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to Scripture, in doctrine, worship, discipline, and practice, and more united with each other: that so we may all soon come to worship our God with one heart and with one mouth.—We should indeed pray for all sorts and conditions of men, in the land and on the earth: but, especially, present circumstances most imperiously call upon us to “beseech the Lord of the " harvest to send forth labourers into his harvest.” Many openings are made by Providence, for propagating Christianity; a spirit of zealous exertion is excited; and British wealth, liberality, and piety, in numbers I trust,) are adequate to any expences in this cause: but alas! the men are wanting. Oh then unite in prayer, that labourers may be sent forth into the harvest.

Many other topicks might be insisted on: and es. pecially we should pray for success to all pious at. tempts, and support, comfort, and assistance to all concerned in them. But I must desist. The field is large; the subjects for prayer are many and important. Do you not, my brethren, see the propriety of taking encouragement from past answers to call on God as long as you live?

But while I am addressing you, as a congregation of true Christians, who united in the earnest supplications which have received so remarkable an answer; probably there may be some whose consciences testify that they do not belong to this company. You have perhaps bowed the knee in publick or in social prayer; but without entering into the spirit of these services. You may have had a form of private religion: but it

has been cold and unmeaning. In short, you are con. scious, that hitherto, you have been strangers to ge- . nuine repentance, to a life of faith in the Son of God, to spiritual religion, and newness of life. Let me beg of you then to recollect, that though you may share in publick mercies and deliverances, in consequence of the prayers offered by others; you cannot escape the wrath of God, or obtain eternal salvation, unless you yourselves “ seek the LORD while he may be found, " and call on him while he is near." And consider, without eternal salvation, how little all else will profit the possessor.

There may be also those, who through discourage. ment, or mistakes, or prejudices, (as we must suppose,) have been kept from joining us in prayer for deliverance from our perilous and calamitous situation. Should this have been your case, we hope, how. ever, you will have no objection to join us in blessing the Lord for his unmerited, and perhaps unexpected, benefits. At least, let us be of one mind and one heart in this service, and in our endeavours to promote the purity, peace, and enlargement of the Redeemer's kingdom, in our favoured land, and to the ends of the earth.

And if we have prayed, and the LORD has heard, in our publick concerns; let us, my brethren, prize the privilege of coming to the throne of grace; and more love and value him, who has, by his own obedience unto the death upon the cross, opened to us the way of access and acceptance: let us abound more and more in prayer and supplication; let us "ask and re

s ceive that our joy may be full.”-And now to him, that is able to “ do exceeding abundantly above all “ that we can ask or think, according to the power “ which now worketh in us; to him be glory, in the “ church, by Christ Jesus, throughout all ages, world " without end. Amen.".

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With some account of a Society of Clergymen in

London, whose object it has been to promote

vital godliness at this alarming period.


N.B. The substance of this Tract was first preached as a Ser. mon, on 1 Chron. xii. 32, and though afterwards drawn up in another form, it seems proper that it should be added to the preceding Sermons on the same subject.

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