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Hymn. The Church,

from 297 to 364 Prayer for a Revival, - 305 314 Conference Meetings,

316 325 Dismission,

326 331 The sinner awakened,

332 343 Conviction and

344 360 Conversion,

361 371 The Convert,

372 423 Rejoicing in a Revival,

424 445 Baptism,

446 450 Monthly Concert,

451 487 Missionary Meetings,

488 501 Collections,

502 504 Times and Seasons,

505 564 Morning and Evening, 505 515 Sabbath,

516 519 Seasons of the year,

520 523 New Year,

524 527 Marriage,

528 530 Meeting & parting of Friends, 531 537 Youth,

538 548 Middle Age,


550 Fast,

551 Affliction,

552 564 Funeral Hymns,

565 575 Time and Eternity,

576 580 Resurrection,

581 584 Day of Judgment,

585 589 Death and Heaven,

590 600

Old Age,


Hymn. AH, what can I, a sinner, do,

337 Ah, who can speak the vast dismay, 35 Ah, why this disconsolate frame, 401 Ab, wretched souls are they who here, 149 Alas, alas, how blind I've been, 332 Alas, and did my Saviour bleed,

86 Alas, what hourly dangers rise,

260 Almighty God of truth and love,

94 All glory to God in the sky,

314 All hail the power of Jesus' name, 123 All ye who laugh and sport with death, 29 Amazing grace! how sweet the sound, 155 Amazing sight! the Saviour stands, 49 Am I a soldier of the cross,

193 An angry God, a Judge severe,

41 And canst thou, sinner, slight,

335 And does the Spirit kindly move, 334 And have I measur'd half my days, 549 And is the gospel peace and love, 106 And let this feeble body fail,

557 And must I part with all I have, 221 And what am I ? my soul, awake, 237 And will the Lord thus condescend, 50 And will th' offended God again, 256

117 Angels ! roll the rock away,

516 Another six days' work is done,


Hymn. Anxious, I strove to find the way, 390 A present God is all our strength, 174 Arise, great God, and let thy grace,

467 Arm of the Lord, awake, awake, 477 Ascend thy throne, Almighty King,

483 As in soft silence vernal showers, 307 As once the Saviour took his seat,

90 As on the cross the Saviour hung, 158 Assembled at thy great command, 488 As the serpent, rais'd by Moses,

47 Astonish'd and distress'd,

345 As when the weary traveller gains, 269 At Jacob's well a stranger sought,

80 At length, the wish'd for spring has come, 521 Attend, while God's exalted Son, 167 Attend, ye children of our God,

450 Awake, and sing the song,

375 Awake, awake my sluggish soul,

85 Awak'd by Sinai's awful sound, 367 Awake, my soul, lift up thine eyes, Awake, my soul, to joyful lays,

9 Awake, ye saints, and raise your eyes,

527 BEHOLD a stranger at the door, 48 Behold high in the midst of heaven, 466 Behold the expected time draw near,

489 Behold the genial showers descend,

310 Behold the glorious dawning bright,

482 Behold the mountain of the Lord, 481 Behold the sons, the heirs of God,

195 Behold the tears that Mary shed, 348 Begone my worldly cares away,

515 Begone unbelief,



Hymn. Beneath the poisonous dart,

364 Beside the gospel pool,

371 Beware of Peter's word,

409 Blessed Redeemner! how divine, 206 Blest be the dear uniting love,

536 Blest be the tic that binds,

533 Blest Comforter divine,

176 Blest is the man whose softening heart, 184 Blest Lord, behold the guilty scorn, 313 Blest Saviour, by thy powerful word, 247 Blow ye the trumpet, blow,

432 Break thro' the clouds, dear Lord, and 552 Brethren, belov'd for Jesus' sake, 531 Bright as the sun's meridian blaze, 484 By whom shall Jacob now arise ? 302 CAN aught beneath a power divine, 168 Children of the heavenly King, 378 Children of God, who trav'ling slow, 267 Come, all ye souls by sin oppress'd, 65 Come, christian brethren, ere we part, 535 Come, every pious heart,

121 Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly dove, 316 Come, heavenly peace of mind,

217 Come, Holy Ghost, my soul inspire, 284 Come, Holy Spirit, come,

179 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly duve, 177 Come, humble sinner, in whose breast, 77 Come, let me love, or is my mind, 67 Come, let us anew,

526 Come, let us now forget our mirth, 538 Come, Lord, and bless the rising race, 525

319 Come, Lord, and warm each languid



Come, my soul, thy suit prepare, 351
Come, sacred Spirit, from above, 306
Come, sinners, attend,

Come, thou Almighty King,

Come, thou Fount of every blessing, 439
Come, weary souls, with sins distress’d, 58
Come, we who love the Lord,

Come, ye, that know and fear the Lord, 7
Come, ye weary, heavy laden,

Come, ye weary sinners, come,

Convinced of sin, men now begin,
DEAD be my heart to all below, 251
Dear Jesus, let thy pitying eye,

Dear refuge of my weary soul,

Dear Saviour, if these Lambs should 303
Dear Saviour, thy victorious love, 594
Deep are the wounds which sin has 134
Descend, Holy Spirit, the Dove, 180
Destruction's dangerous road,

Did Christ o'er sinners weep ?

Did I possess the gift of tongues,

Didst ihou, dear Jesus, suffer shame 183
Disconsolate tenant of clay,

Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord,

EARTH has engross'd my love toe

Encompass’d with clouds of

Eternal God, almighty cause,

Eternal God, enthron'd on high,

Eternal power, whose high abode, 15
Eternal Spirit, source of light,

Eternal Sun of Righteousness,

Eternity is just at hand,


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