The Field Engineer: A Handy Book of Practice in the Survey, Location, and Track-work of Railroads; Containing a Large Collection of Rules and Tables, Original and Selected, Applicable to Both the Standard and the Narrow Gauge, and Prepared with Special Reference to the Wants of the Young Engineer

D. Van Nostrand Company, 1890 - 339 páginas
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Página 18 - ... the square of the hypothenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.
Página 4 - The logarithm of any power of a number is equal to the logarithm of the number multiplied by the exponent of the power.
Página 4 - That is, the logarithm of a quotient is equal to the logarithm of the dividend diminished by that of the divisor. 7. Raising both members of (4) to the power denoted by p, we have, 10...
Página 17 - As the sum of the given sides is to their difference, So is the tangent of half the sum of the remaining angles to the tangent of half their difference.
Página 15 - ... the tangent of half the sum of the angles at the base to the tangent of half their difference.
Página 14 - This is done by reversing the preceding rule : Look in the proper column of the table for the given logarithm ; if it is found there, the degrees are to be taken from the top or bottom, and the minutes from the left or right hand column, as the case may be. If the given logarithm is not found in the table, then find the next less logarithm, and take from the table the corresponding degrees and minutes, and set them aside. Subtract the logarithm found in the table, from the given logarithm, and divide...
Página 13 - Tangent, fyc., of any number of degrees and minutes. If the given angle is less than 45°, look for the degrees at" the top of the table, and the minutes on the left ; then, opposite to the minutes, and under the word sine at the head of the column, will be found the sine ; under the word tangent, will be found the tangent, &c. The log, sin of 43° 25' is 9.83715 The tan of 17° 20...
Página 15 - ... opposite to that leg. And one of the legs is to the other as the radius to the tangent of the angle opposite to the latter.
Página 5 - The rule is the reverse of those just given. Look in the table for the mantissa of the given logarithm. If it cannot be found, take out the next less mantissa, and also the corresponding number...
Página 13 - If the angle is greater than 45°, look for the degrees at the bottom of the page, and for the minutes in the right...

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