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HYMN 74. C. M. Newton.
Springfield. Clarendon.
The leper healed. Matt. viii. 2, 3.

1 WHEN the poor leper's case I read,
My own describ'd I feel;
Sin is a leprosy indeed,
Which none but CHRIST can heal.

2 What anguish did my soul endure,
Till hope and patience ceas'd?
The more I strove myself to cure,
The more the plague increas'd.

3 While thus I lay distress'd, I saw
The Saviour passing by;
To him, though fill'd with shame and awe,
I rais'd my mournful cry:

4 “Lord, thou canst heal me, if thou wilt,
Oh, pity to me show;
Oh, cleanse my leprous soul from guilt;
My filthy heart renew.”

5 He heard, and with a gracious look,
Pronounc'd the healing word:
“I will—be clean,” and while he spoke
I felt my health restor'd.

6 Come, sinners, seize the present hour
The Saviour's grace to prove;
He can relieve, for he is pow'r-
He *: for he is love.

HYMN 75. C. M. Montgomery.
Barby. Springfield.
The soul. Mark viii. 36.

1 WHAT is the thing of greatest price,
The whole creation round?–
That which was lost in Paradise,
That which in Christ is found:

2 The soul of Inan-Jehovah's breathThat keeps two worlds at strife; Hell moves beneath to work its death, Heaven stoops to give it life.

3 God, to redeem it, did not spare
His well beloved Son;
Jesus, to save it, deign'd to bear
The sins of all in one.

4 And is this treasure borne below,
In earthen vessels frail?

Can none its utmost value know,
Till flesh and spirit fail?

5 Then let us gather round the cross,
That knowledge to obtain;
Not by the soul's eternal loss,
But everlasting gain.

HYMN 76. C. M. Rippon. Newmark. Colchester. 1 LORD, shall we part with gold for dross, With solid good for show ! Outlive our biiss, and mourn our loss In everlasting wo! 65

2 Let us not lose the living God,
For one short dream of joy:
With fond embrace cling to a clod,
And fling all heav'n away.

3 Vain world, thy weak attempts forbear,
We all thy charms defy;
And rate our precious souls too dear
For all thy wealth to buy.

HYMN 77. C. M. E. Jones.
Reading. Windsor.
Resolve. Esther iv. 16.

1 COME, humble sinner, in whose breast,
A thousand thoughts revolve;
Come, with your guilt and fear oppress'd
And make this last resolve:

2 “Ill go to Jesus, though my sin
“Hath like a mountain rose;
“I know his courts, I'll enter in,
“Whatever may oppose.

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HYMN 78. L. M. Lee. Bath. Carthage. Armley. Religion. Prov. iv. 7. 1 TEACH us, O Lord, the great concern, To know thy will, thy name to love; Our duty from thy word to learn, And gain the wisdom from above. 2 Religion, richest blessing given, Fountain of all our joys below, Bids mortals lift their eyes to heaven, In scenes of darkness and of wo. 3 Religion must be all in all, Would we th’ immortal prize obtain, Retrieve the ruins of the fall, And 'scape the death of endless pain. 4 Send thy good Spirit, Lord, we pray, To sanctify and cleanse our heart: May we repent, believe, obey, And from thy service ne'er depart.

HYMN 79. C. M.
Chapel. Walsal.
The woman of Samaria. John iv.

1 LIKE her who in Samaria's bound,
Beneath a sultry sky,
Oft at the Patriarch's well was found,
Her weary toil to ply:- 67
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2 Thus we our measurd span employ
In labors, long and vain-
We try each boasted fount of joy,
And drink—and thirst again.
3 O thou, who with a pitying heart,
Didst hear her earnest tale,
To us that living stream impart,
Whose waters never fail.

4. So shall our broken cisterns here,

By fickle dew-drops fed,
No more awake the bitter tear,

Or bow the sorrowing head—

5A holy fountain in the soul,
Eternally shall rise,

Supplied by those pure streams that r
here pleasure never dies.

HYMN 80. C. M.
Newmark. Barby.
1 AT Jacob's well a stranger sought
His drooping frame to cheer:
Samaria's daughter little thought
That Jacob's God was near.
2 This had she known, her fainting min
For richer draughts had sigh'd;
Nor had Messiah, ever kind,
Those richer draughts denied.
3 The man, who came on earth to die
How few appear to know !
The friend of sinners, passing by,

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