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Sow; and look onward, upward,

Where the starry light appears--
Where, in spite of the cowards' doubting,

Or your own heart's trembling fears,
You shall reap in joy the harvest

You have sown to-day in tears.


Be all of one mind, sympathising, loving as brothers, compassionate. 1 Peter iii. 8.

By telling your troubles you make them bearable.

Mine eyes,

Seeing those beads of sorrow stand in thine,
Began to water.


Let us learn to pursue honest trades for necessary uses.

Titus iii. 14.

False scales are an abomination to Jehovah; but a just weight is his delight.

A just balance and scales are the appointment of Jehovah; all the weights of the bag are his work.


Love the truth. Zech. viii. 19.

Buy the truth and sell it not. Proverbs xxiii. 23.

I (Christ) am the way, the truth, and the life. John xiv. 6.

Though an honest thought outspoken

Lead thee into chains or death;
What is life compared with virtue ?

Shalt thou not survive thy breath ?

If we live truly we shall see truly. It is as easy for the strong man to be strong, as it is for the weak man to be weak. When a man lives with God his voice shall be as sweet as the murmer of the brook and the rustle of the corn.

Shame upon thee, craven spirit !

Is it manly, just, or brave,
If a truth have shone within thee,

To conceal the light it gave;
Captive of the world's opinion-

Free to speak, but yet a slave ?


God is greatly to be feared, and to be had in reverence. Psalm lxxxix. 7.

All the expres

The principle of veneration never dies out. sions of this sentiment are sacred and permanent in proportion to their purity. The unique impression of Jesus upon mankind, whose name is not so much written as ploughed into the history of this world, is proof of the subtle virtue of this infusion.

He that to his earthly parent

Pays not reverence due;
To his great Almighty Father

Will be careless too.

He whose filial love is mingled

With no filial fear ;
Scarcely will from sad reproaches

Keep his conscience clear.

Grant me, Lord, to duly mingle

Love and fear, that so
I revere my parents earthly,

And for Thee true reverence know.


Add to your faith virtne, and to virtue knowledge. 2 Peter i. 5.

Virtue is the governor, the creator, the reality. All things real are so by so much of virtue as they contain. Who has more soul than I masters me, though he should not raise his finger; who has less, bim I rule with ease. If we cannot at once rise to the sanctities of obedience and faith, let us at least resist our temptations.

I held it ever
Virtue and knowledge were endowments greater
Than nobleness and riches; careless heirs
May the two latter darken and expend;
But immortality attends the former,
Making a man a god.


We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. 1 Tim. vi. 7.

Man wants but little here below,
Nor wants that little long.

The more one has the more one wants.

Father, 'tis thine each day to yield

Thy children's wants a fresh supply ;
Thou clothest the lilies of the field,

And hearest the young ravens cry;
On thee we cast our care; we live

Through thee who knowest our every need,
O, feed us with thy grace, and give

Our souls this day the living bread.


Whence come wars and fightings ? Come they not of your inordinate desires, that war in your members ? James vi. 1.

Take care

awake this sleeping sword of war :
We charge you in the name of God take heed :
For never two such kingdoms did contend
Without much fall of blood-whose guiltless drops
Are every one a woe, a sore complaint
Gainst him whose wrongs give edge unto the swords
That make such waste in brief mortality.

How like a fiend may man be made,
Plying the foul and monstrous trade

Whose harvest-field is human life,
Whose sickle is the reeking sword !
Quenching with reckless hands in blood
Sparks kindled by the breath of God.


A good wife is the crown of her husband ; but she who causes shame is as rottenness in his bones. Proverbs xii. 4.

He who finds a good wife finds a blessing, and finds favour from Jehovah.

This woman whom thou mad'st to be my help,
And gay'st me as thy perfect gift, so good,
So fit, so acceptable, so divine.

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