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they find eagerly panting for it.— But the Committee look up to Him, in whose bands are the hearts of the affluent as well as of the poor, and are thus led confidently to anticipate a large accession of liberal and active members of the institution.” The Committee have added to the list of vice-presidents, the Homourable and very Reverend the Dean of Windsor, and the Rev. Sir John Fagg, Bart. And her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales having been graciously pleased to express her approbation of the Blackheath Auxiliary Bible Society, and to become a liberal annual contributor to its funds, the Committee suggested, that her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales should be declared !he Patroness of this Society, which was resolved accordingly.


The anniversary meeting of this society was held on the 10th inst. The chair was taken by Lord F. Osborne, M. P. for the county, who read a letter from Lord Hardwicke, expressing his regret at being prevented from attending by indisposition. An interesting Report was then read, which was followed by impressive speeches from the Deau of Carlisle, Rev. Messrs. Cunningham and Hughes, Harris, Webster, Chase, J. Brown, Edmonds, G. A. Brown, and Simeon ; T. R. Kemp, Fsq. M. P. for Lewis; R. Foster, W. Hollick, G. Pryme, and G. Milner, Esqrs. The proceedings were unanimous, and the whole meeting highly interesting,

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have been cheaply distributed .# the inhabitants of this town a parish, a few of which were bestowed gratis. Many who were grateful for this invaluable possession readily assented to associate together in companies to read and hear the Scriptures. I conceived that some regular establishment would become useful, if not necessary, to preserve so favourable a spirit among them— that when assembled in companies, a few readers would prove sufficient; but that otherwise the wishes of many poor families who could not read would be frustrated, as many readers could not attend them separately at their respective dwellings. Accordingly I established 26 different stations at eligible distances, by reading at regular periods every evening, at three or four houses, half an hour each. This was accomplished in about a week or ten days. The regulations subjoined, I caused to be affixed in the most conspicuous places of the several apartments where the readings were conducted. Some of these have from 30 to near 50 names annexed, amounting in all to about 450 persons of different denominations of Christians who attend these readings. On the 9th of September, 1811, I commenced the Scriptural Readings ; and the success which resulted abundantly proved the blessing with which it was attended. The devout silence and respect which has almost uniformly followed the impressive reading of the Bible has been highly encouraging, appears to insure the success of any similar attempt, and largely compensates for the exertion bestowed. The increase of the companies in some instances was very rapid; and incommodious apartments from 40 to 50 persons, even 70 perhaps, or upwards, have assembled. The number of readers soon increased to 7, and the minister read occasionally. The good effects which have been noticed (though, in some cases, only the remote cause) have been, a

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and shame of open vice; a more numerous attendance at public worship, and an accession of about 15 to 20 communicants. Many persons, embracing these constant opportunities with much gladness, and almost daily advancing in the knowledge of the Scriptures, discovered all such testimonies of joy as prove most gratifying to a Christian. It is humbly hoped that the advantages of this plan will stimulate the similar exertions of many pious Christians. I am, &c.


Association for Reading and Hearing the Holy Scriptures.

“By permission of Mr. —, we whose names are written beneath have unanimously agreed to assemble ourselves in this apartment, on the evenings of ——, ——, -—, for a fixed period between the hours of seven and nine, for the sole purpose of reading and hearing theScriptures.

“That a proper reader be selected. from our own company; and that in failure or absence of such, we do invite one or more proper persons from among our neighbours, or from other companies, who will benevolently undertake this office, till a regular reader be appointed.

“That, desirous to give the utmost degree of utility and permanency to our association, we will use our best efforts, that on no occasion we shall remain unprovided with a plain and careful reader.

“That we proportion the measure of our reading, for the most part, to about one portion of the Old Testament for two of the New.

“That our express object is to promote a spirit and habit of reading and hearing the Divine Oracles with a daily and earnest constancy, on all proper occasions; confident that from this source alone are derived our highest interest—our present peace, joy, and hope—our future glory, honour, and immortality.”


On the last day of this present January (to be continued on the last day of every month), will be published, price 3d. No. 1. of Montal Missionary Tracts, to be . the “Missionary Register.” The Committee of the Society for Missions to Africa and the East hope, by this monthly circulation of Missionary Intelligence, to awaken among the members of the Church a more general zeal for the propagation of the Gospel. These mouthly tracts will be written in a plain and simple manner; and will be calculated to convey information to the cottages of the poor, and to excite their prayers for the success of missions; while they may also interest the feelings of those who can contribute their pecuniary aid to the Society. These tracts, besides communicating all the most recent intelligence respecting the Society's missions, will briefly notice the state and progress of other missions; and will contain such matter, respecting past attempts and future prospects, with the lives of exemplary missionaries, as may, with the Divine blessing, diffuse holy zeal in support of this and similar institutions; and be the means of encouraging a spirit of prayer, and of calling forth some useful labourers to the work of Christ among the heathen. The Committee request the friends of the Society to promote the sale of the monthly tracts. Orders may be given for them to any bookseller, who will supply them regularly with the Monthly Magazines and Reviews. The Committee are engaged in forming Church Missionary Associations in various places. Of these associations we have already given an account in our Number for October, p. 677. Two copies of each Monthly Missionary Tract will be sent, gratis, to every member of committees or subcommittees throughout the empire; one for his own use, and the other for lending among those persons from whom he collects the weekly contributions. The Secretary, the Rev. Josiah Pratt, 22, Doughty Street, London, will, on application to him, furnish papers adapted for circulation in order to the formation of Church Missionary Associations.


On Sunday the 13th Dec. a sermon was preached by the Rev. Basil Woodd, M.A. rector of Drayton Beauchamp, at Bentinck Chapel, on the occasion of the late fire, which destroyed the printing office of the Missionary Society at Serampore, in the East Indies, on the 11th of last March, and also in aid of the important object of translating the

Holy Scriptures into the Oriental languages.

The collection amounted to 1301. 1s. 6d. We rejoice to hear that the sum of 6,500l. has been raised in England and Scotland on this occasion. The sympathy of Christians of different denominations has been prominently drawn out, and an unity of zeal in promoting the interest of the kingdom of Christ remarkably displayed. The Missionaries have lost no time in repairing the loss and delay sustained by the conflagration; specimens of new impressions from types formed out of the lead melted by the fire have been transmitted to this country; and the editions of the Scripture are in considerable forwardness in the Bengalee, the Orissa, the Nagree, the Tamul, and the Seik characters.


th. Eon.0 Gy. A Guide to the Reading and Study of the Holy Scriptures, with an illustrative Supplemot; by A. Franck. Translated from the Latin, and augmented with Notes; by William Jaques. 8s. Sermon on the Importance of an early Acquaintance with the Scriptures; by J. Sandys. 1s. Second Exodus; or, Reflections on the Prophecies of the Last Times; by J. Ettrick. Vol. III. 8vo. 7's. The Life of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; by J. Angus. 12mo, 2s. A Treatise on the Nature and Beauty of Gospel Worship; by J. Owen. 1s. 6d. Rise of the Reformation, containing the Grounds of Protestantism; by J. Robertson, 2s. 6d. An Essay on the Misrepresentations, Ignorance, and Plagiarism of certain Infidel Writers; by J. Walpole. 2s. 6d. Exposition and Sunday Family Instructor; a Periodical Work, being an Illustration of the Liturgy of the United Churches of England and Ireland; by W. Frizell. Deny 8vo. 19s. 6d. : fine paper, 293.; or Royal 8vo. 58s. Hymns, partly collected and partly origimal, designed as a Supplement to Dr.Watts's Psalms and Hymns; by William Bengo Collyer, D. D Remains of the late Rev. Richard Cecil, M.A. with a View of his Character: by Josiah Pratt, B. D. F.A.S. Fourth Elition,

pocket size, with a fine portrait, by Facies, aster Russell. 7s.6d. Appeal against the Claims of the Roman Catholics. 1s. Letters on the Religious and Political Tenets of the Roman Heptarchy. 5s. Sermons at the Asylum for Female Orphans, Lambeth, Ang. 30, 1812; by J. Steven. 2s. , The Wilderness and Solitary Place glad for the Light of the Gospel ; a Sermon preached at St. John's, York, for the benefit of the Bible Society'; by the Rev. James Richardson, A.M. 2s. The Travels of St. Paul ; in Letters, supposed to be written from a Mother to her Daughter; by Miss Sandham. 18mo. 2s. 6d. England Safe and Triumphant; or, Researches into the Apocalyptic Little Book and Prophecies, connected and sychronical ; by the Rev. Frederick Thurston, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo. 11.1s. Four Sermons, delivered in St. Andrew's Chapel, Banff; by the Rev. J. Milne, A.M. 1s. 6d. A Sermon before the University of Canbridge, Nov. 8; by J. Plumptre. 1s. The Bishop of St. David's Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of St. David's. 2s. The Errors of Universalism. 1s. Gd. A Greek Version of Bishop Jewell's Apologia, with Notes; for the Use of Grammar Schools; by — Smith, 12mo, 5s. A Sermon preached in York Minster, on the Auniversary of his Majesty's Acceesian

to the Throne; by the Rev. J. Richardson, A.M. 1s. Nine Sermons, preached in the Years 1718-19, by the late I.Watts, D.D.; with a Preface, by J. P. Smith, D.D. 8vo. 6s. The Parent's Christmas-Box, and New Year's Gift; containing the various Predictions of the Prophets. 1s. A Spiritual and most Preciouse Perle, teachynge all Men to love and imbrace the Crosse, as a most swete and necessarye Thinge, with Preface, &c.; by Edwarde Duke of Somerset, Uncle to King Edward VI. first printed in 1550, now re-printed with a new Historical and Biographical Preface. 55. large paper 10s. 6d. xi is C E L L A N E O U 8. An Elementary Treatise on the Geometrical and Algebraical Investigation of Maxima and Minima; by W. Cresswell. 8vo. 10s. Tracts on Mathematical and Philosophical Subjects; comprising, among numerous iulportant Articles, the Theory of Bridges: also the Result of Experiments on the Force of Gunpowder; by Charles Hutton, LL.D. F. R. S., &c. 3 vols. 8vo. 21. 8s. Life of a Dissenting Minister, with occasional Reflections, illustrative of the Character, Manners, &c. of the Dissenters in general. 12mo, 5s. 6d. Copies and Extracts of Documents on the Subject of British Impressments of American Seamen. 2s. Speeches of the Right Hon. H. Grattan. Vol. I. 8vo. 12s. Travels in Southern Africa, from 1803 to 1806; by Henry Lichtenstein, M. D. &c. translated by Ann Plumptre. 4to. 11.16s. A Chronological Retrospect, or Memoirs of the principal Events of Mahonedan History; by Major Price. Vol. II, 4to, 21. 10s. A General Collection of Voyages and Travels in all Parts of the World. Vols. X11. and XIII. containing North America; by J. Pinkerton. 4to. 41.4s. Letters from the Continent in the Years 1790, 1, 2, to a Friend residing in England. $vo. Ús.

Evening Amusements, or the Beauty of the Heavens Displayed, for the Year 1813; by W. Frend. 12mo. 3s. Memoirs of the late P. Melvill, Esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Papers respecting the Negociation for a Renewal of the East India Company's exclusive Privileges; printed by Order of the Court of Directors for the Information of the Proprietors. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Practice of the Customs, in the Entry, Examination, and Delivery of Goods and Merchandise. 8vo. 18s. The Elements of English Grammar; with numerous Exercises; Questions for Examimations; and Notes, for the Use of the advanced Student; by the Rev.W. Allen. 5s. A Sketch of the Sikhs, a singular Nation, who inhabit the Provinces of the Penjah, situated between the Rivers Junna and Indus; by Sir W. Malcolm. 8vo. 8s. 6d. Elements of Universal Geography, ancient and moderu; with Historical, Classical, and Mythological Notes; by A. Picquot. 12mo. 5s

A Chronological Register of both Houses of the British Parliament, from the Union of 1708, to the fourth Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1807; by Robert Beatson, LL.D. 3 vols. 8vo. 11.11s. 6d.

An Account of the Inquisition at Goa; by S. Dellon. 8vo. 6s.

A Dissertation on that Portion of Scottish History termed the Gowrie Conspiracy; by A. Panton. 8vo. 5s.

A New Greek Delectus, on the lan of the Latin Delectus; by the Rev. Dr. Valpy. 8s. 6d.

Asiatic Researches, or Transactions of the Society instituted in Bengal. Vol. II. 8vo. 18s. ; or 4to. 21. 2s.

Auerican State Papers and Correspondence; also Papers relative to the Annexation of Holland to France; Repeal of the Berlin and Milau Decrees; English and Irish Budget; French State Papers, &c. 8vo. 6s.

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Rev. Jonathan Alderson, M. A. Herthill and Tedwick R.R. Yorkshire, vice Hewitt, deceased. Rev. William Gale Townley, B. A. and Rev. J. Hewlett, B.D. Chaplains in ordinary to the Prince Regent. Rev. Thomas Wright, Thetford perpetual Curacy, Norfolk. Rev. Wm. Singleton, Dale V. near Gainsborough. Rev. John Foley, M.A. Holt R. with the Chapel of Little Witley annexed, Worcestershire. Rev. J. J. Cookes, Astley R. Worcestershire. Rev. John Webb, Tretyre R. Herefordshire. Rev. James Oakes, rector of Tostock and Rattlesden, Suffolk, to the Cure of the endowed chapel of Gipping. Rev. George Kent, Horsham St. Faith's. perpetual Curacy, and Horsham V. Norfolk. Rev. Dr. Lloyd, Hebrew Professor at Cambridge, Chaplain of Haslar Hospital. Rev. Matthew Arnold, Chaplaim to the Forces in Sicily. Rev. J. Wander Meulen, LL.B, vicar of Messing, Essex, and a minor canon of St. Paul's Beichamp, St. Paul W. Essex. Rev. P. S. Dodd. M. A. Aldrington R. Sussex. Rev. T. Freke, M. A. vicar of South Tawton, Down St. Mary R. Devon, vice Rev. H. Martin, resigned. Rev. William Pugh, M. A. Bottisham W. Cambridgeshire. Rev. Thomas Horne, St. Katharine Coleman R. London, Rev. Mr. Webber, Chaplain to the House of Commons, vice Rev. Mr. Proby. Rev. M. Mapletors, rector of Fasington, Cleveland, Yeddingham V. Yorkshire. Rev. Thomas Whipham, M. A. King's Teignton V. with Heywick Chapel annexed, bevon, vice Jones, deceased. Rev. Philip Wynne Yorke, B. A. South Shoebury R. }. Rev. Henry Yeomans, Little Wigborough. R. Essex. Rev. F. G. Crossman, Westmonkton R.


Rev. George Matthew, M. A. Greenwich W. Kent, vice Burnaby, deceased. Rev. John Greenly, one of the Vicars of Salisbury Cathedral, and Vicar of the Close. Rev. Edmund Bellman, M. A. Helmingham R. Suffolk. *. T. Cantley, M.A. Griston V. Norfolk. Rev. P. Rideout, rector of Farnham, Dorset, Shapwick V. Rev. John Anthony Perney, Oxendon Pool o: Gloucestershire. ev. H. Taylor, M. A. Aldeby perpetual Curacy, No. y perpe Rev. Thomas Wright, St. Mary's Thetford perpetual Curacy.

Rev. C. Proby, M.A. rector of Stanwick, Northamptonshire, Densord cum Ringstead V. Rev. Joseph Hollis, LL.D. vicar of Chesterton, Oxon, Haddenham W. Bucks. Rev. John Birt, B. A. and Rev. William Watkins, B. A. Vicars Choral of Hereford cathedral. Rev. H. Porter, B. D. vicar of Enfield, Middlesex, Springfield R. Essex. Rev. D. M. Peacock, M. A. to hold by dispensation Sedbergh V. Yorkshire, with Staynton-le-Street, Durham. Rev. William Leir, M. A. Ditcheat R. Somerset, vice his father, deceased. Rev. Paul Leir, M. A. Charlton-Musgrove R. Somerset. Rev. A.C. Bullen, Great Baddow.W. Essex. Rev. C. Glossop, Rode cum Wolverton R. Somerset. Rev. Dr. Middleton, Huntingdon archdeaconry, vice Rev. Dr. Parkinson, collated to the archdeaconry of Leicester. Rev. Bache Thornhill, M. A. tutbury V. Staffordshire, vice Clowes, deceased. Alsa licensed to the chapels of Longston and Ashford, in the parish of Bakewell. Rev. T. Archer, M. A. Whitchurch W. Bucks. Rev. Thomas Leyson, to hold Tredoneck, R. with Basselleg V. and Panteague R. Monmouthshire, Rev. John Davenport, vicar of Ratcliffeupon-Trent, and perpetual curate of Tithby cum Cropwell Butler, Shelford perp. Curacy, Notts, vice Bigsby, resigned. Rev. W. Aldrich, rector of Boyton, and vicar of Stowmarket, Suffolk, Chaplain in Ordinary to the Prince Regent. Rev. H. Morrice, of Chipping Ongar, Ashwell V. Herts. Rev. Nash Kemble, Parnden Parva R. Essex. Rev. Bevan, St. Peter's R. Bristol, vice Broughton, deceased. Rev. William Wait, Chaplain of St. Peter's Hospital, Bristol. Rev. Archdeacon Owen, chaplain-general to the army, Chaplain-general of the Fleet. Rev. D. E. Clerk, curate of St. Mary-bone, Llanvigan R. Breconshire. Rev. W. G. Townley, B. A. Upwel R. with Woluey Chapelry, Norfolk. Rev. H. Finch, M. A. recter of Shelford Parva, Shelford Magna V. Norfolk, vice Marshall, resigned. Rev. Edw. Twentyman, MI. A. Elmsett R. Suffolk. Rev. Wm. Walker, B. D. Layham R. Suff. IRev. John Ellicot, Exton V. Rutland. Rev. Henry Worsley, St. Lawrence R. Isle of Wight. Rev. — Williams, rector of Camely Whatley, R. Somerset. Rev. John Saville Ogle, M.A. Canon-residentiary of Salisbury Cathedral, vice Eyre. deceased.

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