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mily Society ... Society for Missions to

Africa and the East. - British and Foreign,

Wallingsord and York, Bradford, and

Staffordshire Bible Societies. . Speech of

Mr. Gisborne. . Society for Jews. . Religi-
ous Tract Society . . Society for Observ-
ance of Lord's Day. -Sunday Schools. .
Want of Bibles . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.3–2.55
Pub. At F.—Spain; Capture of Badajoz, &c.
... Russia; Sweden. . Great Britain : Par-

liament ; Catholic Question ; Orders in

Council; East India Charter; Corporal
Punishment; Reversions, &c. . . Domestic
and Naval Intelligence. . . . . . 256-260

LIT. AND Phil. INTEL.-Great Britain:

New Works; Oxford; Bibliomania; Stra-

nonium; Leslie's frigorific Process; Re-

medy for Rats; Polyflame Lamp, &c. &c.;

New Publications . . . . . . . . . . .387, 388.

RE 11 c. 1 N1 E. L.-Relief of the Manufac-
turing Poor. . Prayer-book and Homily
Society. Society for Propagation of Go-
spel in Foreign Parts. .State of Clergy as
to Residence, and of Parishes as to Pluces
of Worship, &c. . . Mission to Tartary . .

African and Asiatic Society .. 389–400

Pub. A PF.—Spain. . France ... Russia... Swe-
den . . United States. . Caraccas . . St.Vin-
cent. Cuba. Great Britain : Parliament;
New Administration; Conciliatory Mea-
sures of Government: Revocation of the

Orders in Council; Budget; Loan; New

Taxes, &c.; Domestic and Naval Intelli-

gence - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 400–404

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Relic.INTel.—Missions of United Brethren

at Cape of Good Hope, Surinam, Green-
land, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Antigua, Bar-
badoes, and South America. . Mission So-
ciety to Africa and East: Sermon and Re-
port ... Loudon Missionary Society: Ab-
stract of Report. . Spitalfields Benevolent
Society ... Sunday School Union. . Hiber-
nian School Society . . Society for Observ-
ance of Lord's Day, &c... Spiritual Wants
of the Poot in the Forest of Dean ... Navy
Chaplains ... Poor Curates ... Tract So-
ciety...Jews.. Lascars ... United States. .
Methodists . . Serampore . . Church Mis-
sion Tracts . . Keynsham Association for
reading Bible... Newcastle, Suffolk, Shrop-
shire, Blackheath, Henley, Hibernian,
Sussex, North London, Hackney, Cam-
bridge and Edinburgh Bible Societies o

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“ ANNA late Countess of Seafield, the eldest daughter of Sir William Dunbar of Durn, son to the Laird of Grangehill, and Janet Brodie his wife, grandchild of the Lord Brodie, was born in the year of God 1672, and bred up virtuously from her infancy by her parents, and particularly by her grandmother Lady Dunbar, who was a virtuous and pious woman, and took care to instil into her grandchild's mind, a sense of piety and devotion from her very infancy. There appeared in her, from her childhood, a sweetness of temper and disposition which made her agreeable to all that saw her, and which was always observable in her to the last. “ When she was a young girl with her parents, her mother would have had her to learn housewifery; but her inclination led her rather Cubist. Observ. No. 121,

to read, and therefore she stayed mostly in her closet and gave herself much to reading, and still avoided the company of the servants, having an abhorrence of the profaneness and ribaldry with which they are ready to defile one another's ears, and pollute their hearts. And in this sense, one's great enemies are ofuentimes those of one's own house; and children, in their younger years, are greatly corrupted by the example and speeches of servants. “Her parents, knowing how ready young people are to corrupt one another, and that one of the best means to keep them from evil is to preserve them from the occasion of it, chose not to send her to the city, to the women's schools, according to the ordinary custom, there to be trained up in the things which become those of her own age and quality to learn; but to keep a virtuous woman within their house to attend their daughter, and instruct her in such things as were fit for her to learn.” “She began very early to read good and devout books, and took delight to hear them read to her; and when a portion of some of them had been read, she would retire to her closet, and was often observed there on her knees in prayer to God. When she was about eight years of age, while reading the holy Scriptures, she happened to read these

words, “The wicked shall be turn

ed into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” On which, reflecting on her own sinful state, she was struck with great terror, looking on herself as one of those against whom this is threatened. In this state.

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