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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1843, by
In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

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This volume is designed to be a companion to my Notes on the Gospels, and has been conducted on the same general principles with that work. It has, however, been my aim to make this work independent of that, wholly avoiding such references to it as might embarrass a reader, or as would leave him, if not possessed of that work, without the information which any given passage might require. To prevent perplexity, I have also, for the most part, quoted such other passages of Scripture as were required, instead of simply referring to them. The reader will perceive that I have sometimes enriched my pages, not only with the sentiments, but also with the language, of other writers. When I found, in standard authors, thoughts and expressions just such as I should have been glad to have myself originated, or as appeared specially appropriate, it seemed to me I could not better consult for the benefit of my readers, than by transferring them to my pages. The sacred literature of past ages furnishes some of the brightest and most useful materials for Christian writers of the present age. ~ In writing on a book so eminently historical as the Acts of the Apostles, it is desirable to attain accuracy as to dates. This, however, has ot yet been accomplished by all the efforts which learned men have directed to it. A difference of two or three, sometimes of more, years, exists in the calculations of different writers, without, however, in the least degree affecting the authority of the book, or impairing its practical value. Without pretending to minute accuracy, the dates which are here inserted in the upper margin of the pages may be considered the more probable ones. In the first Appendix, at the end of the volume, the opinions of several chronologers are given, in regard to the events of the apostle Paul's life. The map which is prefixed to this volume is copied from Weiland's

Bible Atlas, the German names being here expressed by the corre

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sponding English ones. The smallness of the scale on which it is constructed, makes it convenient for illustrating all the travels and voyages of the apostle Paul, which are minutely detailed in the Acts. At the same time, it will be found useful in the study of chapters preceding the one, in which the sacred writer commences his account of the apostle's travels.

As so many proper names, both of persons and places, occur in this book, I have thought it would be an acceptable service to the reader to give, in an Appendix at the close of the volume, the pronunciation of such as might occasion difficulty. . . .

The titles, or contents, of chapters are copied from the American Bible Society's edition.

With the hope that this product of many laborious, yet pleasant, hours, will be useful to the cause of religion, I commend it to the Christian public, and to the adorable Saviour, “whose I am, and whom I serve.”


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