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ALPHABETICAL LIST OF BAPTIST MINISTERS IN ENGLAND, It should be understood that many ministers in this list do not now sustain the pastoral office; and that there are great differences of opinion and practice among them, though they are all believed to be ministers holding the distinguishing sentiment of the Baptist denomination—that Christian Baptism is immersion on a personal profession of faith. Great pains have been taken, and much labour has been expended to render the list as accurate and as complete as possible. Where a blunder still lurks, or an omission is felt to be obvious, it is not in consequence of a lack of toil to shun the one and to supply the other. Including additions and removals, no fewer than from five hundred to six hundred alterations have been made on last year's roll, and the thanks of the gentleman to whom the onerous task was intrusted, are hereby cordially tendered to the brethren who so courteously revised and promptly returned the slips-from forty to fifty in number—which he sent to them. These slips have been of essential service. Ministerial changes will probably take place while this is in press, but these, of course, cannot be indicated here.

Abbott, R., Raunds, Northamptonshire. Bailie, E., Melbourn, Cams.
Abbott, W., Blunham, Beds.

Bailie, J., Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Abington, L. J., Hanley, Stafford.

Bailey, G. G., Blisworth. Acock, J., Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucester. Bailey, Josephus, Brettle Lane, Stafford. Acworth, J., LL.D., Bradford, York. Bailbache, Clement, Leeds. Adam, David, Scarborough.

Bailhache, Philip, Salisbury. Adey, Edward, Leighton Buzzard, Beds. Baker, Paul's Cray, Kent. Aikenhead, R., Wantage.

Baker, Charles, Bradninch, Deron. Aitchison, W., Newport, Monmouth. Baker, Richard, Necton, Norfolk. Albrecht, H. S., Mirfield, Yorkshire. Baker, Samuel, Chelmondiston, Suffolk. Alcorn, J., Gilbent, Cheshire.

Baker, Thomas, B.A., Ridgmount. Alderson, W., Willingham, Cambridgeshire. Baker, T., Boroughbridge, Somerset. Aldis, John, Reading.

Baker, T. S. Alldis, R., Pentonville, London.

Baldwin, J., Cransford, Suffolk. Allen, Charlton-on-Otmoor, Oxon. Baldock, Thomas, Wivelsfield, Sussex. Allen, G., Long Crendon, Bucks.

Balfern, W. P., Bow, Middleser. Allen, William, Oxford.

Ball, W., Wandsworth, Surrey. Allnutt, W., Syddenham, Oxon,

Bamber, John, Wainsgate, Yorkshire. Amery, John, Lustleigh, Devon.

Bane, J., Downham, Norfolk. Amery, E., Rayleigh, Essex.

Banks, C. W., Bermondsey. Anderson, A., Bures St. Mary, Suffolk. Banks, R., Newcastle-on-Tyne. Anderson, Hugh, Bratton, Wilts.

Banns, W., Aldby, Suffolk. Anderson, J., St. Luke's, London.

Barber, Joseph, Warford, Cheshire.
Angus, Henry, Rugby, Warwick.

Barker, J., Fenstanton.
Angus, J., D.D., The College, Regent's-park. Barker, J., Lockwood, Yorkshire
Archer, W. E.,
Spaldwick, Hunts.

Barker, G., Leighton Buzzard.
Armstrong, W.K.,B.A.,Ashton-under-Lyne. Barker, W., Blackfriars, London.
Arnold, E., Cuckfield, Sussex.

Barnes, W., Walsham•le-Willows, Suffolk. Arnot, G., Portsea, Hants.

Barnes, W., Trowbridge, Wilts. Arnsby, George, Shrewsbury.

Barnett, J., Offord. Arthur, B., Coate, Oxfordshire.

Barnett, J., Blaby, Leicester. Ash, J., Stalybridge, Lancashire.

Barnett, J. P., Penzance, Cornwall. Ashberry, H., Sheffield.

Barrass, T., Peterborough. Ashley, D.,

Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire. Barringer, W., Wisbeach. Ashmead, G., Northampton.

Bartholomew, H., Coggeshall, Essex.
Ashmead, Joseph, Rotherham.

Bartlett, B.
Ashworth, A., Liverpool, Lancashire. Batey, John, Heywood, Lancashire.
Ashworth, J. W., Oldham Lancashire. Bather, A., Mount Bures, Essex.
Aston, H., Clayton, Yorkshire.

Bayly, Richard, Newark, Notts.
Atkinson, J., Brighton.

Bayne, R., Langham, Essex. Attwood, Thomas, Kennington, Surrey. Baynes, J., Wellington, Somerset. Austin, John, Tring.

Baynes, J. A., B.A., Wellington, Somerset. Ayrton, D. B., Land Beach, Cams.

Bedding, E., Cuddington, Bucks. Avery, T.

Bell, W., Brooke, Norfolk. Ayres, R., Chalford.

Bennett, T., Barnoldswick, Yorkshire.

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Bennett, W. C., London.

Brockway, G., Culmstock, Devon. Benson, William, Burston, Surrey. Bromwich, J., Sheepshead, Leicester. Bentley, W., Sudbury, Suffolk.

Brook, J., Broadstairs, Kent. Berry, A., Halifax.

Brook, W., St. Austell, Cornwall. Berry, John, Bottesdale, Suffolk.

Brooks, James, Bourton-on-the-Water. Best, G., Drayton, Berks.

Brown, A., Fressingfield, Suffolk. Best, W., B.A., Ramsey, Hunts.

Brown, Hugh Stowell, Liverpool. Betts, Henry John, Bradford, Yorkshire. Brown, J., Upwell, Norfolk. Bevan, Jolin, Enfield Highway.

Brown, J. T., Northampton. Bevan, T., Nantyglo, Monmouth.

Brown, Joseph, Northampton. Bidder, W., Walworth.

Brown, J. J., Birmingham. Biggs, H., Dunkerton, near Bath.

Brown, J. J., Ifracombe. Bigwood, John, Brompton, Middleser. Brown, S. B., B.A., Redruth. Bilson, J. E.

Brown, L. B., Barnsley. Binns, T. A., Warwick.

Brown, R., Padiham, Lancashire. Bird, Robert, Rattlesden, Suffolk.

Brown, William, Godmanchester, Hunts.' Bird, Samuel, Kensington..

Brown, W., Friston, Suffolk. Bird, S. R., Clapham.

Brown, W., Attleborough, Norfolk. Birrell, Charles M., Liverpool.

Bruce, R., Sunderland, Durham. Birt, I., B.A., Weymouth.

Buck, James, Liverpool.
Birt, John, Oldham, Lancashire.

Bug, Hey bridge.
Black, T., Ford Forge, Northumberland. Bugby, Fitzherbert, Preston.
Black, W., London.

Bull, T., Over, Cambridgeshire.
Blackburn, James, Foxton, Leicester. Bullock, J., M.A., Wallingford, Berks.
Blackmore, James B., Princes Risborough. Bull, W., B.A., Sutton-in-the-Elms, Leices-
Blackmore, Samuel, Eardisland, Leominster. tershire.
Blackmore, T. W., Kentisbere, Devon. Bumpus, T., Stratford-on-Avon, Warwick.
Blake, J. H., Sandhurst, Kent.

Bunce, J. S., Bristol. Blake, W., Broughton, Gifford, Wilts. Burchell, W. F., Rochdale, Lancashire. Blake, W. A., London.

Burdett, A., Warwick. Bland, J.

Burditt, Thomas, Haverfordwest. Bland, S. K., Cheshunt.

Burns, Dawson, London. Blinkhorn, R. R., Willingham, Cambs. Burns, Jabez, D.D., Paddington, London. Bliss, W. B., Pembroke Dock.

Burns, S., Gornal, Stafford. Blomfield, Henry, Hastings.

Burrows, C., Walsall, Stafford. Bloomfield, J. E., London.

Burt, J. B., Beaulieu Rails, Hants. Boast, J., Salhouse, Norfolk.

Burton, E. H., Portsea, Hants. Bolton, J., Weare, Somerset.

Burton, W., Berwick-on-Tweed. Bonner, W. H.

Burton, Joseph, Birmingham. Bontems, William, Hereford.

Burton, S., Donnington, Lincoln. Booth, Samuel Harris, Birkenhead.

Bury, James, Haslingden, Lancashire. Bosworth, F., M.A., Bristol.

Bussell, J., Ross, Hereford. Bott, E., Barton, Leicestershire.

Butcher, T. Bottle, H.

Butcher, J., Thorpe-le-Soken. Bottomley, W. C.

Bute, M., Pontygwaith, Monmouth. Botterill, R., Colne.

Butterworth, J. C., M.A., Abergavenny. Bowden, Andrew, Hunslet, Leeds, Yorks. Bowden, R., Towersey, Bucks.

Cakebread, C., Landport, Portsea. Bowler, J., Spitalfields, London.

Cameron, R., Blackburn. Bowles, R., Poplar.

Campbell, J. P., Shipley. Box, C., Woolwich, Kent.

Cantlow, W. W., Isleham, Cambridge. Boyce, D., Lechlade, Gloucestershire. Cardwell, T., Hamsterley, Durham. Brasted, J. B., London.

Carey, J. P., Wolverhampton. Brawn, Samuel, Loughton, Essex. Carpenter, W., Dunstable, Beds. Breeze, R., Swindon, Wilts.

Carrick, J. D., North Shields.
Brewer, E. H., Dartmouth, Devon. Carter, Thomas, Reading, Berks.
Brewer, Dr. R., Leeds, Yorkshire.

Cartwright, J., Lee Common, Bucks.
Brand, Joseph, Aldringham, Suffolk. Cater, Philip, Bath.
Bridge, W., Cosely, Stafford.

Catterall, G. C., Horsforth.
Bridgman, D., Ashley, Hants.

Caunt, W., Greenwich.
Briggs, H., Markyate Street, Herts. Chamberlain, F., Fleet, Lincoln.
Briscoe, J. P., Chesterton, Cambridgeshre. Chamberlain, T., Pattishail

, Northampton. Britcliffe, Francis, Doncaster.

Chapman, W. 8., B.A., Amersham. Brock, William, Gower-street, London. Chapman, J., Upottery, Devon. Brocklehurst, S., Colchester, Essex. Chapman, W., Longford, Warwick.

Chappell, J., Isle Abbotts, Somerset. Cox, Alfred, Dunchurch, Warwick.
Chappell, W., Winchester.

Cox, James, Walgrave, Northampton.
Cheatle, G., Birmingham.

Cox, John, Ipswich. Chegwidden, Daniel, Rochdale.

Cox, John, Enfield, Middlescr. Chenery, R., Manchester.

Cox, Samuel, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Cherry, W., Burford and Milton, Oxon. Cousins, G., Kington, Hereford. Chew, G., Sunningdale, Berks.

Cozens, J., Norwich. Chew, J. S., Birmingham.

Cozens, S., Warboys, Hunts. Child, E. D., Bungay, Suffolk.

Crampin, J., Streatham, Cambridge. Chislet, J., Walworth.

Cranbrook, D., Maidstone. Cholerton, J., Coalville, Leicestershire. Crassweller, H., B.A., Woolwich, Kent. Cholerton, J., Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire. Crate, T. C., Wendover. Chown, J. P., Bradford, Yorkshire, Crawford, J. Clark, C. C., B.A., Huntingdon.

Crisp, Thomas S., Bristol. Clark, Henry, M.A., Bristol.

Crofts, J., Birchington, Kent. Clark, James, Leamington.

Crook, J., Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. Clarke, E., Twerton, Bath.

Crook, James, Somersham, Suffolk. Clarke, Owen, London.

Crooks, G., Killingholm, Lincoln, Clarke, Robert, Ilford.

Cross, R. P., Taunton. Clarke, Thomas.

Cross, T., Newton Abbott, Devon. Clarke, W., Bath, Somerset.

Cross, W. J., Bristol. Claxton, J., West Road, Suffolk.

Crossman, H., Marlborough, Devon. Claypole, E. A., Wallingford.

Crow, Thomas, Hatfield. Clements, T., Woodford.

Crowe, William, Hammersmith. Clements, W., Halstead, Essex.

Crowest, B., Billericay, Essex. Clift, Zenas, Westbury Leigh.

Crumpton, David, Salendine Nook, Yorks. Clifford, John, Praed-stroet, Paddington. Crumpton, Thomas, Shrewsbury. Clifton, W. S., Downton, Wilts.

Cubitt, James, Thrapstone, Northampton.
Cloake, W., Beckington, Somerset. Cutcliffe, W., Brayford, Devon.
Clowes, Francis, London.

Cuzner, J., Driffield, Yorkshire.
Cobbin, J. T.
Coe, R., Ludham, Norfolk,

Daniell, Charles, Horton, Bradford, York. Colcroft, W., Bramley, Yorkshire.

Dark, S., Market Lavington, Wilts.
Cole, A. A., Walsall, Stafford.

Davey, W., Combmartin, Devon.
Cole, C. H., Brentford, Middlesex. Davidge, J., Iwerne, Dorset.
Cole, T.J., Peckham.

Davies, B., Birkenhead.
Coles, J., Blakeney, Norfolk.

Davies, B., D.D., The College, Regent's-park. Collier, J. T., Downton, Wilts.

Davies, Benjamin, Wells, Somerset. Collings, S., Ryde, Isle of Wight.

Davies, B., Greenwich. Collings, T., Exmouth, Devon.

Davies, H. E., Ross. Collings, William, Gloucester.

Davies, H. C., Longhope, Gloucester. Collins, J., Broughton, Cumberland. Davies, Isaac, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Collins, S., Grundisburgh, Suffolk. Davies, J., Tabor, Brynmawr, Monmouth. Collis, I., Coggeshall, Essex.

Davies, J., Abercan, Monmouth.
Collyer, W., Ivinghoe, Bucks.

Davies, J., Willenhall.
Compston, John, Bramley, Leeds. Davies, M., Langibby, Monmouth.
Compton, R., Lyndhurst, Hants.

Davies, T., College, Haverfordwest.
Cook, J., Painswick, Gloucestershire. Davies, T., Paulton, Somerset.
Cook, J., Luton, Beds.

Davies, William B., Faversham, Kent. Cooke, J.H., St. Jolin's-street-road, London. Davies, H. G., Andover. Coombs, T., Wallop, Hants.

Davies, J., Newport, Monmouth. Cooper, James, Aberdare.

Davis, George, Wednesbury, Staffordshire, Cooper, J., Wattisham, Suffolk,

Davies, R., Goitre, Monmouth. Cooper, W., Hampstead.

Davis, B., Horsell, Surrey. Corbet, T., Frome, Somerset.

Davis, Ebenezer, Southsea, Hants. Corbet, John, Norwich.

Davis, James, Bristol. Corben, T., Langton, Purbeck, Dorset. Davis, Joseph, Portsea. Corby, T., Sharnbrook, Beds.

Davis, J., Arlington, Gloucestershire. Cornford, Philip H., Luton, Beds. Davis, Stephen Joshua, Peckham, Surrey. Cotton, J., Holbeach, Lincoln.

Davis, T., Cubberley, Gloucester. Couthall, G., London.

Davis, E., Martham, Yarmouth.
Coutts, James, Chatham.

Dawson, J., Buxton, Norfolk.
Cowly, T., Fairford, Gloucestershire. Dawson, J., Barking, Essex.
Cowdy, Samuel, Leighton Buzzard, Beds.
Cowper, W., The Dicker, Sussex.

Dawson, John, Bishop Burton, Yorkshire,
Dawson, Thomas, Liverpool.



Day, W.

Evans, T. R., Usk, Monmouth. De Fraine, R., Lutterworth, Leicester. Evans, R., Burnley, Lancashire. Dennet, E., Truro.

Evans, Shem, Arnsby, Leicester. De Putron, M., Guernsey.

Evans, W., Crewkerne. Dickerson, Philip, London.

Evans, W. W., Holloway, London. Dixon, J., White Colne, Essex.

Everett, George, Wortwell, Norfolk. Dixon, J., Maidstone.

Ewence, J., Henley-in-Arden.
Dobney, H. H., Maidstone.

Eyres, John, Midhurst, Sussex.
Doke, W., Chudleigh.
Domoney, Joshua.

Fall, E., Newbold, Rugby.
Dore, James, Pontesbury.

Felkin, J., Sevenoaks. Dore, John, Ashburton.

Felton, William, Ipswich, Suffolk. Dovey, J. E., Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Field, T., Shadwell. Dovey, W., Stoke Newington, Middlesex. Fifield, G. W., Grampound, Cornwall. Dowsing, Occold, Suffolk.

Redbourne. Dowson, Henry, Bradford, Yorkshire. Finch, R. R., Homerton. Doxsey, Isaac, London.

Finch, T., Harlow.
Drawbridge, C., Rushton, Northampton. Finch, T. C., London.
Drew, Joseph, Newbury, Berks.

Fish, c.
Dring, J., Wilburton, Cambridgeshire. Fishbourne, G. W., Stratford, Essex.
Dumbleton, J., Swanburne, Bucks. Fishbourne, James C., Hastings.
Dunckley, James, Knutsford, Cheshire. Fisk, W., Chipperfield, Herts.
Dunn, G., Leake and Wimeswold, Leices- Flack, W.

Flanders, M. W., Cottenham, Cambs. Dunn, J., Gillingham, Dorset.

Flavel, J. P., Earith, Hunts.
Dunn, Stephen, Xtch Lench, Worcestershire. Flecker, I., Buckingham.
Dunning, Robert, Islington, London. Flory, J.
Dyson, Eli, Rishworth, Yorkshire. Flower, H., Yaxley.

Foreman, J., March, Cambs.
Eacote, W.

Foot, U., Collumpton, Devon. Eden, T., Chadlington, Oxon.

Foote, W. Evans, Honiton, Devon. Edgcomb, J. P.

Forbes, F., Nottingham. Edgar, Samuel, B.A., Abingdon, Berks. Fordham, T., Caxton, Cambridgeshire. Edmunde, Robert, Otley, Suffolk.

Forster, E. L., Stony Stratford, Bucks. Edmonds, T., M.A., Cambridge.

Forth, Charles, New Basford, Notts. Edwards, John, Oxton, Cheshire.

Foster, A., Ringmore, Devon. Edwards, James, Nottingham.

Foster, J., Farsley, Yorkshire. Edwards, R. G., Cottenham, Cambs. Francies, G., London. Edwards, Evan, Chard, Somerset.

Francis, J. Edwards, E., Brynmawr.

Francis, F., Ystrad. Edwards, D., Beaufort, Monmouth. Franklin, E.J. Edwards, F., B.A., Harlow, Essex. Franklin, J. Edwards, Morris, Keysoe, Beds. Freckelton, T. W., Longton, Stafford. Edwards, T., Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Freeman, B. Edwards, William, Weston Turville, Bucks. Freeman, J. Edwards, w.

Freer, J., Woodstock, Oxon. Elliott, E. E., Lydney, Gloucester. Frize, J., Fairford, Gloucester. Elliott, T. R., Market Harboro', Leicester. Fuller, A. G., Quadrant-road, Canonbury. Elliott, W. H., London.

Fuller, H. J., Ashampstead, Berks. Elliott, William, Epsom.

Fuller, Thomas E., Melksham, Wilts. Ellis, W. C., Great Sampford, Essex. Fuller, W. H., Minehead, Somerset. Ellis, R., Suhony, Monmouth.

Fatter, E., Harlestone, Norfolk.
Ellison, William, Wigan, Lancashire.
Elliston, W. D., Blakeney, Gloucester. Gard, T., Brixham.
Elton, Romeo, D.D., Exeter.

Garner, William, Harston, Cambridgeshire.
Elven, Cornelius, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Garrard, W., Leicester.
Emery, William, Hemel Hempstead. Garritt, T.
Etheridge, B. C., Ramsgate.

Garside, J., Slaithaite.
Evans, B., D.D., Scarborough, Yorkshire. Garwood, William, Deal, Kent.
Evans, D., Dinas, Glamorganshire. Gast, Philip, Appledore, Devon.
Evans, D., Dudley.

Gatenby, W., Manchester.
Evans, D., Hatfield.

Gay, R., Little Kingshill, Bucks. Evans, D. M., Kew Green, Middlesex. Gedge, George, Bacton, Norfolk. Evans, Edward, Snailbeach, Salop. George, Jonathan, Camberwell. Evans, J., Caerleon, Monmouth.

Gibson, E. T., Guilsborough.

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Gibson, J., West Drayton, Middlesex. Hardwick, W., Gretton, Northamptonshire.
Giles, J. E., Sheffield.

Hardy, Richard, Queenshead, Yorkshire.
Gill, J. V., Millford, Hants.

Hargreaves, O., Burnley, Lancashire.

, Thomas, Melbourne, Derby. Harris, E., Chelsea, London.
Gillson, W. A., Saffron Walden, Essex. Harris, G., Rishangles, Suffolk.
Gipps, J., Midhurst.

Harris, P., Wymondham, Norfolk.
Glanville, W., Lewisham, Kent.


-, Llandago.
Glaskin, J., Islington.

Harrison, J.
Goadby, J., Loughborough, Leicestershire. Harrison, J., Bowness, Westmoreland.
Goadby, J.J., New Lenton, Notts. Hart, C., Framsden, Suffolk.
Goadby, Thomas, B.A., Coventry. Hart, Thomas, Cranfield, Beds.
Godwin, Benjamin, D.D., Rawden, Yorks. Harvey, Jos., Little Leigh, Cheshire.
Gooch, S. B., Fakenham, Norfolk. Harvey, R., South Lopham.
Gooding, W. J., Halesworth, Suffolk. Hasler, J., Neatishead, Norfolk.
Goodman, W., B.A., Lincoln.

Haslap, W., Bethnal Green.
Goodman, W. E.

Hatch, s. s., Highgate, Middleser.
Gotch, F. W., M.A., Bristol.

Hatton, J., Outwood, Surrey.
Gough, T. T., Clipston, Northampton. Hatton, J., Wolverhampton, Stafford.
Gould, D., Dunstable, Beds.

Hawkins, C., Uffculme, Devon.
Gould, George, Norwich.

Hawkins, W., Bradford, Wilts.
Gordon, J., Tenbury, Worcester.

Hawkins, W., Hail Weston, Hauts.
Govett, Robert, M.A., Norwich.

Hawson, Charles, Woolwich, Kent,
Goss, W., Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Hawson, Gregory, Staines, Middlesex.
Gowing, J., Norwich.

Haycroft, Isaac, B.A., Lewes.
Grace, J., Brighton, Sussex.

Haycroft, N., M.A., Bristol.
Grace, R., Winchcomb, Gloucestershire. Hazleton, J., John-street-road, London,
Gray, W.,, Leicester. Hecker, J., Buckingham.

Hedge, W., Helmdon, Northampton.
Gray, Jos., Norwicb.

Hemas, -, Donnington Wood, Salop.
Green, F., John Street, Holloway. Henderson, W. T., Banbury, Oxon.
Green, Joseph, Yarmouth.

Heritage, W. A., Naunton, Glo'stershire.
Green, J., Upton-on-Severn.

Hester, G., Blackburn.
Green, J. C., Wellow, Isle of Wight. Hewett, J. H., Bexley Heath.
Green, Richard, Taunton.

Hewlett, M.
Green, Samuel, Hammersmith.

Hewlett, J. P., Watford, Herts. Green, S. G., B.A., Bradford, Yorkshire. Hichon, G., Brandon, Suffolk. Green, William, Bromsgrove.

Hiley, F., Llanwenarth, Monmouth.
Griffin, Thomas, Trowbridge.

Hill, Charles, Stoke Ash, Suffolk.
Griffiths, D., Accrington, Lancashire. Hill, J. H., Swansea.
Griffiths, Philip, Biggleswade, Beds. Hillman, J., Deptford, Kent.
Griffiths, J. P., Sabden,
Whalley, Lancas. Hinton, J. H.,

M.A., London.
Griffiths, M., Rymney, Monmouth. Hirons, John, Brixton-hill, Surey.
Griffiths, R., Ponthir, Monmouth. Hirst, J., Blackley, Yorkshire.
Grigg, H. T., Dorman’s Land, Surrey. Hithersay, J., Malton.
Guinnell, T.

Hobson, Jesse, London.
Gunner, G., Southwark.

Hoby, J., D.D., Twickenham.

Hockin, J., Niton, Isle of Wight.
Haddy, J. P., Ravensthorpe, Northampton. Hoddy, T., Horham, Suffolk.
Haigh, G., Bessel's Green, Kent.

Hodges, Norton, Glamorganshire.
Hall, B.S., Bourton-on-the-Water. Hodgkins, B., Bishop's Stortford, Herts.
Hall, G. S., Clapham.

Hoe, B., Clapham, Surrey.
Hall, J., Gorsley, Hereford.

Holroyd, Jos., Barton, Leicester. Hall, R., B.A., Olney.

Holmes, H. W., Polé Moor, Slaithwaite,
Hall, S., Parley, Hants.

Hamblin, Jos., Saxlingham, Norfolk. Holmes, R., Rawden, Yorkshire.
Hammond, E. R., West Malling, Kent. Hood, W., Ford, Bucks.
Hands, E., Pontrhydryn, near Newport. Hooper, W. H., Walthamstow.
Hanks, H., Woolwich.

Hooppell, R., Sidcott, Somerset.
Hands, T., Luton.

Horbury, M., Blackburn. Hannam, J., Wincanton.

Horne, R., Shelfanger, Norfolk. Hanson, J., Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Horsepool, J., Oadby, Leicestershire. Hanson, T., Idle, Yorkshire.

Horsfall, J., Stone, Yorkshire. Harbottle, Joseph, Oswaldtwistle, Lancas. Horsfield, R., Leeds, Yorkshire. Harcourt, C. H., Wokingham, Berks. Horsfield, T., Todmorden. Harcourt, James, Boro' Road, London.' Horton, Thomas, Devonport.

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