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THE pulpit from which I now address you, was occupied more than half the last century by that godly man whose mortal part was just now deposited in the grave with every testimony of an undissembled and general

In this long period it is to be supposed that the ardor of his zeal, and the affection of his friendship, have made impressions which never, never can be effaced. May his pious instructions be so remembered by you as that it may be said, "he being dead yet speaketh," and may you be followers of him, even as he was of Christ; then will you see him again, your hearts will rejoice, and your joy no man can take from you.


which I have selected for

your present consideration, contains an instructive account of one, who, like


pastor, had long sat at the feet of Jesus, and whose exemplary life had procured for him a very șincere and strong affection. The name of this

person was Mnason; he was a native of Cyprus, but an inhabitant of Jerusalem. Mnason was a "lover of good men” and his house was open to receive them. His hospitality gave occasion to the introduction of his name into the sacred history, as well as to the honorable testimony contained in our text concerning his stedfast adherence to the cause of Christ. He is called an old disciple, not because he was an aged man, but an aged christian. Whilst many had made shipwreck of faith and of a good conscience, he had supported and continued to adorn his profession of the glorious gospel. that my attention has been directed to the subject before us, by that resemblance which in these respects there appears


your late venerable pastor, and that aged saint who in our text is called an old disciple. From these words

1. I propose to represent the import of

You will suppose that honorable testimony, which they bear to the character of Mnason.

II. The effect which such a character may be supposed to have on persons, by whom it is observed.

III. The happiness enjoyed by those, to whom it belongs.

1. I propose to represent the import of that honorable testimony which the text bears to the character of Mnason. He was an old disciple.

It is presumed that you all know by a disciple is meant a learner. In this character Mnason sat at the feet of Jesus, submitting his understanding to the instructions of that heavenly teacher, embracing the principles which he taught; obeying the precepts which he delivered, and copying the example which he set. Being called an old disciple it is probable

(1.) That he entered the school of Christ at a very early period of his life. As late converts are not capable of those high attainments in knowledge and holiness, which are made by persons, who fear the Lord from their youth; neither are they entitled to an equal degree of honor. Happy the man who

in the evening of life can review all the hours of the day as having been sacred to God. To him let us be concerned to consecrate them.

My young hearers, to you I would address this counsel with peculiar earnestness: it has often been given you from the place where I stand with a solemnity and affection but seldom equalled. Often have you been exhorted to enter the school of Christ, and learn of him. The importance of the Saviour's instructions, the condescension of his character, and the peculiar encouragements which are held out to you have been represented in the most engaging manner. Call to your remembrance what has been addressed to you on these subjects; and . as the best evidence of that affection


bear to him whose voice you will hear no more; follow his pious counsels: to this end, may God impress your hearts with their importance!

(2.) Persevering application is another idea conveyed by the words of our text. He that began to learn of Christ early, still supported the character of a disciple. Far from the attainment of perfect knowledge, he continued his enquiries after truth. The principleş taught by our divine master are always wondrous always new,” furnishing fresh entertainment to

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