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1. Tables showing Expenditure, classified (a) according to object of

Grant, and ) according to denomination of recipients, for year

ended 31 December 1854, and from 1839 to 1854; and Balance

Sheet of all Disbursemients actually paid between 1 January and

31 December 1854, and also between 1839 and 1854

2. Summary of Grants awarded in aid of Erection, Enlargement, or In-

provements of School Buildings (Elementary and Normal Schools),

in year ended 31 December 1854; (with explanatory tables)

3. Summary of Grants awarded in aid of Purchase of Books and Maps

in year ended 31 December 1834

4. Table showing number of Male and Female Certificated Teachers

actually employed in teaching; number of Assistant Teachers ap-

pointed under Minute of 23 July 1852; and total number of Pupil-

Teachers under apprenticeship, with number in each year of ap-

prenticeship; corrected to 31 December 1854

5. General Summary of Results of Inspection for year ended 31

August 1854

6. General Summary of Aggregate Annual Income and Expenditure (as

returned by Managers) of an ascertained number of Schools enu-
merated in foregoing Table No. 5, exclusive of grants from Com-

mittee of Council on Education
7. Summary of a Return for England and Wales, showing Population

between ages of 5 and 15; number of Schools of each Denomination
under Inspection, up to 31 December 1853; number of Scholars
whom such Schools are capable of accommodating; number of
Scholars in Average Attendance; and Comparison of number of
Schools and Scholars, under Inspection, with number returned in

Census of 1851

8. Statement of Annual Grants awarded to Training Schools, from

1847 to 1854 inclusive, on account of Certificated Students and

Queen's Scholars

9. Statement of Grants of Retiring Pensions paid to Teachers of Schools

under Inspection,-up to 31 December 1834

10. Statement of Grants to Schools of Industry, for Industrial Purposes,

-up to 31 December 1854

11. Detailed Statement (under Counties) of sums expended from Par-

liamentary Grants for Education in Great Britain; in Building,

Enlaryement, Improvements, or Fixtures of Schools ; in Books and

Maps; in augmenting Salaries of Certificated Teachers; in Stipends

of Assistant Teachers; in Stipends of Pupil-teachers and Gratuities

for their special instruction ; and in Cupitation Grants ;-between

years 1833 and 1854


For Detailed Statement of Annual Grants to Elementary Schools, vide APPENDIX.







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