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and Governour. We beseech thee upon this very thing. Render to protect and defend our Sove- therefore to all their dues; tribute reign King WILLIAM, and all to whom tribute is due, custom the Royal Family, from all trea- to whom custom, fear to whom sons and conspiracies; Preserve fear, honour to whom honour. him in thy faith, fear, and love; The Gospel. St. Luke ix. 51. Prosper his Reign with long hap- ND it came to pass, when piness here on earth ; and crown the time was come that he him with everlasting glory here- should be received up, he stedafter; through Jesus Christ our fastly set his face to go to Jeruonly Saviour and Redeemer. salem, and sent messengers beAmen.

fore his face; and they went and The Epistle. Rom. xiii. 1.

entered into a village of the SaET every soul be subject maritans, to make ready for him:

unto the higher powers; for And they did not receive him, there is no power, but of God: because his face was as though the powers that be are ordained he would go to Jerusalem. And of God. Whosoever therefore when his disciples James and resisteth the power resisteth the John saw this, they said, Lord, ordinance of God; and they that wilt thou that we command fire resist shall receive to themselves to come down from heaven, and damnation. For rulers are not a

consume them, even as Elias did ? terror to good works, but to the But he turned and rebuked them, evil. Wilt thou then not be a

and said, Ye know not what fraid of the power? do that manner of spirit ye are of: For which is good, and thou shalt the Son of man is not come to have praise of the same: for he destroy men's lives, but to save is the minister of God to thee for them. And they went to another good. But if thou do that which

village. is evil, be afraid ; for he beareth not the sword in vain : for he is î After the Creed, if there be no Sermon,

shall be read one of the six Homilies athe minister of God, a revenger

gainst Rebellion. to execute wrath upon him that

This Sentence is to be read at the Ofdoeth evil. Wherefore ye must

fertory. needs be subject, not only for VI

(HATSOEVER ye would wrath, but also for conscience

that men should do to sake. For for this cause pay ye

you, do ye even so to them; for tribute also ; for they are God's this is the Law and the Prophets. ministers, attending continually | St. Matth. vii. 12.

for W

1 After the Prayer for the Church militant kindness to our Church and Nathis following Prayer is to be used.

tion, in the preservation of our O

, lent in all the earth, and thy humbly pray, that the devout glory above the heavens; who sense of this thy repeated mercy on this day didst miraculously may renew and increase in us a preserve our Church and State spirit of love and thankfulness to from the secret contrivance and thee its only Author; a spirit of hellish malice of Popish conspi- peaceable submission and obedirators; and on this day also didst ence to our gracious Sovereign begin to give us a mighty deli- Lord, King WILLIAM; and a verance from the open tyranny spirit of fervent zeal for our holy and oppression of the same cruel Religion which thou hast so wonand blood-thirsty enemies : We derfully rescued, and established, bless and adore thy glorious Ma- a blessing to us and our posterity. jesty, as for the former, so for And this we beg for Jesus Christ this thy late marvellous loving- his sake. Amen.


To be used yearly on the Thirtieth of January, Being the Day of the Martyrdom of the Blessed King CHARLES the First;

to implore the mercy of God, that neither the Guilt of that sacred and innocent Blood, nor those other sins, by which God was provoked to deliver

up both us and our King into the hands of cruel and unreasonable men, may at any time hereafter be visited upon us or our posterity.

If this Day shall happen to be Sunday, this Form of Prayer shall be used and the Fast kept the next Day following. And upon the Lord's Day next before the Day to be kept, at Morning Prayer, immediately after the Nicene Creed, notice shall be given

for the due observation of the said Day. The Service of the Day shall be the same with the usual Office for Holy-days in all things ; except where it is in this Office otherwise appointed.


He that ministereth, shall begin with one IGHTEOUS art thou, O or more of these Sentences. R

Lord : and just are thy ΤΟ

the Lord our God belong judgements! Psal. cxix. 137.

mercies and forgivenesses, Thou art just, O Lord, in all though we have rebelled against that is brought upon us : for him: neither have we obeyed thou hast done right, but we have the voice of the Lord our God, done wickedly. Neh. ix. 33. to walk in his laws which he set

Nevertheless, our feet were albefore us. Dan. ix. 9, 10.

most gone : our treadings had Correct us, O Lord, but with well-nigh slipped. Psal. Ixxiii

. 2. judgement: not in thine anger, For why? we were grieved Iest thou bring us to nothing at the wicked : we did also see Jer. x. 24.

the ungodly in such prosperity. Enter not into judgement with Ver. 3. thy servants, O Lord: for in thy

The people stood up, and the sight shall no man living be jus- rulers took counsel together : atified. Psal. cxliii. 2.

gainst the Lord, and against his 1 Instead of Venite exultemus the Hymn Anointed. Psal. i. 2. following shall be said or sung; one Verse

They cast their heads togeby the Priest, another by the Clerk and people.

ther with one consent : and were

confederate against him. Psal. up against him : they laid to his lxxxiii. 5.

charge things that he knew not. He heard the blasphemy of Psal. xxxv. 11. the multitude, and fear was on For the sins of the people, and every side : while they conspired the iniquities of the priests : they together against him, to take shed the blood of the just in the away his life. Psal. xxxi. 15. midst of Jerusalem. Lam. iv. 13.

They spoke against him with O my soul, come not thou infalse tongues, and compassed him to their secret; unto their assemabout with words of hatred : and bly, mine honour, be not thou fought against him without a united : for in their anger they cause. Psal. cix. 2.

slew a man; Gen. xlix. 6. Yea, his own familiar friends, Even the man of thy right whom he trusted : they that eat hand : the Son of man, whom of his bread laid great wait for thou hadst made so strong for him. Psal. xli. 9.

thine own self. Psal. lxxx. 17. They rewarded him evil for In the sight of the unwise he good : to the great discomfort of seemed to die : and his deparhis soul. Psal. xxxv. 12.

ture was taken for misery. Wisd. They took their counsel toge- iii. 2. ther, saying, God hath forsaken They fools counted his life him : persecute him, and take madness, and his end to be withhim, for there is none to deliver out honour : but he is in peace. him. Psal. lxxi. 9.

Wisd. v. 4. & iii. 3. The breath of our nostrils, the For though he was punished Anointed of the Lord was taken in the sight of men : yet was his in their pits : of whom we said, hope full of immortality. Wisd. Under his shadow we shall be üi. 4. safe. Lam. iv. 20.

How is he numbered with The adversary and the enemy the children of God : and his entered into the gates of Jerusa- lot is among the saints! Wisd. lem : saying, When shall he die, v. 5. and his name perish? Ver. 12. But, O Lord God, to whom Psal. xli. 5.

vengeance belongeth, thou God, Let the sentence of guiltiness to whom vengeance belongeth : proceed against him : and now be favourable and gracious unto that he lieth, let him rise up no Sion. Psal. xciv. 1. & li. 18. more. Ver. 8.

Be merciful, 0 Lord, unto False witnesses also did rise thy people, whom thou hast re

* A a

be used.

deemed : and lay not innocent Proper Psalms. ix, x, xi. blood to our charge. Deut.

Proper Lessons. xxi. 8.

The First, 2 Sam. i. O shut not up our souls with The Second, St. Matth. xxvü. sinners : nor our lives with the

Instead of the first Collect at Morning blood-thirsty. Psal. xxvi. 9.

Prayer shall these two which next follow Deliver us from blood-guilti

O God of our salvation : and our tongues shall sing of thy right- derful in thy doings toward the eousness. Psal. li. 14.

children of men, who in thy For thou art the God that heavy displeasure didst suffer the hast no pleasure in wickedness : life of our gracious Sovereign neither shall any evil dwell with King Charles the First, to be thee. Psal. v. 4.

(as this day) taken away by the Thou wilt destroy them that hands of cruel and bloody men : speak leasing : the Lord abhors We thy sinful creatures here asboth the blood-thirsty and deceit- sembled before thee, do, in the ful man. Ver. 6.

behalf of all the people of this O how suddenly do they con- land, humbly confess, that they

: perish, and come to a were the crying sins of this Nafearful end! Psal. lxxiii. 18. tion, which brought down this

Yea, even like as a dream, heavy judgement upon us. But, when one awaketh : so didst thou O gracious God, when thou makmake their image to vanish out est inquisition for blood, lay not of the city. Ver. 19.

the guilt of this innocent blood, Great and marvellous are thy (the shedding whereof nothing works, O Lord God Almighty : but the blood of thy Son can exjust and true are thy ways, o piate,) lay it not to the charge of King of saints. Rev. xv. 3. the people of this land; nor let

Righteous art thou, O Lord : it ever be required of us, or our and just are thy judgements. posterity. Be merciful, O Lord, Psal. cxix. 137.

be merciful unto thy people, Glory be to the Father, and whom thou hast redeemed; and to the Son : and to the Holy be not angry with us for ever: Ghost;

But pardon us for thy mercies' As it was in the beginning, is sake, through the merits of thy now, and ever shall be : world Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Awithout end. Amen.



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