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lay down to sleep in Jesus. It is indeed, a very desira. ble time of undress. The body, subject to numberless diseases, and the heart clogged with depravity, which often have produced the briny tear, like a ragged garment, is thrown aside. O that we could more frequently realize this solemn, delightful subject ! How alleviating would it be under the burdens of life, and how reconciling to our last moments! At any rate, les our undressing every evening, for rest, prove a monitor for our minds.

Think, O my soul, the time is near;

When thou must put off mortal clay;
Naked before thy God appear

When earth beneath thee melts away.

o may

I now put off my sin,
The works of darkness cast aside;
When stripp'd of all, through Jesus clean,

Death, judgment, and thy bar abide.

4. On retiring to bed and embracing sleep, we are accustomed to indulge an expectation of enjoying a res freshing MORNING, AND A NEW DAY. Such is sleep in Jesus. If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. But our hope penea trates eternity. He that raised up Jesus from the dead, will raise us up also. Sleeping in Jesus we shall pass through the night of death, and behold the bright morning of the resurrection to an eternal state of bliss. Al.. though our bodies moulder into dust, they shall not be annihilated; for Christ shall change our vile bodies and fashion them like unto his own glorious body. This will

be a morning without clouds, in which Jesus will appear in the brightness of his glory as the bridegroom of his Church, to whom he will in charming accents say, Arise, my fair one, and come away." Come from the slum. bers of the grave come from the shades of corruption, no more to sin nor groan beneath the load of guilt and sorrow come to me, behold my glory, set down on my throne, partake of my joys, and dwell in my presence for ever!" In the faith and hope of this happy period, may each of us with David say, As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness, I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness.

5. The refreshment of your sleep, and the security of our persons through the unseen dangers of the night, are owing to the GUARDIANSHIP of the ALMIGHTY. It is with equal pleasure we declare that our preservation in the grave, and our awaking in the bright morning of the resurrection, are wholly owing to the watchful care of the Lord Jesus, who is the resurrection and the life. Nor have we reason to question the faith of David in both instances, when he formed that pious resolution, I will both lay me down in peace and sleep, for thou Lord only maketh me to dwell in safety. How willing, how composed was he; not driven, not cast down by an enemy's hand, nor by a terrifying conscience; but reclined in peace with God, and all mankind! Then, sleep in Jesus on the bed of death, in hope of rising again in the morning light, and be admitted to the presence of God, where are pleasures for evermore.

I have now shown you the reasons why the death of the righteous is compared to sleep. It is the shadow and not the substance of death; it is the medium of rest; a time of undress; it anticipates a bright morning, and is enjoyed under the guardian care of the Almighty. I must now intreat you to apply the subject to yourselves. We must either meet the substance of death clothed in his terrors, or pass his shadow as conquered by Jesus. There is no alternative. If you live in your sins, and despise the Saviour, your latter end cannot be peace. May you seriously determine this important point before you pass to an eternal world! If, however, you are so happy as to possess an interest in Jesus as your Saviour and friend, you need not yield to fear. Christ will smile upon you, and you shall smile upon death. Leave the event with your Lord, who hath said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you. I therefore conclude, with the animating address of Dr. Horne: 6 Behold, O Christian, and let faith teach thee how to sleep, and how to die; while it assures thee, that as sleep is a short death, so death is only a long sleep; and that the same God watches over thee in thy bed and in thy grave. Happy indeed, the Christian, who nightly commits himself to his bed as to his grave; for at last he shall resign him.. self to his grave as to his bed; in expectation that he shall arise and sing a morning hymn with the children of the resurrection."


Psalm cxix. 175.
Let my soul live, and it shall praise thee.

Intense, O! lct me for thy glory burn,
Nor fruitless view my days and months return.
Give me with wonder at thy works to glow,
To grasp thy vision, and thy truths to know;
O'er time's tempestuous sea to reach thy shore,
And live and sing where time shall be no more.

IF this psalm be remarkable for its length, it is much more so for the variety and spirituality of the sentiments which it contains. The excellent Mr. James Harvey justly called it, “ The anatomy of the heart." In the petition of the text we cannot believe David to have been altogether destitute of spiritual life in his soul; for the desires, prayers, and exercises expressed throughout the whole psalm are peculiar to those only who are made alive to God, by the Spirit of Messiah. But the words express an ardent desire that he might enjoy the vigour and comforts of life, in greater devotedness to God, honour to his cause, and the praise of his glory. This, I presume to believe, is the desire of every Christian, let his denomination be what it may. To be made alive in Christ, is both our safety and our happiness; but to be lively Christians honours God, stimulates others, and renders us more useful in the Church, the family, and in the world. In this Lecture I shall attempt to show you the principles, source, and exercises which constitute a lively Christian, and then follow him through some of

the more visible paths of his life, in order to observe the expressions of his vivacity, in hope, through the benediction of God, we may imitate his example.

That some professors of religion have a name to live, whilst they are dead, is as apparent from their sentiments and conduct, as from the testimony of Scripture. We cannot expect those to be lively who never were made alive. A man may become a member of the most regular constituted church on earth, and enjoy much of the breath of popular applause; but if the Spirit of God does not regenerate his soul, he must for ever remain a stranger to those principles and exercises which characterize a lively Christian. A Christ professed without a Christ enjoyed, can be of no more satisfaction than a well-spread table without an appetite to eat.

The constant influence of the Holy Spirit, who is the sanctifier, guide, sealer, and comforter of the children of God, must be enjoyed by you in order to produce those principles and exercises of heart which will make you lively Christians; he is, therefore, styled The Spirit of life from Christ Jesus. Without air neither animal nor vegetable life can possibly be maintained ; and if good air be essential to free respiration and health, we are confident that we daily need the vivifying influence of the Spirit to cheer our minds, invigorate our graces, and conduct us in the path of obedience, with an healthy, lively soul. Was Paul a lively, animated Christian; happy in himself, and useful to others? He exhorts you, from his own experience, to live in the Spirit, and walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lusts of the flesha His divine influence shall make you lively in fying from the least appearance of evil, and cheerfully to love and obey your Saviour. Instead, therefore, of quenching and

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