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5 Lord! submissive make us go,
Gladly leaving all below:
Only thou our Leader be,
And we still will follow thee.

HYMN 379. L. M. Livingstone.
Blendon. Portugal.

Ps. ciii. 1-4.

1 MY soul, with humble fervor raise
To God the voice of grateful praise,
And every mental power combine,
To bless his attributes divine.

2 Deep on my heart let mem'ry trace
His acts of mercy and of grace;
Who, with a Father's tender care,
Sav'd me when sinking in despair:

3. Gave my repentant soul to prove
The joy of his forgiving love;
Pour'd balm into my bleeding breast,
And led my weary feet to rest.

HYMN 380. 8, 7. Wingrove. Sicilian. Love Divine. 1 HAIL, my ever blessed Jesus, Only thee I wish to sing; To my soul thy name is precious, Thou my Prophet, Priest, and King.

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HYMN 381. L. M. Kelly. St. Catharine's. Portugal. l I HEAR, a voice that comes from far; From Calvary it sounds abroad; It sooths my soul, and calms my fear: It speaks of pardon bought with blood.

2 And is it true, that many fly
The sound that bids my soul rejoice;
And rather choose in sin to die,
Than turn an ear to mercy's voice! .

3 Alas, for those!—the day is near,
When mercy will be heard no more;
Then will they ask in vain to hear
The #" they would not hear before.

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4 With such, I own, I once appear'd,
But now I know how great their loss;
For sweeter sounds were never heard,
Than mercy utters from the cross.

5 But let me not forget to own,
That if I differ aught from those,
'Tis due to sov’reign grace alone,
That oft selects its proudest foes.

HYMN 382. C. M. Collyer.
St. Martin's. Colchester.

Herein is love. 1 John iv. 10.

1 YE saints, assist me in my song-
Let all your passions move;
To Jesus all the notes belong-
I sing redeeming love.
2 9: spirits 'gainst his cross,
heir force united prove;
But quit the field with mighty loss,
Crush'd by redeeming love.

3 Around the circle of his friends
His tender passions move;
And while he liv'd his constant theme
Was still redeeming love.

4 Gently he rais'd his sacred hands,
Before his last remove :
And the last whispers of his tongue,
Sigh’d forth redeeming love.

5 Through life's wide waste, with weary feet,

In darkness I may rove;

But never can my heart forget
Redeeming, dying love.

6 Oh, that before his sacred throne,
I all its sweets may prove;
Still as my pleasures rise, my song
Shall be redeeming love.

HYMN 383. L. M. Portugal. Chatham. 1 SURROUNDED by a frightful gloom, And dreading fiercer ills to come; From chains of wo, and haunts of vice, To liberty and life we rise.

2 Thanks to the hand that set us free;
Eternal Spirit, thanks to thee!
Whose pow'r resistless, unconfin'd,
Subdues the passions of the mind.

3 Religion like a sun appears,
And shines upon our dawning years;
We follow still the guiding ray,
That kindles into perfect day.

4 Conducted safe along the road,
That leads to peace—that leads to God;
With active feet, with ardent eyes,
We seek our home above the skies.

5 Subdu'd by love, and taught of God, -
Rejoicing in redeeming blood,
We press to find that happy shore,
Where £ and sorrow reign no more.

HYMN 384. C. P. M.
Chapel. Chilton. Abby.
The heavenly prospect. Num. xiii.

1 REJOICING now in glorious hope,
We stand, and from the mountain top,
View all the land below;
Rivers of milk and honey rise,
And all the fruits of Paradise
In endless plenty flow.

2 A land where sin shall ne'er invade,
Nor doubt shall cast a gloomy shade,
With every blessing crown'd;
There dwells the Lord our righteousness,
And keeps his own in perfect peace;
And all his praise resound.

3 May we this better land possess,
When in this howling wilderness,
No longer we shall rove,—
Lord, help us humbly to rejoice,
In hope we there shall hear thy voice,
And sing redeeming love.

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1 HOW happy are the Who the £ #, And have laid up their treasure above! Oh, what tongue can express The sweet comfort and peace

Of a soul in its earliest love!

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