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"For our gospel came not to you in Word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost."

Are any dissatisfied with the manner of teaching, as "there are many things to say, and hard to be explained;" and slothfulness, &c. in hearer and render, we say, consider the appeal of Paul to the Corinthians, "My speech, and my preaching, was not wilh enticing words of man's wisdom, but in the demonstration of the Spirit, and of Power."

Are any falling off, or halting, having set out under the light and power of the Holy Spirit, we refer such tn Paul's remonstrance to the Hebrews, to learn how great their condemnation will be, if they deny or desert the pure doctrine to which the Godhead had borne " witness, with signs and wonders, and gifts of the Holy Ghost." And we invite a return to the witness and fruits of the Spirit, and a renewal of their influence again " unto repentauce, and faithfulness;" because once they had been "made partakers of the Holy Ghost, and had tasted the powers of the world to come."

Are there any who have deserted the pure doctrine of the gospel, we inquire as he did of the "thoughtless Galatians." "Who hath bewitched vou? received ye the Spirit by the works of the 'W, or by the hearing of the faith?"

And are there any slothful, and barren, and un

athful, we quote for them, "wherefore (as the

Holy Ghost saith) to-day," &c. Seeing Christ is

faithful, be ye not unfaithful. "If we live in the

Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit." Say one

to another, "I will pray with the Spirit." "I

vili sing with the Spirit;" "with the understand

:ig also." Ask one of another, "what thing is it, brethren, that when we come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a revelation, hath a tongue, hath an interpretation?" Say also, one to another, "Let all things be done unto edification." "What the Holy Ghost taught concerning Christ, the very Angels longto know." And how much more we? It was for us, it was made known; it was for our everlasting benefit, it was planned ; it was infinite love, that opened the. way of righteousness, and the door of hope unto salvation. And it is our duty to see to it, that our faith is a living faith; and that our very hope of an interest in our Lord, is consonant to "what the Holy Ghost taught concerning him," and in no respect a stupifying influence. And as to this life observe the rule,, " to use the world so as not to abuse it."

Beloved Brethren,

Permit me to address you in all lowliness and meekness of heart. We are in some respects, as a new order of people. Our name of Keformed Methodists, denotes, that we have become sensible of our wanderings and backslidings, and have made up our minds to reform, and turn unto the truth as it is in the Gospel; looking also, more to Apostolic ant primitive examples of practice and doctrines, lhati to the modern fashion of these concerns; and looking to our Head and Master who is in Heaven, atid the testament he left us, for counsel and direction, and not to any sublunary, and creature devices and notions, however gilded, and alluring in the)r character, and specious in their appearance. 1 beseech you, to weigh in all commendable solemnity and earnestness, the evidences in favor of the doctrine I have advanced, and endeavoured to defend, viz. "the proper Sonship of Jesus Christ, and his real divinity." Weigh the testimony, I entreat, in the balance of the sanctuary, and if they are found to bear the lest, when fairly scrutinized, and fully brought to the balance and the light; need I ask, sb ill we contend for them? or shall we yield them up?

I trust, we shall all be of one mind, as the Apostle Jude, expresseth it, " to contend earnestly for the faith, once delivered to the saints"— that is to contend humbly, meekly, and lovingly, that the fundamental truths "which were once delivered to the saints, should remain unvaried forever." Should brethren ask us, if there is not a necessity of reforming on the points of doctrine herein considered? I answer, for one, I think there is not. All we need to qualify us to be useful members of the body of Christ, or ministers of a full and complete gospel, is, that anointing of the Holy Ghost promised to Christians, which transforms into the nature and image of Christ, so far as that nature and image is communicable to us, and sufficient for our needs.

Should any be curious to inquire, why we became a separate people, from the Episcopal Methodist Church? the answer should not give offence to any, and is very plain; the Episcopal mode of church government, as exercised in our day and age of the world, in my humble opinion, is not scriptural; neither congenial with the natural or christian rights of man. I would say, however, on this point, as on all others, that I would by no means set myself upas an infallible judge, but conceding at all times, the most perfect freedom; and that all men have a right to enjoy their highest and most endeared privileges, provided, they are careful, so to exercise them, -as not to infringe upon the rights of other men.

I again exhort you to all diligence in respect to these fundamental doctrines of faith unto salvation, once delivered to the saints. I most a

fectionately and earnestly intreat you, also, to watch for me, for yourselves, and for one another.

I fellowship you all,

In the bonds of love,

Peace, and good will,


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