy brought a plentiful supply of food,
10. Mary's chilblains were very painful.
11. The hilly country looks very beautiful,

O_ELLIPSIS-Seeking and Finding

Supply the missing word from A 1. On my master's recommendation I obtained the 'sit2. My brother died of ?inflamm- of the lungs. 3. We had permission to carry provisions on the 'excur4. Great “con— followed the explosion at the foundry. 5. We had 'per- to join the procession on this occasion. 6. There is good accommodation for visitors to the exhib—, 7. After the rebellion there was a restor- of property. 8. He had no permission to take possess— of the house. 9. The missionary gave a 'descrip- of his 10recep— by the Indians. 10. In the Artic reg--s the cold is intense.


Fit these words together to make sense 1. profession of doctor needs careful preparation 2. no one gained admission except my companion 3. excursionists at railway stations found confusion 4. destruction of city caused sensation 5. dog's affection for master 6. collection made for restoration of old church

The profession of a doctor needs careful preparation.
No one gained admission to the exhibition except my companion.
The excursionists at the station found all in confusion.
E-ADDITIONAL WORDS--Noun-makers in
-tion. First miss out the e and then add the following to

-ation -ition

V relate accom'modate starve ci'vilise propose reg'ulate commu'nicate perspiré colonise impose dictate mod'erate restoré organise compose' im'itate desperate

explore accuse

transpose' ag'gravate decorate recite imag'ine opposé complete ed'ucate examind prepare compete ORAL EXERCISE–Make Sentences containing each new word, as,

Here is good accommodation for travellers.
Communication with India by telegraph is now open.

EXERCISE III. Re-write correctly the following, using Capitals and Stops where

needed :1. charles dickens lord macaulay sir walter scott and robert burns

were great writers. The most interesting magazines are — 2. Some favourite poems are john gilpin the wreck of the hesperus

we are seven the may queen and the skylark 3. in our school library are westward ho robinson crusoe the

pilgrim's progress by john bunyan esop's fables and uncle tom's

cabin. My favourite pictures are — 4. the times the standard the chronicle the daily graphic and the

daily telegraph are well-known london papers 5. the germans dutch and spaniards are european nations 6. the hindoos chinese and turks are asiatic peoples 7. edward the III. king of england and his son the black prince

led the english army at crecy in france 8. I have read and like best these books 9. My favourite writers are — My favourite poems are — . 10. My favourite poets are - My historical favourites are


Make sentences using correctly the following words :the english

a shetland pony the dutch scotch wool irish butter an englishman a frenchman a bengal tiger an arabian horse an indian chief a spanish officer the welsh


Introduce the following into sentences :Sunday November Christmas February Easter Monday Wednesday Friday August October May-day Ascension day January Saturday Tuesday July

Whit-Sunday April December March

Make sentences containing the following historical names :-
Gunpowder Plot

The Battle of Trafalgar
The Resurrection

The Death of Nelson
Crossing the Red Sea The Crucifixion
The Civil War

The Flood
The Norman Conquest The Crusades
The Indian Mutiny The Discovery of America

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