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ewige society be dp by be divin


ABSENCE from the body, see Death.

Children, comfort under the loss of good, 806. of | Contemplation of God, see Delight, Meditation.
Adam, see Man, Laro.

God, his relation terminates on their spirits, 333, Contention, abont religion, occasion of great mis-
Adams, Mr. Richard, his cbaracter. 976.

947. of believers, to be considered among vísi chief, 188. necessary for important truth, ib. per-
Adoption, what it is, 111. among the Romans, pub ble Christians while in their minority, 458, nicious when a man's element, ib. carnality of

lic and private, both alluded to in Scripture, 297. 1010. when capable of making a profession, no religious, 457. considerations why Christians
of grace, 834.

longer to be considered in their parents, 1010. should lay it aside, 471.
adoice, to those who fear they shall perish, 799. address to, from the doctrine of universal depra Contentment, the best way to attain it, 28. Chris-
dictions, wherein to be counted joyous, 709. im vity, 1248. effect of sin on birth of, 1952, disposi tians should endeavour to grow in, 256.
provement of, desired, 713. See Discases. Bene tions with which their loss should be bome, Condiciion, necessary to reconciliation, 945.
fit of, to good men, 1008.


Corruption of human nature, evidence of, 72.
Angels, why we have so little intercourse with, not Choice, in our fallen state chiefly regards our end sense of several pagans about, ib. Gospel account

to be accounted for by reason, %8. redemption or chief good, 239. wisdom of a righteous man's, of, more distinct than any previous, 438. different
contemplated by, 92. reasons of mercy to us, and

degrees of observable, see Enmity.
not to the fallen, 95. their stability owing to Christ, became a temple, to make us temples to Covenant, our entering into with God gives no
Christ. 103. reasons for Christ being made their God, 77. aptness of his constitution and appoint new right, 90. of grace, amplitude of, 108. sum of
Lord, 321. not so suitable to be employed in sa ment to the attainment of this end, ib. influence the Mosaic, 109. our part of, summed up in
ving men, 989. sometimes employed in the affairs of his Godhead in man's recovery, 112. his do faith and repentance, 451. difference between
of the church, 1000. their kind propensions to minion over the invisible world, 309. living in his God's and human, 467, author of, 821, media.
wards men, 1020. saying of, at the birth of Christ, people, 823. the Sun of righteousness, 1957. ef tor of, 822. children entered into by their pa.
opened, 1258.

fects of his undertaking, tb. final end of his incar rents, but when capable to enter into themselves,
Anecdote, of Rev. Mr. Roger's method to fix atten nation, ib.

tion, 1095.

Christianity, end of, restoration to the divine like Creation, not impossible, 68. perfections of God
Apostacy, of mankind general, see Corruptim. ness, 220. interest of, not that of a party, 326. seen in, 1058. first of God's external acts, 1158.
Meditating a revolt is seminal, 336. of mankind evil of considering the doctrines of, which con objects of, 1160. agent in, 1162. ascribed to each
total, 525. contentment a preservative from, cern regeneration less Gospel than such as refer person in the Trinity, ib. distinct agency in, ib.

to privilege, 400. enmity to it, owing to sensuali act of, 1163. of all things out of nothing, 1164.
Apostleship, of Christ, end of it, 271. how far Paul ty, 433. folly of treating ludicrously, io.unrea. atheists' objection to, answered, 1167. better to be
made his peculiar for his willingness to stay lon sonable to require more than the standing evi understood by faith than by rational search, 1169.
ger on earth, 1025.

dence of, 434. whether there may not be equiva use to be made of the doctrine of, 1171. of man,
Armageddon, battle of, 568.

lent evidence now with that of primitive time, 454. see Man. New, see Regeneration.
Assurance, no common thing, 212. unwillingness to glory and success of, in its primitive simplicity, Creeds, a Christian society may agree in, 459. use

die for want of, 291, 1025. of divine truth, God's 460, lamentation over its declension, ib. best of, ib. words of, not to be deemed sacred, ib.
illumination necessary to, 356. of understanding, means to unite interests of, see Union. God has communion not to be restricted by, 460.
what, 474, 481. not the privilege of all God's chile not made it the measure of men's civil rights, 499. Curcellous, his arguments against the divine im-
dren, 951.

dispute about essentials of, 597. apprehension that mensity, 54.
Atheism, religion better defended against by prac. it must undergo a temporary death previous to its Curse, how Christ made a, for us, 78.

tice than by argument, 8. unreasonable, 12. un revival, 987.
comfortable, ib. unaccountable, 43. madness, Christians, disagreements among, unnatural, 526.

284. Jews secured against, 350. encouragement gracious habits of, need continual influence, 544.
against, 569.

obligations of, to good works, 549. fault of, if they | Darkness, deliverance from the power of, 956.
walk not in the Spirit, 553. the part they have to Day of grace, those who live under the Gospel
do in the divine lite, 655. impotency without the have a, 438. not of equal clearness to all, 10.

Spirit, 556. growth of, scriptures referring to it, greater, in some respects, to the Jews in Christ's
Bapttem. sign of entrance into the Christian stato, 577. primitive, great spirituality of, 580. when time than to us, ib. greater to the Jews and Gen-

110. insufficiency of, to salvation, 22. should troubled, not distressed, 705. exhorted not to sleep tiles at the first publication of the Gospel, ib.
be followed with personal dedication, 381, 417, us do others, 731.

has its limits, 442. duty of those who have rea-
430, 949. sign of the cross in, see Confor. Church, national, no proof that God has appoint son to hope it is not lost, 447. and of those who
mity. On exclusion of parents in, see Cooe. ed such, 173. guides of, nu power to exclude have reason to fear it is past, 448. advice to them,

from, 1d. parocbial, if persons obliged to com 449.
Bates, Dr. William, his character, 983.

mure with, see Conformity. Prosperity of the Death, happiness of saints at, 221. wrong induce-
Bater, Mrs. Margaret, her character, 1029.

Christian before the end of time, 562. state of per ments of desiring, 266. reasons why Christians
Benefactor, God to be considered our greatest, manent happiness promised to, 564. in a cala should be reconciled to, 302. Christ's dominion

mitous state for many ages, ib. retraction of the over, 311, of friends, submission to, 319. of rela-
Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, 443.

Spirit from, ib. was become despicable when tives, 968, 997. of Lazarus, 979. not so formidable
Blessedneas, of the righteous, & treatise on, 191. Mahomet arose, 565. prosperity of, for a thou a thing as commonly supposed, 1026. God's de-
subject of, see Righteousness. Nature of, 198. sand years, 568. this should be pleasing to us, termination to put a perpetual end to, 1031. ef-
season of its commencement, see Death, Resur though it be not in our time, 570. increase of fect of the fall, 1212, spiritual, what it compre-
rection. Patience in expectation of future, see scriptures referring to it, 576. objections to, hends 1216. degrees of misery in, 1225. inferences

answered, 578. its influence to produce favour from doctrine of, 1227. directions concering,
Body, marks of wisdom in the structure of man's able opinions of religion, 581. promoted by re 1230.
and other animals, 17. inordinate concern for, moval of public calamities, 586. times and sea- Debts, how far punishment to be considered as, see
287, 287. glorifiod, see Death. Influence of, on sons respecting, reserved in God's own power, 701. | Punishment.
the mind, 815. absence from, 1021. over-indulging Communion, a reciprocation of loves, 281. with | Decrees of God, definition of the tern, 1133.
of, 1027. creation of, 1178. union of with the soul, God, pleasure attending it, 360. all to be re- Dedication, advantages of, 359. of ourselves to

ceived to, whom Christ would receive, ib. sin God, 413. nature of, 414. personal, recommended,
for any persons to make terms of, which Christ 417. inducements to, 419. See Covenans, Yield-
hath not made, 457. mischiefs to the church from ing to God.

changing Christ's terms of, 458. no less a sin | Defeats and delays in religion, cautions against,
Calamities, public, what provokes God to inflict than to change the terms of the covenant, 18. 839, 840.
them, 586. removal of the causes of, ib.

Christian or ecclesiastical, what is to be the Delight in God, treatise on, 350. in him as the chief
Cares, unlawful, see Thoughtfulness.

measure of it, 931.

good, 351. act of, explained, 373. sensitive, 375,
Carnality, remains of, hinders the soul tending Compassion, Christ's in curing diseases, 1004. See contemplative, 376. both a privilege and a duty,
God-ward, 401. of religious contention, 457.

378. expostulations on the neglect of, 389. invita.
Catholicism, see Communion, Union, Party. Conformity of persons to the established mode of tions to, 398.
Certainty, of faith, difference between divine and worship. 392. differences among those who do Depravity, universal, 504. wretchedness of, not
that of reason, 368. sufficient in religion without not, may be accounted for, ib.

understood, 525. remedy of, not apprehended, 528.
papal infallibility, ib.
Confidence, madness of self, 1197.

see Fall,
Change, necessary to salvation, see Regenera Conscience, name of, little known among pagans, Desire, after heaven, fruit of regeneration, 233. af

242. apprehension of, concerning future judgment, ter God, pleasure resulting from it, 360, fruit of
Charity, excellence of it unspeakable, 483.uni 313. pleasure of a good, 360. inconvenience of a love, 373. inordinate to know future events, soe

formity bat of little service to the church with scrupulous, 384. sinning against, 393. ministers to Thoughtfulness.
out it, ib. that to our union with each other, appeal to, 427. of other men not to be judged by Despair, cautions against, to good men, 387. to sin-
which piety is to our union with God, ib. neces us, 469. to commune with, recommended to ners under conviction, 399. no ground of, 793. to
sary to the very being of the church, it, want of christians, 554. ministers commending themselves precede hope, 837. should of our own strength,
it the most destructive schism, ib. in reference to every man's, 757.

to other men's sing, 484. root of all the duty of Consideration, necessity of it in religion, 236, 414. | Diseases, how far inflicted by Satan, 1004. Christ's
the second table, ib. rejoices not in iniquity, 485. I Constantine, his victory over Maxentius, 568. I power in removing, 1003.

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Dioine nature, the perfection of, 30, 1103. attri- ' to all men's not obtaining, answered, 441. if ex' 111. doctrine of, opposed in the apostolic age. 4.

butes, of life, 14, 1110. omnipotence, 14, 52, 1112. pected to follow any thing done by us, ib. day of, Paul's reasoning against its opponents, ib. in
wisdom, 14, 1117. infinity, 31. goodness, 29, 53, see Day.

what Christians agree respecting. 165. difters
969, 1122. unity, 37, 1085, knowledge, 51, 1115. om Gregory Nazianzen, saying of, 569.

some things from that of human judicature, 467.
niprésence, 53. holiness, 207, 1120 to be studied, Glory, greatness of God's, in designing his people inseparable from sanctification, ib.
849. all-sufficiency, 1106 general remarks on the, for heaven, 234. of God, eminently signified by his
1119. justice, 1121. See Justice. Faithfulness, name in Scripture, 493. future, to be meditated
on, 841. of heaven, 842. of the body, at the resur-

Divine roill, acts of, 1133. distinctions of, 1134. ge rection, 843. of the divine presence, ib.
neral propositions concerning, 1135. particular, ib. Gnostics, some account of, 675.

Keys of hell and death, meaning of, 311. power ot,
coansel of, concerning the general affuirs of men,

1146. nature of, 1148. does not exclude human

Kingdom, of Christ on earth introductive to las in
prudence, 1149. nor prayer, 1150. instruction to be


heaven, 322. of God, what, 510. node adoutted to,
derived from, 1153. directions for practice, 1165.

but those born of the Spuit, 511. Privileges of its
See Decrees.
Hades, signification of, 309.

subjects, 513. government of, 514. perpusty of,
Dominion, sentiments and absurdity of papal Happiness, future, 828.

ib. constitution of, spiritual, 526. a growing,
church concerning, 185. of Christ, see Christ. Hearing, folly of placing religion only in, 381.

opposed to Satan's, 956. of darkness, deliverance
Dreams, rules for interpreting ridiculous, 346. Heart, of man, only way of access to, 776.

from, ib
Heathena, believing in Christ not a duty of, till they | Kings, difforent influence of, on the church. 575.

hear of him. 437. may have favourable impressions Knowledge, God', see Dirine naiure. Increase
concerning God, but faint compared with the Gos. of, to be sought, 250, several sorts of, mentopid,
pel revelation, 438.

ib. of things to come, immoderate desire of, 341.
Education, advantages of a pious one, 325. neglect Heaven, vast amplitude of, 321. number of its inha of God, desired, 354. means of attaining a more
of, lamented, ib.

bitants, ib. glorious employ of, 844. difference be clear and distinct, 403. our's worth little without
Encouragements to sinners under the Gospel, 792.

tween and paradise, 1189.

love, 471. imperfection of, in the present state,
Enmity of unconverted men, explained, 938. proved, Heresy, in what sense the term used, how distin 1015. proper object of, 1016. perfection of, in hea.
939. reflections, 942. See Corruptions, Recon gushed from error, 463.

ven, id. transforming influence of, ib. whole of me
Hoghton, Jobn, his character, 323.

ligion expressed by, 1017. what to be derived from
Epicurus, sentiments of, considered and confuted, I Holiness, pleasure of its perfection in heaven, 216. creation, 1056, use to be made of, 1061, 1069.
23. saying of. 240.

God the author of, 857. of God, see Divine na.
Epicurean Deity, short account of, 45.

ture. Of the saints, effect of regeneration, 999.
Epictetus, saying of, 588.

Holy Spirit, his influence intercepted by sin, 78.
Eternity of the world, disproved, 13, 64, 1166.

Christ obtained the power of communicating, by
Eramination, concerning religion, propriety of, 9. his sacrifice, 79. his agency is in a rational way. Laro, of nature, defined, 86. given to Adam. 105, 110,

paper of the author's on an important subject, 80. in what sense communicated, 97. the builder 132. of works and faith, 195. Bee Righierista.

xiii. of ourselves, 236, 241, 361. See Conscience. and inhabitant of living temples, 101, 106. fulness Gospel does not abrogate, 878, 611. obscure in
Example of Christ, representation of divine holiness, of given mto Christ's power, 102. actually given some things in others clear. 612.
82. inducements to conform to, ib.

by him, 101. his agency in producing jog, 22. his | Leiters, to Lady Russel, on the execution of Lord
Expiation, see Sacrifice.

inward illuminations, 351. whence holy disposi Russel, xviij. to the Bishop of Lincoln, was to
tions called the, 367, what reasons sinners have his friends in and about London, &c. xxiv. to
to expect his grace, 441. sin against, 443. his work, friend, on the loss of an excellent wife, 1036 to 4
in reference to particular persons. 503. various lady on the loss of a daughter, ib. two to a

names of, 507. how we are born of, 508. necessity married couple, 1037. to a lady on the decreer
Face of God, meaning of the phrase, see Vision. of his work on the heart, 510, 511. not believed by her parents, ib. to the same on the death of a ,
Fainting in the ministry, disavowed, 774, encour many called Christians, 515. maintains the life of 108, two to Mr. Spusbury, ib.
agements against, ib.

his people, 529, in what manner, 532. certainty of Liberty, moral, of a saint, in what it consists 916
Fairclough, Mr. Richard, his character, 965.

tbis. 531. wonderful grace of, 537. hazard of with perfection of, in heaven, ib. pleasure resulting
Feith, the Spirit received by, 107. refers to God as drawing from, ib. walking in the, 539. privilege of from, 217.

our sovereign Lord, and as our sovereign good, doing so. 541. communications necessary to Life, inordidate concern for, cautions against. .
108. excellence of, above sense. 238. subserviency ib. attainable by believers, 547. duty of, 549. du 316, 334. of man, vain, 27" practice becomine the
of to joy, 281. connexion with hope, and distinc tios connected with grace from, 550. Some of expectation of a future, 24. inditte tunice poner
tion from it, 295. in the promises, how to be exer the operations of, said to be our act, also, 553. towards the affairs of this, 285. spiritual in the
cised in dedicating ourselves to God, 415. in causes of possessing so little of his influence. 554. soul, 630. influence which maintains it, 531, e-
Christ, necessary to reace, 437. in the future tran means to attain more of, ib. neglect of, intolera. cellence of, 536, miscry of man without it. 537.
quillity of the church, 566. the necessity of, 835. ble sin, 561. work of, in reference to the Christian words of this life explained, 996. wis om of God
imparted by God, 851. nature of, 668. properties of, church 563 influence of, on external prospyrity, in implanting strong love to our natural, 122.
669 infers devotedness to God, 871. liberty towards 566. bow to be regarded, as he is a spirit of holi | Light of the Spirit, 538. communication of
God, 875. obligations, 876. connexion with adop ness and a spirit of prophecy, 574. efficacy of in plied in walking in the Spirit, 541. Decessity of
tion and regeneration, 882. includes assent, 985 fluence to produce prosperity, ib. what necdful to 542.
founded on divino testimony, ib. true and false produce it, 575. union produced by, 593. Nuspen Likeness, to God, see God.
distinguished, 888. influence of, on the will and af sion of. to be dreaded. 605. sin and consequence Longing to depart, effect of hope, 844.
fections, 891. fragment of particular, in prayer, of vexing, 717. bis striving with sinners, 942. Lord, see Dominion
1039. creation an object of, 1159.

Hope, much of the present happiness of saints con Lord's supper, remarks on gesture at, 184. who
Fall of man, 1192. sin of, 1193. how it came to pass, sists in, 238, its use, ib. connected with, but dis have a right to, 457 suitable to join with bo

:194. inferences from, 1197. death consequent upon, tinct from fnith, in the great engine that moves in, who have an uucharitable spurit, 450. disposte
ib. nature of, considered generally, 1200, univer the world. 247. of the perfect state pressed upon tions suitable to, 961.
sality of, 1205. aggravations of, 1206. inferences Christians, 260, makes patience necessary, 295, Lore, To God, more impaired by sin than loop ta
from, 1209. God vindicated in the permission of, 840. how it maketh not ashamed, 727. nature of, man is, 230. must be surreme. 269. makes patate

801. its mfluence on our salvation, 603. 808. objec necessary in expectation of future glory, toal
Family religion, six sermons on, 608.

tions to, answered, 811. before and after conver. of by the question, if we could be content to be
Father, endearing representation of God as our, sion distinguished, 815. mark of sonship, 816. ad damned for his glory, unnecessary ; the tous
1104. name, how to be thought of, 1106.

vantages of, 817, 827, founded on the covenant, blasphemous, 407. differs from faith, 415. Der
Fear, of God, corresponds with his greatness, 256. 821. attended with difficulties. 824. exhortation to, sary in yielding ourselves to him, 429. character
pleasure attending it, 360. of hell, often a preser. 831. new creature made up of, 941.

istic of the resonerate, 527. what it is, 5ks are
vation from it, 387, 450, pot useless, 820.

Human nature, capacities of, to be studied, 849. brother, seventeen sermons on, 650 vagas en
Fire of the city of London, short account of, 736. Humility, towards God, should answer to luis high dences of 651. difficulties of. 653. reasons of these
Friendship, what it signifies, 354. with God, nine excellency; towards our inferiors, to his gracious 654. great obligations to, 661. vanity of extes
sermons on, 851.

condescension, 255. conduces to delight in God. for not having, 662, sin not to, heinous, 679.
Funeral, rites, decency of, 1012. sermons, see titles. 409. to accompany our dedication to God, 430. ous inquiry if we love him, what to be dorse afer.

922 no medium between, and enumits. 915
-. Of God, manifested in heaven, 206. greatness of
to his people, 2.34. assurance of, gives delight,

as a father. 534.
God, existence of, 9, 11. conversableness with men, Jesus, what the name signifies, 883. proofs that he -, TO OUR COUNTRY. sentiments of pazans on.
10, 15. self-activity of, 13. glory of, manifested in is the Christ, 886.

- TO MEN, impression of God's. 253. 2 ure o
beaven, 206. mistakes concerning, 211. advanta Jews, their destruction, dreadful judgments in, 436. it, when duly regulated. 362 effects of 5) 997
ges of, ib. goodness of, see Divine nature. Like peculiar advantages of the, 43R.

-, TO SELF, irregular. 266 regular, 363 obiran
ness to its reality, 358. instruments in effecting, Jerusalem, walls of, built in troublous times, ser of to love each other, 527, what it is: 59 na
ib. nature of, 359. objections to answered. 367. hi mon on. 734,

nate effect of 692 whether it can be predominant
ding of his face, what, 563. justified in hiding the | Image, worship of, against light of nature, 364. of in the Christian. 847. to God and caneles are
Gospel from some, 788. friendship with, 851, coun God, in man, see Likeness to God.

nected, 848. among Christians, means of unud,
sels from, 853. communications, 854. forgives free. Immortality, see Soul, Life.

see Union.
ly, 838. bringy into covenant with himself, 859. Impatience to be cuarded against, 851.

- OF OUR BROTHER, how to be understood. 6. Et
holds fellowship with his people, 360, secures their In fallibility, papal, cannot be proved, 426.

tle of, towards men or Christianis, 691. a royal's
growth in grace, ib. restores backsliders, 86L kind In fidels, notional. 433. practical, ib. believers by violation of, 692.
ness in not withdrawing his Spirit, 863. heals the accident. little better than, 434.
poul, 864. inquired after, ib. grace of, in man's re Infinity. God only capable of, 34. 63. difficulties of.

covery, 1255. general good will of, to man, 1262 too great for human understanding, 143.
Gog and Magog, opinion of some concerning. 567. Intuotiion advantages of, above reasoning, 208. and
Good, God the chief, 351. difference between spiritu faith, 209. in a future state, 210.

Magistrate, minister of God, explained, $32. deres
al and external, 929.

Joy, to accompany our dedication to God. 190. in his power from God, 933. designed for padar
Gospel, its not being more known owing to the the prospect of future blessedness, 260, directions nien, 934. duty of those under governinent, laat

wickedness of men, 120 men's dislike to its con for attaining. 261. eminent Christian duty, see
stitution, folly of, 235. preaching of, will be more Delight in God.

Man, religion his distingushing character. B. 313
universal, 603, recommends itself by its truth, 759. Israel how to be understood, 567. prophecies not bis state. by creation, sermell on, 132 madera
by its precepte, 762. by its prohibitions, 763 minis. fulfilled to natural. ib.

cipally for God, 274. vanity of, as mortal
try of, to be addressed to the conscience, 766. how Judge, unjust, parable of, sermon on, 724.

what ends he should proper to himself

hidden to souls that are lost, 780.

Judging, other men's consciences not allowable, state of probation, 292, indifference of, to
Government, human, cannot be absoluto, 13. di. 182, 469, 476.

ty, 516. misery of, in an uretenerate state
vine, we are incompetent judges of, 86. proper Judgments, presages of how to be regarded, 341. apostacy of, total. 525. prune to artificar e
there should be arcana in, 87. See Prescience. temporal, sometimes follow spiritual, 432. Seo 526. nature of, imperfect without spintol be

636. in a very lapsed state, €56. how said to be
Grace, common and vincible, 100, 105. of the Spi- Julian, persecution of, 569,

lost, 784. why, 756. cause of. 757 lialle to be
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