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Engineers' and Mechanics' Companion. Comprising United States Weights and Measures, Mensuration of Superficies and Solids, Tables of Squares and Cubes, Square and Cube Roots, Circumference and Areas of Circles, The Mechanical Powers, Centres of Gravity, Gravitation of Bodies, Pendulums, Specific Gravity of Bodies, Strength, Weight, and Crush of Materials, Water Wheels, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, Statics, Centres of Percussion and Gyration, Friction Heat, Tables of the Weight of Metals, Scantling, &c., Steam and the Steam-Engine. Eighteenth edition, revised. Morocco.

$1 50

Engineers’, Contractors', and Surveyors' Pocket Table-Book. Comprising Logarithms of Numbers, Logarithmic Signs and Tangents, Natural Signs and Natural Tangents, the Traverse Table, and a full and complete set of Excavation and Embankment Ta. bles, together with numerous other valuable tables for Engineers, &c. Tenth edition, revised. Morocco

1 50


A Manual of Heating and Ventilation in its Practical Application, for the use of Engineers and Architects. Embracing a series of tables and formulæ for dimensions of heating, flow and return pipes, for steam and hot-water boilers, flues, &c. Illustrated. Morocco.

1 50


Embracing Discussions of the Principles involved and Descriptions of the Material employed in Tunnelling, Bridging, Canal and Road Building, &c.

1 50


Easy Rules for the Measurement of Earthworks, by means of the
Prismoidal Formula. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth .

1 50

GILLMORE (Gen. Q. A.).

Treatise on Limes, Hydraulic Cements, and Mortars. With numer. ous illustrations. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth

4 00


The Mechanic's Tool Book, with Practical Rules and Suggestions for 'use of Machinists, Iron Workers, and others. Illustrated. 12mo, cloth

1 50


Skeleton Structures, especially in their application to the Building of Steel and Iron Bridges. With folding plates and diagrams. 8vo, cloth

1 50


Principles and Practice of Embanking Lands from River Floods, as applied to the Levees of the Mississippi. 8vo, cloth .

2 00


Railway Practice. American and European Railway Practice, in
the Economical Generation of Steam, including the Materials and
Construction of Coal-burning Boilers, Combustion, the Variable
Blast, Vaporization, Circulation, Superheating, Supplying and
Heating Feed-water, &c., and the Adaptation of Wood and Coke
burning Engines to Coal-burning; and in Permanent Ways includ.
ing Road-bed, Sleepers, Rails, Joint-fastenings, Street Railways,
&e. With seventy-seven lithographed plates. Folio, cloth $12 00


Mechanical Drawing. A Text-Book of Geometrical Drawing for the use of Mechanics. With illustrations for Drawing Plans, Sec. tions, and Elevations of Railways and Machinery; an Introduction to Isometrical Drawing, and an Essay on Linear Perspective and Shadows. Ilustrated. Ninth edition. With an Appendix on the Theory and Application of Colors. 8vo, cloth.

4 00


Steam-Engine Indicator, and the improved Manometer Steam and Vacuum Gauges, – their Utility and Application. New edition. 12mo, flexible cloth

1 00


Screw Propulsion. Notes on Screw Propulsion : its Rise and His. tory. 8vo, cloth



A Practical Treatise on the Slide-Valve by Eccentrics, examining by methods the action of the Eccentric upon the Slide-Valve, and explaining the practical processes of laying out the movements adapting the valve for its various duties in the steam-engine. For the use of engineers, draughtsmen, machinists, and students of valve-motions in general. Illustrated. 4to, cloth

3 00


Report on the Filtration of River Waters for the Supply of Cities, as practised in Europe. Made to the Board of Water Coumis. sioners of the city of St. Louis. Illustrated by thirty double-plate engravings. 4to, cloth

. 15 00

BURGH (N. P.).

Modern Marine Engineering, applied to Paddle and Screw Propul. sion. Consisting of 36 colored plates, 259 practical woodcut illus. trations, and 403 pages of 'descriptive matter; the whole being an exposition of the present practice of James Watt & Co., J. & G. Rennie, R. Napier & Sons, and other celebrated firms. Thick 4to vol. Cloth

25 00 6 Half morocco'.

30 00


SIMMS (F. W.).

A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Levelling, showing its application to purposes of Railway-Engineering and the Con. struction of Roads, &c. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth

$2 50

2 50

BURT (W. A.).

Key to the Solar Compass, and Surveyor's Companion. Compris. ing all the rules necessary for use in the field. Second edition,

pocket-book form, tuck THE PLANE-TABLE.

Its Uses in Topographical Surveying. From the papers of the

United States Coast Survey. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth HOWARD (C. R.).

Earthwork Mensuration on the Basis of the Prismoidal Formulæ. Containing simple and labor-saving method of obtaining pris. moidal contents directly from end areas. Illustrated by examples, and accompanied by plain rules for practical uses. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth

• 2 00

1 50


The Manufacture of Steel. Translated from the French by LENOX
SMITH. With an Appendix on the Bessemer process in the United
States, by the translator. Illustrated by lithographed drawings
and woodcuts. 8vo, cloth

3 50


The Use of Steel for Constructive Purposes; Method of Working,
Applying, and Testing Plates and Brass. With a Preface by A. L.
HOLLEY, C.E. 12mo, cloth

1 50


The New Method of Graphical Statics. 8vo, cloth

With sixty illustrations.

1 50

EDDY (H. T.).

Researches in Graphical Statics, embracing New Constructions in
Graphical Statics, a new General Method in Graphical Statics,

and the Theory of Internal Stress in Graphical Statics. 8vo, cloth, 1 50 WEALE'S RUDIMENTARY SCIENTIFIC SERIES.

These highly popular and cheap series of books, now comprising over two hundred distinct works in almost every department of Science, Art, and Education, are recommended to the notice of Engineers, Architects, Builders, Artisans, and Students generally, as well as to those interested in Workmen's Libraries, Free Libra. ries, Literary and Scientific Institutions, Colleges, Schools, Science Classes, &c. Fully illustrated by wood-cuts where necessary. Full list, w prices, furnished upon application,

AT General Catalogue of Scientific Books, with Index to Authors, 76 pages, 8vo, sent on receipt of 10 cents.


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