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THE Christian Worid, for some years past, hath been in possession of manyvaluable writings of the Reverend SaMuel Eyles Pierce. And very sure I am, that the Lord the Spirit hath, in many instances, blessed them to his Church and People.

The present publication on the Pentateuch, by the same Author, carries-with it testimonies of being written under the same divine teaching. And these proofs, which every Reader taught of God will discover, supersede, and render useless every other recommendation. I venture to assume full confidence, that God The Holy Ghost will bless this little volume, wheresoever He shall be pleased to send it, and cause HIS Imprimatur of it to be Written in the heart of His people.


Charles Vicarage, . \ ,

Aug. 10. 1615.


On the institution of the passover; shewing how the paschal

lamb, in various particulars, bore a resemblance, and was

a solemn memorial, figure/and type of Christ, his suffer-

ings, and death; with an account of the departure of the

children of Israel out of Egypt.—Exodus xii. 42. • • • • 168


On the cloudy pillar, in which Jehovah the Saviour dwelt, and

by which he guided, protected, and defended his chosen

people, and went before them as their leader, and was also

their rereward.—Exodus xiii. 21, 22. 204


On the Sinai transaction and covenant between the Lord and

the people of Israel, with the glory, majesty, and regalia

of sovereignty, displayed by the Lord God on that most

important and solemn revelation of his will to the Israel-

ites.—Exodus xix. 10.17,18....................... 224


A solemn ratification of the covenant of grace, exhibited to

view at Sinai, by Moses building an altar, erecting twelve

pillars, reading the book of the covenant, which being

assented to by the people, he sprinkled the book and all

the people, saying, behold the blood of the covenant, &c.

After which, Moses and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and

seventy of the elders of Israel, were admitted to a sight

of God.—Exodus xxiv. 8, i), 10,11 • .. • 254


On the tabernacle, with its court, and the sacred utensils in it,

with the rearing it up when the cloud of glory tilled it;

all of which was full of Christ, and very expressive sym-

bols of him.—Exodus xl. 33, 34. ••-.••••••• 277

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